First off, sorry if this is off. I haven't seen the Duelist Kingdom episodes in a long time. After reading an episode summary for the scene I'm about to use, I can improve from it.

For this, I am using the dub script. If anyone wishes to supply me with the original, please feel free to do so.

This is a challenge fic for jennyrouge.

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[1]: In the original, they weren't actually married (if they were it wasn't mentioned). This would be why I want the original script. Them being married will interfeir in my plot, and make it sort of stupid. Considering that Pegasus was only 17 when she died, they wouldn't be allowed to be wed. Dub really screwed up there -.-;. Makes him seem older than he really is.


As they walked towards the tower that both Anzu and Honda had 'dreamed' of, they heard someone scream, who sounded strangely like Pegasus. They ran the rest of the way to the tower, only to see Pegasus being carried down the stares, completely silent.

Jonouchi briefly wondered about the pang in his heart.

They continued walking, all of them wondering if Pegasus had kept true to his word, and let the souls free.

For some reason, Jonouchi knew that Pegasus had. That Pegasus would never break his word like that, and that all the souls were back in there respective bodies.

When they had gotten to the top of the tower, hanging on the wall was a portrait of a beautiful women.

Jonouchi looked at her, and resisted the urge to get a closer look. She looked so familiar, so... so...

He couldn't quite place the feeling, but he knew that he had seen her somewhere, and the feeling was making goosebumps creep and prickle along his skin.

He turned away from the painting when Anzu began to read from a book, that looked like a journal.

"When Pegasus and Cyndia first met they were only children, but quickly fell in love with each other and became inseparable. The joys of love inspired Pegasus to take up painting and soon the two prepared to marry. But no sooner had they been joined[1] together then Cyndia was struck with illness and passed away. Ever since that day, Pegasus became bitter and unable to love, searching for a way to revive his true love," she read, and her voice carried a hint of pity.

Jonouchi bit his lip. I'm so sorry Pegasus... he found himself thinking, and quickly wondered why.

Anzu continued to read. "Pegasus's search led him to Egypt where he met up with a mysterious man who seemed to know about his quest to revive his wife. Pegasus followed the man to an ancient Egyptian crypt where the man explained that Pegasus would have to be tested by the Millennium Eye to see if he was the worthy possessor of it."

Jonouchi listened, enthralled with the tail, but – the feeling he was feeling towards such a sad tail – wasn't what the others were feeling, that much he knew. He couldn't figure out what it was either.

"The Eye tested Pegasus and it was revealed that he was the true heir to the Millennium Eye, and its powers allowed him to see Cyndia again, but he knew she was not really there. It was at this time that he realised that if he could gather all of the Millennium Items and combine them with Kaibacorp's virtual technology, he would be able to revive his wife and be happy again."

Jonouchi looked at his feet. I... I can't believe that... that he'd do that for m – Cyndia. He thought.

Anzu put the book down slowly. "Pegasus only wanted to see his dead lover again," she said solemnly.

"He was a passionate man," Jonouchi confirmed.

Soon, they had all gone to see if the souls had returned to the soulless bodies.

Jonouchi took one last look at the ghostly portrait, fighting back the shivers, before taking off down the winding staircase.

Jonouchi's eyes eased open, and he rolled over in his large, strangely more comfortable than usual, bed only to run into something.

He blinked, and adjusted himself so he could look at what he had just rolled into, and his eyes immediately widened. After a moment, however, they went back to normal as the looked at the body in his bed.

There lay Pegasus, sleeping soundly, shirtless.

Jonouchi sighed, and brushed Pegasus' silky hair from his eyes, to see both of them closed, giving his smooth face and innocent look.

Jonouchi smiled softly, and kissed the mans cheek tenderly.

"Good-night love," he crooned. "Sweet dreams."

Jonouchi shot out of bed, wiping the freshly formed beads of sweat from his face. "What the hell was that?" he demanded into the still night.

He looked around, to find himself within the confines of his own room. His room still seemed alien, and different.

In the few days he had spent at Duelist Kingdom, camping out and sleeping within the walls of Pegasus' castle, his own small and cramped room began to feel uncomfortable.

He shuddered. Pegasus. He had left the island over a week ago. Yet still, every night, the freak haunted his dreams.

Jonouchi curled up again, and closed his eyes, willing to go back to sleep, only to see a Pegasus who looked not any older than himself.

Pegasus smiled at him, then looked back at a portrait, and began to paint again. Jonouchi opened his eyes.

Dammit! He screamed in his mind. What in the Nine Hells is going on?!

Instead of sitting around and contemplating it, however, he got up, and got dressed. A midnight stroll always cleared his mind in the past. Before he met Yugi.

Usually now, when something was on his mind, he would call Yugi. He wasn't stupid enough to call Yugi about dreaming about kissing Pegasus.

That was wrong on so many levels!

Kicking over a tin trash can as he turned around the corner, he stuffed his hands in his pockets, and stalked down the trash-littered streets.


:To be continued:


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