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Kay: WHAT?! I LIKE SAD, MAYBE DEPRESSING THINGS! Although Daneel Rush might have gone a BIT overboard with his "Tamers Forever" Serries...


The young boy stood infront of the shed. It's walls were crumbling, thanks to all the abuse it had taken over the last few years. The iron gate infront of it was rusting, and hung off it's hinges.

"Well... no turning back now..." he whispered to himself.

The cold, January winds tossed his brown, messy hair around wildly, while his blue sweatshirt and grey shorts whipped around. His crimson eyes were steady, although if you looked close enough, you could easily see the fear they held. He turned to look back one last time at the city he had grown up in, protected with his life, and made great friends in. The city where his parents used to live. Before they were killed. Before it became a huge heap of rubble.

He sighed with regret. The two people who meant as much to him as his old friend, Guilmon did. And now all three were gone. He wasn't able to protect them.


Because he was human. Just some damn human, who couldn't do anything right.

And when he tried to do something?

He ended up hurting someone.

Well, no more. He was leaving this place forever, and he would be damn if he ever came back here by choice. He didn't want those few left that he cared about hurting. Yes, he put on a brave face in front of them, telling them that it was alright, that nothing was the matter, that they'd see their friends again. However, that all changed a week ago... the first large-scale emergency since the D-Reaper one year ago. Although it was more like a massacre.

He remembered what the teachers had told him, and those few others who also had family living in West Shinjuku. They had said that a terrorist group had gone through that part of the city, caused wide-spread terror... the usual thing that terrorists do. However, they failed to mention the most important thing.

Over 5, 000 people were killed by bombs, gun shot wounds, falling rubble- everywhere from the hypnos complex in the center of the city to the western border was now officially rubble. Everyone, killed.

No one could understand why just that area, or how those terrorists were able to so easily wipe out a whole part of the city in less than half an hour.

His friends had tried to comfort him, to no avail. He became depressed, hated everything- worse by far than what Rika used to be like. The other memories slowly made their way to the surface, ones that he didn't want to remember as well. Some would compell him to stay- others would make him want to kill himself. He close to doing the latter, but before he could, he needed to say good bye to the one person- well, digimon, actually- that would miss him. He had left a note for all the other Tamers at their homes, telling them all what he was going to do. Explaining his reasoning, so that Rika would actually have a real reason to call him 'stupid Gogglehead'.

Although, now she couldn't really call him the last part.

He grinned slightly to himself, as he ran his fingers through his now un-tammed hair. The goggles, which had once kept his hair at least slightly neat, were now sitting on Rika's bed, with a small, personal note just to her. For no one else's eyes.

He hadn't noticed it, but he had been slowly walking towards the shed. And was now standing in front of the only way to see his friend, for one last time. He grabbed onto a small picture on a chain underneath his shirt, and hopped down into the hole. The hole that Guilmon had made. He brushed away a tear, and started to crawl forward on his hands and knees. The only thing stopping him now, where those few memories he cherished, when he was happy, if only for a month or so.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*[Somewhere else]*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

She sighed as she walked down the street. The cars racing down the road beside didn't bother her- she was used to the high-speed, and always dangerous traffic. The people who walked beside her weren't what she would call friends- just aquantinces. The talked about not the latest fashions, or who the new hottest guy is- all their talk was about two things that somehow tied in together- the attack on West Shinjuku a week ago, and the newest skate park in the city.

"Can you believe it?! A whole new skate park! I can't wait to go try it out! Maybe they'll use some of the extra rubble from Shinjuku to build it... maybe make some wicked ramps or rails for us to grind..."

"Yeah... that would be awesome! Hey, Rika? Don't you have some friends or someone who live in Shinjuku?"

Rika sighed. "Yeah... one of them... his... his parents... they were..."


Rika only nodded. She remembered the Matsukis well, and how kind they had been the few times she had met them.

"So... we heading to your house now so you can get changed out of the crap uniform?"

"Yeah, we better... you two already have on normal clothes!"

That made them grin. "Yeah... ya know, maybe we should go to the skate park right now..."


