I am a Blade
My origins are a mystery
I see no future that is clear.
I see only confusion,
In a path filled with fear.
My body is a weapon,
But why was it made?
Who am I really?
I have only one name to go by.
Alita, they call me.
Even they do not know,
Who I am,
Who I was,
Who I will be.
But my body is a weapon,
A blade of truth,
A blade of purity,
A blade of righteousness.
The sword that
Will cut down the wickedness,
And cleanse the world of evil.
I am a Blade.
A Warrior who hunts the wicked.
A Hunter who collects the impure souls,
And condemns them to hell,
Or releases them from pain.
I am a Blade.
I am Alita.