Alright, people. This is my first and best attempt at a Silent Mobius fanfic. I can't remember everything about it, even though I've seen every episode. I've worked around terms and circumstances I don't know, and there might be faults in what I do recall. So please, bear with me here.

Now, for a disclaimer: I do not own Silent Mobius. I'm not even a very big fan. I just see plenty of opportunity. Once more, copyright infringement isn't something I intend to be charged with. However, the character of the Chaos Paladin is mine, and mine alone. Use him elsewhere (without my permission), and you shall face the wrath of a lycanthropic Neo-Communist momma's boy who won't take "sorry" for an answer and has ADD, as well as a reasonably short temper. A big "thank you" goes out to the man who came up with created Silent Mobius, nonetheless.

Once more, I do not own Silent Mobius. If I did, then the AMP would work for me, and there would be a goth chick amongst their ranks.

Now then, I'm done preaching. This is "Silent Mobius: The Long Fall to Hell." Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Chaos Paladin
"You of all people should have a good reason for bothering me."
"I do."
Gnosa Maximillian stood far from the city, deep within the wasteland created by the Silent Crisis. This was not going to be easy. Maximillian's long, purple hair extended to his shoulders now, no farther. His face had softened. As he knew it, he was a few inches shorter. Gnosa's last plan had backfired completely. He was now growing steadily younger. This man was his best shot at revenge. The tall, muscular form clothed completely in black was no pushover. His spiky hair with black and crimson streaks was a contrast to his black, empty eyes. A handsome face, but cruel in its attractiveness, was framed by the collar of a black suit and a cape compromised of many layers of tar-colored cloth that no light at all reflected off of. Plates of a black metal sewn in stood out against the rest. He wielded an enormous sword, kept hidden by an equally gigantic sheath kept on the stranger's back. In the moonlight, the man's various facial tattoos shone a dark purple. It was a quiet facade for a riotous force within.
Gnosa took an uneasy step back. This man wouldn't help him and the Lord of Nemesis against the AMP easily. A strong wind blew Maximillian's cape about violently. The man spoke, obviously annoyed by the silence of his potential employer.
"Well? Do you know how to talk?"
The voice was like that of a normal man, but with a cold bite in the tone.
"I...I require your services."
"You might. Explain."
"I am Gnosa Maximillian, a wizard in service of..."
"The Lord of Nemesis. I can tell you're part Lucifer-Hawk. I understand this operation will claim many lives. I find it enticing."
"But you are in no way of Nemesis. You're human. I can tell. Why..."
"Fool! I'm neither. I am the darkness of the cosmos..."
He drew his huge blade.
"...and this is King Bleeder."
The gigantic sword was a blood-red color, and more like a perversely large dagger than a saber. Suddenly, two glowing red eyes opened on the weapon, one on each side. From the blade, a bloodlike substance of a deep burgundy dripped. Gnosa was startled to find the sword speaking:
"I am indeed King Bleeder. The name makes sense, does it not? If you wanted to know, I've got relations with Grospalina, Mr. Maximillian. I cannot believe you dared to use something as inferior as Medium in your scheme. Stupid!"
The weapon splattered its "blood" all over Gnosa, and the man began again:
"If you can't tell, my sword dislikes you."
The blade started back: "Still, you will wish to receive our assistance in ridding yourself of the AMP, correct?"
"Yes," Maximillian stated blatantly as he wiped his face off. "Of course. You are invaluable to our operations. You mentioned Katsumi Liqueur's sword."
"Grospalina is no concern of mine. He is far inferior to me. Medium even more so."
"Very well. But will you hear me out?" Gnosa growled. " I can make you assist, but I do not wish to be hostile..."
The stranger cut in: "You dare to question the power of King Bleeder and the Chaos Paladin? You can't touch this! But why don't you give it a shot?"
The grin on the man's face vanished.
"This is Leonid Klein you're talking to. Come on!"
"Leonid...Klein? So be it! Come!"
Immediately, swarms of Lucifer-Hawk filled the darkness, filling the night with surreal shapes, haunting shrieks, and demonic, jeering laughter. Gnosa and Leonid exchanged smug looks, and King Bleeder seemingly sharpened. The dark horde rushed at Klein, who was apparently waiting for them.
"Pathetic!" he spat as he swung the blade, slicing nearly a dozen in half. The sword's blade suddenly opened along the top edge, and three large gun barrels projected a millimeter from the sharp perimeter.
"Blood slug!" Leonid roared as he took the sword in both hands, and aimed it an oncoming C-type, a large, light blue one with many strangely bent wings. King Bleeder fired a hemoglobin-red shot from the top barrel. It struck the creature at an impossible speed, blew it to pieces, and continued through several more, eventually exploding upon contact with Gnosa's own energy barrier. Maximillian grimaced, no longer sure what he was up against.
"Whoa! That thing has firepower!"
He watched in astonishment as Klein held King Bleeder in one hand and punched straight through the torso of another monstrous C-type with the other. The Lucifer-Hawk massacre continued as Leonid muttered a spell and the previously impaled creature rotted into a vile sludge around his fist, forming a large, filthy puddle on the ground bellow. He dipped his massive weapon into the repugnant pool, and the sword absorbed the substance entirely. The victim's acidic remains were then sprayed over nearly four dozen weaker ones, which fell to the ground and burned with a green fire, writhing and screeching until they were consumed by the virulent flames.
