*Tempus is looking in the glass and laughing*

Tempus:"you think you can save her! Ha I will have you all. The past, present, and future Charmed Ones. You will be gone forever"

*He laughs*

*The Future Girls go to Prue/Piper and Leo's room to talk*

Future Phoebe: "What do we do? We know how everything happens but can they see us? Will we be able to communicate with them? What if somehow the powers cross and we can't use them at all. What if we cancel eachother out?"

Future Paige: "PHOEBE snap out of it. Were gonna do this. I'm gonna save my big sister so I can know her. This is all gonna be ok."

*she starts to cry at the thought of it not working out.*

Future Piper: "Look girls. This happened for a reason we oughta know that by now. We were sent back to stop this from happening. Now all I ask is if they can see us they are going to be very confused. Phoebe you know how prue was she didn't trust anyone even if they did look like her sisters. Paige you are going to be very hard to explain. It may require summoning mom to talk to our past selves. So we need to be careful how we approach them."

~In the Kitchen~

Piper: "Do you hear that?"

Prue: "Hear what? I don't hear anything."

Piper: "It sounds like it's coming from your room." Phoebe: "Well don't just stand there lets go check it out before some crazy demons destroy Prue's room."

*Piper looks at Prue. Prue shrugs her shoulders and Phoebe grabs her hand as they all run upstairs.*


Future Paige: "Do you hear that? It sounds like they're coming upstairs."

Future Phoebe: "That's because they are. What are we gonna do they'll never belive this, I mean we'll never believe this...Crap now I have myself all confused."

Future Piper: "Phoebe"

Future Phoebe: "Yeah?"

Future Piper: "SHUT UP!!"

Future Paige: "Guys don't fight we need to bring our sisterly bonding into" ~Prue Phoebe and Piper enter the room~ "play....Umm hi?"

*She gives a little wave*

*Prue flings her hand and sends her flying across the room. Future

Piper and Future Phoebe run to her*

Prue: "What are you people? Some sort of shape shifters. Get out of my house now before me and my sisters vanquish your sorry asses!"

*The three girls kinda look at eachother not knowing what to do*

Future Phoebe: "Piper she's mad and you know how she gets when people mess with us."

Future Piper: "I know Pheebes but what can we do we have to warn them."

Prue: "Stop your chatting I SAID NOW" *She raises her had and flings them out the window. Phoebe and Piper grab for paige and she orbs them out in the middle of the toss"

Piper: "What the hell was that? They looked just like me and Phoebe and that one could orb."

Phoebe: "I don't know Piper but they looked like they wanted to talk to us."

Prue: "Well if they do they will be back won't they? And we'll be ready."

*She turns and walks out of the room*

Phoebe: "Piper I think they had something to tell us I don't think they wanted to hurt us."

Piper: "Me too Phoebe. Me too"*Piper walks out of the room"

~Phoebe turns to walk out and under her breath says "Yeah now all we have to do is convince Prue." The screen goes blank~