That made them laugh. The girl named Rin, her green hair whipping around her face, grinned, and imitated Rika trying to skate board in a skirt.

The other girl, Leighya, cracked up, her long, blue hair moving gracefully in the wind, while the rest of her body shook.


Rika glared at them. "Not on your lives. Come on- we're almost at my house now. Let's move a BIT faster please? It's cold, in case you haven't noticed."


"Alright, alright! Let's go!"

Laughing the three made their way to Rika's house.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*[Somewhere else.. again]*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"Aw, come on! One more game!"

"No, Kazu. We should all be going home. And actually DOING our homework for once."

Kazu griped, but collected his deck anyways. "Fine... but tomorrow, YOU'RE GOING DOWN!"

Henry grinned, as did Kenta and Ryo, who were on the lower level of the play statue, where Takato first discovered his blue card. They hardly ever went near the shed anymore. It held so many good memories, but it still hurt to remember the fact that they might never see their partners again.

"So Ryo... can you think of anyone who you might be taking to the dance on Friday?"

"Nah... I'm not going. I don't want to ruin Henry's night of fun. You're taking Jeri, right?"

Henry nodded, a slight blush stainign his cheeks.

Kazu grinned widely. "So you and Jeri are an official couple, huh? When did this happen?"

Kenta slapped his hand against his head. "Kazu, were have you been? They became a couple the day before... well..."

"Come one, Chumly's not here! There's no reason to be so nervous about saying, 'The attack on Shinjuku'."

"You know, that's like almost the headline that the newspapers gave the D-Reaper incident a year ago. What was it again? 'The Seige of Shinjuku'?"

"Yeah... something like that..."

"Do you get the feeling the something isn't right?" Ryo asked suddenly, re-entering himself into the conversation.

"Yeah. Probably me just forgetting all my text books in my locker." Kazu joked.

"Yeah... maybe..." Henry stated.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*[Somewhere else.. okay, it's outside Rika's house]*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Laughing could be heard down the street. And if you didn't see it, you would have never guessed who was laughing.

"Rika! Come on!"

"Not today!" The red-headed girl laughed, while racing down the street on three skateboards.

"RIKA!!!!" Leighya yelled, as Rika got further ahead of them. "PLEASE *gasp* SLOW *gasp* DOWN!"

Rika stopped suddenly, as when she turned the corner to the gate to her house, she saw a white letter sticking out of one of the cracks.

"I wonder what that is..." Rin said aloud, as she and Leighya finally caught up.

"I dunno... probably some taxes or something..." Rika muttered, as she walked over to the gate, leaving all three skate boards behind.

She was about to just open the gate, but something told her that it was important that she read the letter. Her hand moved slowly to the letter, and she was about to take it, when a beeping noise from her D-Arc caught her attention. She pulled out the blue and white device, to her friend's amazement.

"That looks so cool! Is that a new type of cell phone?!" Leighya asked hyperly. However, the screen, which had once been black, started to show a different aray of colors, before becoming static. Rika held her breath. She knew what static ment, and she hoped that nothing happened to Renamon.

As quickly as the static had started, it stoppped, only instead of showing the normal black screen, a red symbol slowly pulsed on the screen. Rika felt the hair raise on the back of her neck.

"What the-" she remembered this symbol from somewhere, but she could seem to remember it... until a voice echoed in her mind.


She gasped when she realized what the symbol was, and turned to look at approximately where the park was. Her friends followed her gaze.

"What's so interesting over there?"

"Takato..." she whispered, "what have you done?"

The two other girls looked back at her. "What do you mean? Who is Ta-"

Rin never got to finish her sentence, as a huge beam of light surged up from the ground they were just looking at. The other two girls gasped, but Rika just stood there, paralyzed with fear. When the light died down, she almost expected the evil dragon, Megidramon to be in it's place. However, nothing remained of the light show, and Rika felt almost as if something important had been taken away from her.

She whipped around, grabbed the white envelope, ripped it open, and quickly read through what it said.