"How the...What are you?!" Gnosa demanded, awestruck and repulsed at the same time.
"Good question!" Klein called back with a laugh. "Time to get this moving along. I've got more important things to be doing. King Bleeder! Aten em Seker!"
"What could this spell be?"
Maximillian stared as the sword's blade grew, twisting several feet in many directions, ultimately settling on a warped, semi-conic pyramid shape. Suddenly, the half-human Lucifer-Hawk commander noticed that the blade's wielder had changed as well. Four gigantic black wings, like those of a dragon, bat, and crow all at once, had grown from his back. In his hair, razor-sharp, blood-red horns protruded. Klein grinned, revealing long, beastly fangs where his canines had been. His eyes now effectively glowed a light-absorbing black. The tattoos on his face were the same way.
"This is the real me!" Leonid roared in an inhuman voice. "Now, King Bleeder, let's finish this!"
"BLEED!" the sword screamed in its own altered, surreal hiss. Pieces of the now-purple blade rose, ultimately showing thirteen huge turrets. The weapon was wavering like ripples in water, as was the air around it.
"OBLIVION!" the pair erupted simultaneously. A football field-sized wave of dark force swept out before them. Maximillian barely had to prepare himself.
There was no luminescence in his vision, the city lights drowned out. Everything was completely dark. He felt his foothold slipping, all of his concentration centered on weathering the pitch-hued blast.
"I knew he was quite strong, but this...insane!"
In a few seconds, the evil had subsided. Maximillian felt himself alone with the dark pair, his entourage annihilated. However, he himself felt empowered. It seemed to Gnosa that his energy had been replenished to its peak before the incident. He stood up straight, and readied his counterattack, noticing that his hair was much longer now.
"Is that all?" he foolhardily sneered at Klein, who's weapon had returned to its original form, though the demonic appearance of the wielder remained. Gnosa was feeling fairly sure of himself now that his curse had seemingly been reversed.
"I'm disappoined, Maximillian," the otherworldly voice despaired. "I thought you were done underestimating me. King Bleeder! Atum em Behdety- Seker!"
"Now what?"
"It makes sense that my power weakened your curse, but I'm no where near done yet."
"That's right."
"BLEED!" the giant weapon screamed.
"Again?" Maximillian complained. This time, though, the sword became a very dark grey, and began to lengthen. The extension didn't stop as it also widened and thickened.
"I see what you're doing, Leonid."
The blade was about four times its holder's height when the growth ceased.
"Let's see you counter this!" King Bleeder's voice boomed, amplified with its size.
"Very well!" Gnosa snickered, and from his cloak he drew a dark purple weapon of a design similar to Grospalina's, though the blade was sharper and more defined, and the upper edge significantly longer than the lower portion. A black jewel gave off purple shadows from just above the handle. It was a large gem, almost like an eye.
"My blade shall go unnamed and be silent, but I'll say it's certainly a match for yours, Leonid Klein!"
"Small, don't you think?" the Chaos Paladin asked sarcastically.
"No matter."
Maximillian's blade then quickly swelled to a size similar to King Bleeder's new form, though a bit shorter. Klein snickered and tossed his hair in mockery, closing his eyes for a moment.
"Amazing you can actually carry that thing. But I'm a gentleman occasionally, so why don't you make the first attack?"
Accordingly, Gnosa had started his charge shortly after Leonid began his ridicule. He ran with lightning speed that was most effective at closing the two-hundred-yard gap between the combatants, but Klein had his defense ready.
"Idiot!" he growled as he brought his gray barge of a claymore below the attacker's guard in a second's swift motion.
Maximillian dropped his blade in an attempt to parry, and made a weak block, but to no true avail. Leonid brought his sword back up and into his opponent's weapon, shattering it effortlessly.
"How..." Gnosa stuttered.
The humanoid Lucifer-Hawk narrowly raised an energy shield as the flat of the surviving blade smashed him, sending him hurtling into a nearby boulder, reducing it to rubble.
"You're sure a rude one," Klein remarked. He closed his eyes once more, allowing his wings, fangs, and horns to retract. His other features became more human, and King Bleeder turned a bloody crimson once more as its normal size returned.
"That wasn't much fun!" it complained as Maximillian emerged from the pile of stones his body's impact had created. His cape and hair were a mess, and he had a good deal of large cuts and bruises. Gnosa was no longer belligerent, though.
"Finish me. I've got no chance against the AMP now."
"Why would I want to do that? I didn't destroy two hundred Lucifer- Hawk and beat you into a pulp just for fun, you know. You needed to be taught a lesson."
"Which would be?" Gnosa coughed, barely able to stand.
"Leave the AMP alone."
"WHAT?! How can you possibly say that?!"
"Their existence is part of my plan. You are, too, Gnosa Maximillian. Think about it: Rally Cheyenne and Katsumi Liqueur have Lucifer-Hawk blood and know how to use their abilities in devasting fashions. Yuki Saito and Leybia Maverick each have an impressive mental attribute you don't see too often in humans, be it telekinesis and prescience, or just a nearly-unparalleled intellect. The one known as Kiddy is an interesting mixture of life and machine. Nami, Mana, and Lum- Cheng know how to harness the deeper reaches of the human psyche, or the elements themselves."
"I realize that. I would know. What about them?"