Welcome to the premier of 'Monthly Madness'. This is 1 of 12 stories that I will be posting throughout the year, one for each month, one of the month's holidays/special events being used. And, these stories are staring my favorite yaoi pairing of RyouXMalik! January is up and in time for the end of the month...thank Ra I got it done in time. So, please, enjoy 'Monthly Madness' 1!!

DISCLAIMER: I do no own Yu-Gi-Oh, Malik, Ryou, or any of their sexual acts...damn it all...

Monthly Madness 1

January 2004

Martin Luther King Day

Ryou flipped through a newspaper, brushing his ashen locks from his auburn eyes. Many of the articles in the paper that day spoke of Martin Luther King Jr., the courageous man who fought for the rights of the African Americans. Ryou read these articles over and over, indulging in the tidbits of information he gained from the papers. Suddenly, the ashen haired one was torn away from his enlightening reading, only to be tackled by a rambunctious blonde with childish violet eyes.

"Ryou!" Shrieked the blonde, placing sloppy kisses along his lover's cheek. Ryou giggled faintly and pushed the blonde off gently, un wrinkling his newspaper.

"Hey, Malik." Replied Ryou calmly, continuing to flip through the black and white pages. "How was your nap?"

The Egyptian only nodded with a goofy grin, perching himslef on the arm of the chair his lover sat in. "Whatcha readin'?" He stretched out the syllables as if he were a child, reading the slurred text over his shoulder.

"An article."

"On what?"


"RY RY! Tell me!" Malik whined, clinging to Ryou's arm. The ashen haired one sighed playfully and ran his fingers through Malik's thin blonde hair.

"Today's Martin Luther King Day, Malik. It's an article on his life and what he did to help the African Americans achieve their goal of equality amongst the white men."

Malik only looked to Ryou with a perplexed look streaked across his tanned face. "Martin Luscious who?"

The ashen haired one chuckled and went into a full, 20 minutes lecture on who Martin Luther King was and pointed out all his successions and why this holiday is a time of celebration for the African American community, for it gives them a time to thank the brave man for fighting for their rights. The tan one only tilted his head, suddenly blurting out.

"Wait, this guy's last name was king, right?" Ryou nodded and Malik fumed. Why does he get to be a king and I don't?! He was kinda like the king of saving the African Americans...so why can't I be king of something? This sucks! I wanna be a king, too! This Martin Luscious guy isn't the only one who can pull it off! Without warning, Malik retreated off into his bedroom as Ryou watched him, wide eyed and slightly puzzled.

"Maybe I inspired him so much that he's off to study more about him..." He continued reading, unaware of what the Egyptian was planning...

About half an hour later, Ryou was ready to fall asleep, leaning his head back against the soft exterior of the couch. His eyes fought to stay open, but they eased closed and he sank into a fragile slumber, which was soon shattered by a chant in a slurred, illegible tongue as Malik burst from his hiding place, a white bed sheet wrapped around his waist and a staff like stick in hand. He banged his staff hard against the floor and shouted.

"FREEDOM FOR THE ROCKS!" He exclaimed in a proud, dignified voice. Ryou looked on, his eye twitching a bit.


He didn't stop, he just kept chanting. "Freedom for the rocks! Freedom for the rocks!" Over and over again, he chanted, Ryou's confusion growing with each repetition.

"MALIK!" Ryou exclaimed, Malik stopping his chant to look at his lover with a grin. Along with his toga like outfit, he also wore a strange headpiece, looking as if it were made out of toilet paper and toothpaste, which it was.

"Yes?" He replied with a smile.

"If I may ask, what are you wearing, doing, and thinking?"

He chuckled and approached Ryou, bonking him lightly on the head with his staff. "Feebleminded fool!" He shrieked, his toilet paper hat sloshing around on his head. "I am Malik, King of the Rocks!"

Ryou sweatdropped, placing his hand on Malik's forehead. "Um...hunny? Are you feeling okay?" He didn't a fever, so he had no explanation for Malik's odd behavior. The tanned one's violet danced with triumph as he walked towards the door, Ryou grabbing his arm. "Hun, where in Ra's name are you going?"

"I'm going out to defend the rocks of the world! These rocks must have their equality amongst the white and purple people!" Ryou sweatdropped once more. "Ryou, don't you see? The rocks are people too! They need freedom!!" He stormed out of the house, the ashen haired one only watching with a even more puzzled look on his face.

"Why do I know this is going to result in either him getting arrested for disturbing the peace or indecent exposure...."

Malik rampaged the city, picking up all the rocks he could find and stuffing them in toga pocket. He was stared at, pointed at, and laughed at. The children thought he was a blonde version of Bozo, the adults through he was some sort of kidnapper, and the elderly thought he was a martian from a distant planet they had read about in one of their magazines or seen in one of their television programs. The Egyptian waddled around town, until the police fought him and escorted him back home.

"I'm sorry, officers...he's...he's from another country...his customs are a bit warped." The officers nodded and left Malik in the care of his lover, who did nothing more but smirk as he whispered in Malik's ears.

"That hat of yours messed up your...now you're all dirty." He kissed Malik's cheek. "It's bath time...."

This month's moral: Never mention the work 'King' to a bitter Egyptian, longing to be pharaoh....As desperate as he is, that bitter Egyptian may resort to being king of the rocks.