Disclaimer: Jimmy Neutron does not belong to me as you all probably know. But the story line I did come up with on my own.

It was an ordinary same-thing-every-day kinda day. Boy genius walks to school because he misses the bus . . . again. Boy genius meets up with his buddies. Boy genius and friends are late to school. Boy genius runs off to class. Boy genius runs into the "enemy." Boy genius and enemy fight. Boy genius is late to first period class. And you get the point. Just another everyday thing.

"Neutron, you idiot! I'm late to first period again because of you!"

"Oh, please, Vortex," Jimmy scoffed. "It was all you fault. Not mine. Stop blaming your problems on me."

"You give me all my problems!"

They turned away from each other. Jimmy rolled his eyes and began to race down the hall to his class. He soon learned that Cindy was right behind him. She quickly caught up. They passed some students in the hallway who greeted Cindy with flirtatious smiles and a simple wave hello. And unlike Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex they could care less if they were late to their classes or not. From the corner of his eye, Jimmy looked over at Cindy. She was wearing a pair of low-cut blue jeans with "Cutie" written down the length of the left pant leg. It was clear to him that she had written it herself with a silver pen. Lately she had been decorating her own clothes. As much as Jimmy hated to say it, the girl was creative. Her spaghetti strap, tight, black shirt revealed much of her figure and it had also been hand decorated with letters written in script. The shirt read "Cutie" as well (someone was a little too full of themselves). And her hair was no longer in its usual pony tail. He couldn't believe she actually let it down at first, but then eventually he understood. Libby had once mentioned that Nick had liked her best with her hair down.

He also couldn't believe that she had become the head cheerleader of the A squad. Although, he couldn't understand why it had been a shock to him, it was only natural for Cindy to become head cheerleader. She had that kind of . . . how would you put it? Presence? Aura? Ah, not really, but it was like her. And she did seem like that kind of person who would go out for the cheerleading squad and be able to make it to the rank of leader. And surprise, surprise! The head cheerleader was going out with the star Quarterback of the Varsity football team! This of course is not another surprise.

"Nick!" Cindy shouted joyously as she ran ahead of Jimmy to meet Nick. Who knew the head cheerleader could run so fast. When she got to him, Jimmy noticed them hugging and then they kissed. A long lustful kiss. Jimmy ran faster down the hall passed them and beyond. Soon he had finally made it to his class. As soon as he stepped inside, heads turned toward him. The teacher, Mrs. Philips, his English teacher arced an eyebrow as she looked upon him. She slowly, shook her head in total disapproval.

"Ah, Mr. Neutron and Ms. Vortex," she said. Jimmy quickly turned around and sure enough Cindy had been standing behind him. "So nice of you two to finally join us. Where have you two been? And I'm assuming you two have been together since of course you walked in together."

Howling and cheering suddenly began to grow. It had started in the back of the room moving like rapid fire to the front of the room. Jimmy turned to Cindy. She was staring at him. They blushed and suddenly turned away from each other. They were too self-conscious to realize that the other had been blushing as well.

Cindy scoffed.

"We weren't together!" they both shouted in unison.

Mrs. Philips had sent them off to their seats as she continued the lesson for the day. She spoke of Edgar Allen Poe and the stories he had written. As she gave out handouts, Sheen leaned toward Jimmy from the row beside him. The students in the front row took one sheet from the small stack of papers and passed the rest back.

"Jimmy," Sheen whispered.

Jimmy turned to him.

"Tell me, man, what happened between you two. Where'd you guys go? Do anything . . . you know . . . sex related?" A smirk grew on Sheen's face. The girl in front of him tried to contain her laughter. Jimmy was disgusted by the question.

"Please!" Jimmy yelled.

Everyone suddenly turned toward him. Every chair in the room squeaked as the students sitting in them turned completely in their seats.

"Excuse me, James, do you have something to share with the rest of the class? Maybe Sheen can even help you out a bit," Mrs. Philips said. Jimmy sat quietly in his chair. His cheeks turned a light shade of red from both embarrassment and anger. He shook his head. " Good."

The class resumed and it had quickly ended. After class Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen talked happily of "guy" stuff that they'd do after school, when he was pulled aside.

"Listen, Neutron," Cindy ordered. "If you make me late to class again tomorrow, you good-for-nothing loser, I'll - "

"You'll what? Get your boyfriend on me?" He rolled his eyes as he walked away.

