AN: AU universe, very dark, lots of death. Fun stuff. Plot bunny from hell; bit me in the ass and wouldn't let go. Since it's AU, there will be OOCness abound. R&R!

Everyone knew he hadn't meant it.

"A boy like him? No! He was simply confused, lost, having no one there for him, after all…"

They were all idiots, blinded by their pity and adoration and fear of the last Uchiha descendant. So, they willingly ignored the gathering clouds, happily turning a blind eye to the truth; Sasuke wanted power and when Sasuke wanted something, nothing stopped him.

Two weeks after the return of Sasuke to Konoha Village, Orochimaru attacked again.

He wasn't alone this time.

200 Oto-nins accompanied him, each at least at jounin level, as he rode in on Manda, leaving a path of chaos and destruction behind them all while bringing wave after wave of pain and devastation.

Next to him was Uchiha Sasuke.

The new right hand man, a traitor and back-stabber, cursed taker of the forbidden fruit.

His rescue had meant nothing to him, simply that he had to be more cautious, more secretive about his next rendezvous with the devil. Nothing would stop him from taking that bite out of the apple, no crying girls, with bubblegum hair, no loudmouthed fools, who burned his soul with yellow and red.

The snake had spoken to him, persuasive words laced with sin, offered that power and strength that he lacked and so greatly desired, and that was all the encouragement he needed.

So, he had left them, without once looking back.

Konoha's people broke that day.

Their angel, perfect ninja who could do no wrong, was no longer theirs.

And so, Konoha fell.

It rained that day, after all the battles and deaths and looting and burning, a gentle down pour, almost as if the heavens themselves were weeping for the loss of their most beloved village.


Stubborn bastard thought Sasuke, his half lidded eyes coldly regarded the prisoner before he knelt, hand moving down to the small fire.

"I'll ask one last time."

The needle began to glow.

"Where are they hiding now?"

Gray metal turned to red.

"Don't make me repeat my self." His eyes shifted towards the needle, before gazing up again, examining the other's bruised and broken body, searching for an area that pain could be most easily inflicted.

Red turned to yellow.

The cell fell silent.

"Very well than." Sasuke sighed; he was never fond of interrogations, preferring actual battle instead

His hand slowly moved upward, pale fingers gingerly holding the smoldering piece of metal, before there was a flash of yellow and the squelch of human flesh being cut into. 

The prisoner screamed, an earsplitting, guttural scream of sheer agony.

The smell of burning flesh filled the air as blood ran down the face of Sarutobi Asuma, his left eye pierced all the way through.

Another sigh. "Why don't you make it easier for the both of us and just tell me?"

Asuma let out a hoarse laugh. "Why don't you make it easier for all of us by doing us the favor of going to hell?"


Sasuke's sword left and returned to its sheath faster than the eye could follow.


Asuma's head hit the ground.

"Stubborn bastard." Sasuke said again, before he quietly spun on his heel and left.


The years had been kind to Konoha, at least as kind as they could be under an insane sadist with an obsession for pretty boys.

Said pretty boy, now pretty man, was actually enjoying life.

Best of the jounins, both Konoha and Oto-nins, elite assassin among all the ANBU and Hunter-nins, and second in power only to Orochimaru.

So what did they do with him?

Gave him a desk job, that's what, kept him filling out forms  day in and out. Playing the role of a little secretary to the evil overlord!  Sasuke thought spitefully, pencil point cracking from the sudden pressure. His eyes narrowed and soon the pencil was burning merrily in a nearby trash can.

He couldn't go –More like expressively forbidden- to fight in the front lines of the battles currently against the Hidden Village of the Mist. There was too high a risk that he would be injured or captured, especially by the last of the Konoha-nins, who worked with anyone that fought against Orochimaru, and as a result, Sasuke. They all wanted a piece of Sasuke, for the betrayal of his own people.

Bunch of bull. Who is there that can stop me?

He knew Orochimaru merely wanted him near, close enough so that, if, by any chance, someone were to hurt Sasuke, Orochimaru could deal with the problem personally. No one touched his future body. So, he stayed behind, tortured the every now and then prisoner and then returned to his papers. Still, he was satisfied, he could always have fun with the rogue Konoha-nins.

The Hunt made all his pent up anger at being left behind worth all the while.

There was something that thrilled that animalistic side in him, the silent hunt in the dark of night for the last of the rogue nins, something that made him shiver in anticipation when the prey began to run, something that made his blood sing and his senses overload when it was captured either to be sold as a slave or killed. Sasuke preferred the latter.

No one knew where they lived or how they had survived the initial attack and then the proceeding battles that massacred of the rest of Konoha's shinobi. They had simply appeared a year after Orochimaru had partially stabilized his new ruler ship over Konoha and had begun an all out war. They were quite strong, almost surprisingly so,  but it was expected, seeing as their leader was Uzumaki Naruto.