Future Phoebe: "Prue we try! It's not like we just let you die. Oh Prue I'm so sorry!"

~She runs and lets herself fall into her older sisters arms. Prue silently lets the tears roll down her face as she rubs Phoebes back~

Past Piper: "God dammit Prue! What the hell is going on? What are they talking about?"

Past Prue: "I know what happens but how, when?"

Future Piper: "Shax and today"

Patty: "Girls we must go now. Paige I am so sorry for the way things went for you."

Future Paige: "Don't worry about it mom, we solve everything and I had a great life. I am just happy to be with my sisters now, or in the future, or whatever."

Patty: "Bye my girls and Blessed Be."

~Patty and Grams disappear in the golden lights~

Past Prue: "Back to where we were. Looks like you dealt a lot better that Phoebe did Piper."

~She keeps rubbing Phoebe's back while she sobs. Phoebe pushes back and wipes her eyes~

Future Phoebe: "Actually Piper was a wreck. I stayed as strong as I could for her. She moved on but I never got the chance to deal. That is why I am so emotional I'm sorry."

Future Paige: "It's ok Phoebe."

~She walks her away from Prue~

Past Phoebe: "PRUE STOP IGNORING US! What is going on? I am so confused."

Past Prue: "I'm sorry Pheebs. This is just a lot to take in."

Future Piper: "Paige is our sister. And if we don't do something soon Prue will die today."

Past Piper and Past Phoebe: "What??"

Past Piper: "We wouldn't let that happen!"

Future Piper: "Well it happens OK!"

~She looks very distraught like this is almost too much for her. All of the girls are very emotional~

Future Piper: "And we are here to stop it."

Past Phoebe: "Tell me one thing first. Did you guys get revenge on that son of a bitch?"

Future Charmed Ones: "We kicked his ass!"

Past Piper: "Alright then lets do this and NOT lose a sister!"

~The future Charmed Ones and the past Charmed Ones stand together. The sisters look totally ready to kick some demon ass~