"Cindy, let it go. He's not worth it," Libby said. "Like you said before: 'Neutron is a good-for-nothing, sleazball who doesn't deserve the time of day.' And I agree."

Jimmy turned around and looked at Libby. She turned away. He shook his head and glanced at Cindy. She placed her hands on her hips, smiled devilishly and nodded. Jimmy turned away. Oh, well, there goes another friendship, Jimmy thought. He thought Libby was a friend, but he had obviously thought wrong. He walked away with Carl and Sheen right beside him. They were his only true friends. He stopped and without turning away he said, "I agree too. I am good for nothing and say what you will because it won't affect me in any way." He then walked away. Sheen though had stayed behind for a while longer. Sheen had only looked at Libby and shook his head.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk," he said. And that was enough to make Libby realize her mistake. Sheen turned and caught up with Jimmy.

Later in the day during lunch, Jimmy had gotten up to get a Snapple from one of the vending machines. He hadn't noticed Libby getting up from the "popular" table. He put his dollar and fifty cents into the vending machine and waited a bit before pressing A56. There was a rolling and a thump and then Jimmy crouched down to reach for his Snapple.

"Strawberry Kiwi, huh?"

Jimmy turned abruptly. He turned away and ignored her.

"Listen, Jimmy, I'm sorry. You know how Cindy is. She's testy about stuff, especially when it involves you. So, I quoted her to make her happy. I didn't mean it even if it sounded like I did."

"Shouldn't you not be talking to me?" Jimmy asked, his back still facing her. "Hanging around me will make people think. You wouldn't want that would you? You wouldn't want Cindy to get the wrong impression now would you?"

Libby looked hurt, but Jimmy continued without knowing it, "You can't have Cindy see you with me. Then she'd ask questions. She'd wonder and force you to stay away. And let's face it, we all know you do just about everything Cindy tells you, but if you don't then God help us, the rath of the all-knowing head cheerleader will come forth." Libby was speechless. Jimmy shook his head. "Damn, Libby! You barley have a mind of your own!" he shouted sarcastically, but truthfully as he walked away. Libby stood dumbfounded by the vending machine watching Jimmy walk away from her. Her eyes were wide and the tears had begun blurring her vision.

The next period was heath. Mr. Wilmington was partnering everyone up in twos for a group project.

"Libby and . . . Sheen," he called. "You two will be researching Lung cancer. Carl and Nick, you two will be researching Hodgkin's disease. And. . .Cindy and Jimmy you two will be researching tuberculosis."

"Hell no!" Cindy shouted.

"Objection!" Jimmy yelled.

"Cindy, watch your mouth! And, Jimmy, this is not your Criminal Law class." There were some faint giggles and chuckles throughout the classroom.

"Mr. Wilmington, I'm not working with Neutron over there," Cindy said as she pointed in Jimmy's direction. "He's not quite 'partner material'."

"And you're not very qualified for 'partner material' yourself, little-miss-I-know-I-can-do-anything-and-everything-better-than-anyone-in-this-entire-room-because-I'm-too-damn-self-centered."

"Fine then," Mr. Wilmington said simply. "Fail. It really doesn't matter much to me. After all, its your grade not mine. Oh, and for the rest of you, I suggest that you start on this today because I'm not going to give you much time to complete this project. And, Jimmy, you should start working on this project too. Alone that is, since little-miss-I-can-do-anything-and-everything-better-than-anyone-in-this-entire-room-because-I'm-too-damn-self-centered wants to fail. By the way class dismissed." The bell suddenly rang and the students jumped out of their seats and ran out the door.

"I'll see you at your house, Neutron," Cindy suddenly announced. She walked passed him and out the door.

This was just great. Now he would have to work with her. He was a bit excited, but he dreaded it at the same time. There's nothing worse than working with the person that you might have a crush on who just happens to hate the sight of you. Makes you start to re-think everything about yourself. He sighed. Yes, he liked Cindy Vortex, but who didn't right? Well, actually he thought that she was cute. It wasn't much of a crush. He just knew she was good-looking. Nothing more. But sometimes he couldn't help but think that maybe he did like her. Then again maybe not. To put things in simpler terms, he was confused about how he felt toward her. But even still, it was nothing to brag about. He just wasn't going to set himself up for any type of disappointment and heartbreak. He had already had enough of that.