~Dear Rika,

I hope that you won't be too angry at me. I can't blame you, though. Even to me, this is pretty stupid. I'll never see you again, mind. At least, not by my choice. I would have liked to stay, but this place just holds too many memories- most of them bad. It was cool getting to know you, hang out, fight... those are all my good memories. Fighting. We were always fighting, whether at each other, or with digimon. Everytime I think of happy memories, they always end up turning into fights. I hate fighting. So, as I said, I'm going to leave. You won't be able to find me, of course. I haven't told this to anyone else, but... for the last year, there was a digital gate in the hole in Guilmon's old shed. I don't want to leave you... but, as I said, I hate fighting. And I have a feeling that if I stay here, I'll want revenge. For my parents, and everyone else who died. So, instead of wagging a pointless war in the real world, I'll be fighting a pointless war in the digital world. Still, fighting, but there, I won't be afraid of dying... here, it would be too hard to die.

I'll never see you again, so... Good bye.

Sincerly, Takato Matsuki

P.S. I'll say hi to Renamon for you. I'm sure she misses you. And... you can't really call me gogglehead anymore. I left a surprise in your bedroom.~

Rika's eyes widened at what the letter said. She re-read the PS, and took off to her room, Leighya and Rin picking up the letter, reading it quickly, and following Rika into her room.

When they got to Rika's room, they were surprised to see her on the floor, holding on tightly to something. Two somethings, actually.

One was a blue band, that attached to two golden circles- a pair of goggles. The other was a note, writen on the same paper, and by the same hand, as the one at the front gate had been. They felt bad for her, but knew that they couldn't do anything to help her. Didn't mean they couldn't try.

"Rika... what's wrong?" Rin asked, trying to comfort her.

The red head threw the note at Leighya, and pushed Rin away from her.

Both were surprised by her actions, but decided to read the note.

~Well, that's my surprise. My goggles. Hope you make good use of them. And... I think I'm going to miss you the most. I'm not sure why... but Rika, please make sure that you take care of yourself, and don't isolate yourself again. As much as the whole 'Digimon Ice Queen' thing makes you look tough, it pushes away those who want to get close to you. Please, my dear Rika, take care of yourself... and the others. Do this... as a last favor to me. And I just realized now that not all my good memories were when we were fighting- my best memory? When we got back from the digital world, and everyone was happy. Especially you. I love you, and good bye.~

Both the blue and green haired girls were surprised by this, but nonetheless went over to Rika and tried to comfort her again. Only to hear what she was muttering.

"Damn Gogglehead... never thinking... why... what is so bad here? And... why would he... he..."

Rin wrapped her arms around Rika, while Leighya hugged both of them. "Don't worry, Rika... everything will be fine... in time, it will be okay..."

Rika tried to stugle away from them, but eventually gave up, and let herself cry as much as she could. She didn't want anyone to see her crying, but now was not the time to worry about her reputation. She missed him already, and, sitting there in the arms of her friends, she made up her mind.

She was going to find the Gogglehead, and beat him to a pulp. Then probably kiss him.

She clutched the goggles tighty, remembering all the times that he had yelled at her, comforted her, or fought with her- against the enemy, of course.

Rika eventually stopped crying, only to be questioned by her friends about what the Gogglehead had mentioned in his notes. Rika, trying to keep her emotions in check, answered them all semi-willingly, to the exclamtions and MORE questions from Leighya and Rin.

They had somehow managed to come up with as many questions as there were adventures, and the whole question-answer thing went on till past when Rika's mother and grandmother- who were both out shopping after Rumiko's latest photo shoot. They also read the notes, and also broke down in tears. Leighya and Rin gathered that this Gogglehead was an important part of this family- even if he wasn't born into it.

Both Rin and Leighya left the house only when their parents called them- by this time, it was well past 10 pm, and they had school tomorrow. "We'll see you tomorrow, Rika... hope you're feeling better by then..." Rin stated, with a quick hug from her and Leighya for Rika.

Rika stared at their retreating backs, until they turned a corner, and dissapeared from sight. She looked up at the moon, and whispered, "Gogglehead? Where ever you are, no matter what you're doing, I WILL find you... you have my word on that..."


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