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Ahh, now that brings back the memories.

Sasuke chuckled slightly; tongue snaking out to lick his lips, eyes flashing crimson at the recollection before they slid shut.

The good old days…



Lightning sliced through his opponent, the other's blood splattering across his own scarlet eyes, before dripping down his grinning visage. Hot, pink tongue slid out to greedily lap at the blood on his lips as he tipped his head back, eyes rolling backwards into their sockets.

Nothing tasted as good.

Suddenly, a kunai flew through the air striking Sasuke in the back, exploding on contact. What remained of the body fell with a heavy thump before a loud bang, proved it to be a mere log.

"Oh, so very close." Sasuke cooed mockingly, arms crossed, body purposely lax with back leaning against the tree to show the other what little danger he posed to him. "Too bad you're still not good enough."

He smirked, lips pulled back in a grotesque mockery of a smile, wide eyes shining in the dull sunlight, sure of his own abilities with a deadly confidence before he dropped down lightly from the tree branch to land right in front of Uzumaki Naruto.

"You've changed."

Red and black eyes moved slowly over the figure opposite of him, taking in everything, from the unkempt blond hair to the numerous cuts, partially masked by the green jounin vest, that still silently bled, covering his arms, face and chest with a light red sheen. The Kyuubi's seal was pulsating, a glaring red and orange that sent waves of raw, angry chakra Sasuke's way.

 "Hmph. Kyuubi having fun today?" An arrogant tip of the head, sneering eyes staring down at the other, daring him to lash out.

No answer. Simply the darkening of Naruto's eyes.

Eyes that no longer glared back with a deep ocean blue, but with the color of intense fury and carnage, the Kyuubi's eyes. A crimson shade of death that promised Sasuke of his own coming end.

Sharingan eyes saw, acknowledged and laughed at the challenge.

"Do you really think you can kill me?"

Naruto's eyes flashed.

"I don't think. I know."

Two pairs of feet pushed off the ground, swords flashing as brightly as their eyes, one filled with the craze of battle, the other with death…


A pallid hand touched his own, sending sparks of warning up Sasuke's shoulder, his eyes flew open while his hand automatically reached for a kunai before his curse seal throbbed in recognition, stilling his thoughts and movement.

Sasuke turned his head slightly, peering up into blazing golden eyes, a stark contrast to the white face of eternal death, framed by long layers of sable hair.


A thin smile curved those pale lips, his eyes lazily observed the other with a barely veiled fervor of obsession.

"You don't have to call me lord, seeing as how it pains you so much." A small laugh before his tongue crept out lovingly, inching its way down Sasuke's cheek to languidly wrap around his neck, a distorted collar of sorts. "I would prefer it though…" The older man trailed off, fingers lightly tracing random paths across Sasuke's arm, seemingly fascinated with the other's strength that lay hidden away in those pale limbs. His eyes were aglow with some twisted form of yearning as they washed over the other's body, drinking in the perfection that was in front of him.

Sasuke twitched slightly, having denied himself human contact for many years, other than his lord's, he still wasn't able to accustom himself to the other's touch.

Gold eyes narrowed. The shudder had not gone unnoticed.

"Take a break, you're all…tense." A slow chuckle before his tongue made a reappearance, giving one last, idle lick until it left, snaking back into its owner's leering mouth. "And that's an order, Sasuke-kun." A final, scorching glance, full of possession and warped desire before the other vanished.

Sasuke didn't move, couldn't move, his body trembling slightly in the wake of his master, all thoughts centered on self-preservation.

He finally relaxed, the tightness in his chest slowly fading away, he allowed himself to sink deeper into the chair, head tilted back so that all he could see was the ceiling. His hand moved up to cover his face, masking the bitter smile of self-hate that had made its way onto his lips.

What should I have expected? A fucking pat on the back? He's going to eventually use me to house his soul; I can't forget, I'm nothing but a body. HIS body. Yet, even after all these years, I still can't get used to that thought!

Sasuke's eyes closed, a moment of silent contemplation, before he smirked, his anger slowly ebbing away.

Doesn't matter, what comes will come. Now, about that break…


Godamn weather. How can it be so cold in March?

Sasuke growled, burrowing his face deeper into his red scarf while his hands busied themselves with the task of buttoning his coat up all the way. His pace quickened, wanting to reach whatever destination his body wanted him at before he completely froze.

Damn. Taking a walk: bad idea. Staying indoors: good idea.

The streets were silent as he walked past building after building, no one in view except for the occasional Oto-nin. Nowadays, the streets were usually always empty, people seldom walked in the open anymore; no one could forget the threat of Orochimaru looming overhead. So, they stayed inside, safely ensconced in their houses, never coming out unless for the necessary food and such.

The enclosing silence was gnawing away at Sasuke's nerves, his mind and body restless in the complete and utter silence. It would have been better if there was some of sound, any annoying noise, just something to keep his mind away from the lingering memories of his past. Anything, a child crying, insects buzzing, a bird singing…

Of course, no birds would sing in Konoha.

Not like they did before.


Sasuke thought back, letting his mind return to a time when birds sang everyday, when the people of Konoha actually lived. A time of luminous laughter with a lonesome boy, one just as lost as himself, one who had the whole sun shining from his hair and eyes and soul, light pouring out and all just for him, a creature of the night, cold and emotionless. A time of soft moans, hot skin pressed up against his own, gentle lips open to his, giving him that trust and utter faith that no one else had dared to give.

It all seemed so far away now, a faded scrap of memory that his mind reached out to, in desperation and longing, wishing and wanting to not lose that one last tie to his childhood. A childhood that seemed as lost as that cheerful smile of that golden boy…

So deep in thought was Sasuke that he had walked all the way to the outskirts of the village without realizing it. He looked around in surprise, finding himself in the center of a familiar glade, empty except for three unremarkable wooden posts and one small gravestone.

Sasuke had intended to never come back.

He let out a small, agitated laugh.

Why the hell not? I'm already here.

Walking slowly, he stopped short, arching an eyebrow in brief astonishment when his eyes fell upon the small, clean gravestone with fresh flowers laid in front. There were daisies, simple and plain, a child's flower, laid next to a flowering branch of pink sakura, their light scent wafting lazily through the air.

Impressive. People actually come here.

Sasuke's face contorted into a mask of mock reverence, a small smirk playing at his lips. He clapped twice before giving a sardonically sweeping bow.

See, you've become a hero, Naruto, even if it was at the cost of your life.




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