Being that Santana is a loud mouth and she didn't want to be there, she started no argue with Chris and Paul.

" LET ME GO!" she yelled.

"Will you shut up!" Paul yelled.

"Why should I?" she argued.

"Because you're bugging us.' Chris replied.

"So, your face bug me." Santana said in a low voice.

"What was that?" Paul asked.

"Nothing, big nosed moron."

"That's it!" Paul yelled as he punched her. Santana was knocked unconscious and fell onto Paul's lap.

"Thank you for shutting her up." Chris said to Paul.

"No problem. She needs to learn not to mess with us. And now she'll learn." Paul said looking down evilly at her.

Back at the hotel room, some of the other wrestlers heard all the noise and Santana screaming, so they went to see what was happening, but they were sadly to late. When they saw Shawn, Kevin, and Jeff, they called 911. Then the three of them were rushed to the hospital.

"Let me go. I have to go find my daughter." Shawn said trying to get up off the doctor's table.

"Shawn, stay down. The doctors' gotta stitch up your head." Adam said holding Shawn down.

"But my daughter..."

"Shawn relax. The police are out looking for her along with Jeff. And Kevin is waiting for you in the other room so when you're done you can go help them, but you can't go until they're done. So the sooner you just lay here and let them fix you, the sooner you can go out and look for her."

Knowing Adam was right, Shawn stopped trying to get up and got his stitches. But there was no trace of Santana anywhere.

The limo pulled up to a cabin in the woods. Santana woke up to Chris pulling her out of the limo and Paul sitting in there talking to the driver. As soon as Paul turned around to get out, Santana kicked him in the face, then she elbowed Chris hard in the stomach then ran. She screamed as loud as she could as she ran...until she was suddenly tripped. She looked back at ho tripped her and started to slowly crawl back in fear as she looked up at Dave Batista. He reached down and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to her feet.


He drug Santana back to the cabin where she was greeted by an extremely angry Paul and Chris. Dave held her as they screamed at her.

"What the hell were you doing?" Paul yelled.

"Yeah, you're ours now baby. You're not going anywhere." Chris said touching her face. "You're never going back home."

"O and by the way little miss innocent, we know what you did yesterday. You se us up."

"Wow, you're smart. Like I'd ever be interested in either of you." she spat at them.

Paul backhanded her and stared at her. "You just shut up, and do what you're told. And stay out of our way!" he yelled. "You're gonna stay here with us, so what you're told, and never give us any trouble." Paul said sternly.

After they were through yelling at her, Dave threw her in a small room and slammed the door, then locked it. But as soon as she heard footsteps leave the door, she took out her cell phone and dialed her dad's cell phone number.

"Hello." Shawn answered

"Dad, it's me." Santana whispered.

"Did you hear something?" Randy asked.

"It's probably just the wind." Paul replied.

"No it came from over...there."

"My God baby, where ae you?" Shawn asked worriedly.

"In a cabin in some woods. Dad, please come get me, I'm scared. They said I would never go home, and I would be here with them forever. And I would have to do whatever they tell me to do..." she said as her eyes teared up and she stopped talking.

"Honey, calm down, we're trying. Tell me what the cabin looks like." Shawn said trying to calm her down.

"It's big, the roof is red and the trim around the windows and door is blue, and it has a circle dirt driveway." she sniffed.

"Okay baby, just calm down..."

During the middle of Shawn's sentence, the door busted open and Paul was standing in the doorway.