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NOTE: This story is something of a combination of the Excalibur comic book series and X-Men: Evolution. The official Marvel comicverse is Earth 616. Welcome to Earth 723! :)

The Day the Earth Stood Back
by Rowena Zahnrei

Chapter One

Kurt Wagner woke up with the sun warming his face and a song brightening his heart. The day of the dance had come at last, and Kurt couldn't remember ever feeling so excited.

Yesterday, he had finally worked up the courage to ask the most intelligent, most beautiful girl in school to be his date for the Sophomore Social and - he was still reeling from the joyous wonder of it - she had said yes! Nothing could dampen his spirits on this day, absolutely nothing! Not even the long line that formed outside the bathroom every morning. He could wait for his shower. Kitty Pryde, his beautiful Kätzchen, had said yes! He was now just a schoolday away from the most perfect moment of his life: the moment he would hold the fair Kitty in his arms and dance with her until the world fell away, just like in the movies!

Still in a dreamy haze, Kurt teleported directly to the dining room where the platters and plates were already set out for their breakfast...a plan forming in his mind. He knew Kitty was almost always the last of the students at Professor Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters to climb out of bed in the morning. If he worked fast, he might catch her before she got up.

Mindful of her distaste for 'unhealthy' foods, such as meat, white bread, and eggs, Kurt quickly piled up a vegetarian breakfast on a plate, put the plate on a tray along with the necessary utensils, napkins, and a large glass of orange juice, and with a soft BAMF teleported with it directly to Kitty's door. Knocking courteously with his tail, he waited for the door to open.

A moment later, Rogue poked her tousled head around the door to the room she shared with Kitty.

"Kurt?" she asked, still somewhat bleary with sleep, her Southern accent even deeper than usual. She had not yet applied the layers of pale make-up, black lipstick and eyeliner that added to the air of vaguely menacing mystery that surrounded her. Kurt was surprised for a moment at just how young and how pretty she looked without it.

"Guten Morgen, meine Schwester," Kurt greeted happily. "I have come to see the fair Kitty. Is she awake yet?"

Rogue blinked, and her sleep-blurred eyes focused on the tray Kurt was holding.

"What is that?" she asked, a small smirk growing on her face. "Breakfast in bed?" Her smirk expanded into a grin when she saw Kurt's expression fall slightly in response to her amusement. She reached out a gloved hand and patted him reassuringly on the shoulder.

"That's real sweet, Kurt. Ah'm sure Kitty would appreciate it, only she's never quite herself first thing in the morning, y'all know what ah mean?"

Kitty's grumpy whine muffled its way out of the room.

"Rogue? Tell whoever it is to go away. I'm, like, trying to sleep over here!"

Rogue's eyes crinkled in amusement.

"See what ah mean?"

"Ja," Kurt answered with a smile of his own. "But even the morning blues cannot withstand a dose of elfish humor, nein?" He stepped gracefully past Rogue, who opened the door wider to accommodate his tray.

"Good luck, Elf," she said, striding out into the hallway. "Ah've gotta go take my place in the shower line."

Kurt nodded, then shyly approached the lump of blankets that was Kitty.

"Guten Morgen, Liebling," he said softly, reaching out with his tail to tap her gently on the shoulder. "It is a beautiful day, and it is time for you to wake up."

Kitty groaned and rolled over, flipping the blankets over her head.

"S'not, like, even six-thirty yet." she grumbled.

"But, look what I brought for you," Kurt said brightly.

Kitty rolled over to face him, peering out from under the blankets with an annoyed glare.

"What do you want, Kurt? What are you, like, even doing in my room? Isn't this, like, totally against school rules and stuff?"

Kurt grinned.

"Probably. I didn't really think about that. I just thought you might appreciate having your breakfast delivered to you this fine morning." The fuzzy, blue teenager held the tray out to her, suddenly concerned. "I hope it is not cold."

Kitty sat up and blinked, trying to wrap her sleep-encrusted brain around Kurt's gesture.

"What? Why? What is all this?"

"It's a healthy breakfast, just like you like. No meat, cheese, bacon, sausage, pancakes, eggs, toast, butter, or milk. Just fruit, granola, fried tomatoes and mushrooms - fried by Fräulein Ororo in a non-stick pan with no butter, just in case you didn't know - plain oatmeal, orange juice, and fresh nut bread. For you, Liebchen."

Slowly, Kitty reached out and dubiously took the tray from the beaming Kurt.

"Wow, Kurt," she said. "Like, what brought this on?"

Kurt could feel himself blushing and prayed that his dark, indigo fur would hide it.

"Well," he said softly. "I was just so happy that you agreed to accompany me to the dance tonight. I-I wanted to do something nice for you in return."

Kitty stared up at him, taken completely off guard by the soft sincerity of his tone. The Kurt she knew was a rambunctious trickster, a hopeless show-off, and somewhat irresponsible when it came to using his powers in public. The Kurt she was now seeing was a sincere, nervous, fragile boy with the gentlest eyes she had ever seen. The contrast was so striking that Kitty found herself speechless for a moment. She covered up her confused emotions by taking a bite of breakfast.

"It's very good," she said, inadequately. "Thank you, Kurt."

Kurt grinned delightedly.

"I am pleased that you like it, Kätzchen," he said gallantly, clasping her hand and finding her eyes with his own. "I will see you tonight, then, meine Liebling."

He kissed her hand gently, his fuzzy skin tickling her briefly, then let her go and took a step back, vanishing in a theatrical flash of sulfur-scented smoke.

Kitty stared blankly at the place he had been, the full tray balanced carefully on her lap and the lingering smell of Kurt's teleport the only evidence that her strange morning visitation had even happened.

To Be Continued...