This is one of my two Yu-Gi-Oh! fics that isn't a songfic. I guess that's a good thing. Anyway, since most of the North east US is under ice, snow, and REALLY cold temperatures, this kinda just struck me. It's going to be mainly Seto x Jou, but I needed a reason for Jou to be at Kaiba's mansion, hence the addition of Mokuba. Nothing bad in this first chapter. Just a little OOC-ness on Seto's part (he's actually not a cold-hearted bastard!)

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It had been snowing hard for the last two days in Domino, and the whole town was shut down. Everyone was off from school or work, save that of one Seto Kaiba who at that moment was being pestered by his little brother.

"Come on, Seto. You promised you'd come out in the snow with me!" Mokuba looked hopefully at his brother.

Kaiba stopped working on the program he was working on and looked at Mokuba. "Mokuba, you may get to enjoy the snow, but I still have to run Kaiba Corp." At this point, Mokuba began making preparations to use his ultimate weapon. He started with the puppy-dog eyes on his older brother. Seeing this, Kaiba quickly added, "Go call up one of your goofball friends and I'll be out as soon as I can."

"You mean it? Any of them?" Mokuba asked, shocked that his brother was being so free about inviting someone over.

Ruffling the raven hair, Seto smiled a rare smile to Mokuba. "Yes, go call somebody before I change my mind."

Running from the room, Mokuba made comments about what he was going to do along with the fact he knew just who to call.

Shaking his head at his little brother, Kaiba turned his attention to the program he'd been writing. The coding apparently had an error in it, and he was desperately trying to figure out where. It seemed the harder he looked for it, the more the error hid from him. Leaning back in the chair, Kaiba shut his eyes.

"When did I start letting those eyes get to me?" he thought.

As he sat there, his mind wandered to other things. Hoping his little brother didn't decide to invite that stupid mutt over, Kaiba let out a small sigh. It was almost a sure thing. Mokuba had a strange fixation on the blonde duelist.

"I wonder if his hair is as soft as it looks." Kaiba mused. "Why did I just think that? It's not like I actually care about the mutt."

Kaiba came to when he heard his brother give an excited yell of, "You're here!!!" He could also hear the sound of Mokuba grabbing his boots and jacket, then dragging his helpless victim out the back door to the yard which happened to be directly under the room Kaiba was in.

Deciding he'd better see who was the "Chosen One", Kaiba got up from the chair and looked out the window. Looking downward, the blue-eyed teen's worst nightmare was confirmed. Standing in his backyard was none other than Jounouchi Katsuya.

Jounouchi was dressed in a pair of jeans and a black winter coat. His hair was messy as ever due to a slight breeze and having to dodge the onslaught of snowballs from Mokuba's crude snow fort.

Watching the pair launch volleys of snow at each other, Kaiba took note of how good the jeans looked on Jounouchi's body. "I'm not supposed to think like this." Kaiba scolded himself. "Even if by some chance he was gay, he wouldn't want me. I've treated him like shit from day one."

As Kaiba sat mulling over his thoughts, Mokuba had apparently had snow dumped on him, as his raven hair was powdered with white. It had also started to snow softly adding to the total on the ground. Jou's hair was slightly frosted from the fresh snowfall. "He looks like a perfect angel. His cheeks look beautiful all flushed like that." Kaiba brought himself out of his trance. Realizing that his own jeans had become tighter, Kaiba pulled himself away from the window, shut down his computer, and went downstairs to find his boots and jacket. Pulling on a dark blue coat, Kaiba set out for the backyard.

"Seto!!! You came out!!" Mokuba ran to his brother and gave him a tight hug.

"Well, Mokuba, I guess that's all for today." Jou stated with a hint of regret in his voice. "It's been great!"

Grabbing the blonde's arm, Kaiba spun Jou around to face him. "Jounouchi, I want you to stay if you can. Mokuba's apparently enjoyed the company. Besides, it's almost dinner time."

Mokuba looked at his brother as if he'd grown three heads. "Seto.?"

Looking at Jou, Kaiba asked, "What would you like?"

" to stay?" Jounouchi looked at Kaiba as if he'd lost his mind. Never had Kaiba been this nice to him.

"Well, generally, when someone asks 'what do you want', it's a safe bet that they're inviting you to stay." Kaiba responded, enjoying watching his puppy squirm. "I didn't just call him MY puppy.I didn't." Kaiba thought to himself.

"'s fine." Jou managed to get out, still in shock.

"Hey Seto, can I order it and everything? Please?" Mokuba bounced, as if high on sugar.

Smiling at his brother, "Yes, then get changed into warmer clothes. We'll be in soon."

As Mokuba bounded off, Jounouchi looked at Kaiba. "Ok Moneybags, the kid's gone. What's the game?"

"Game? There's no game, Pup. You two looked like you have had a good time, Mokuba likes you, and.well." Kaiba mumbled something that Jou didn't catch.

"What was that?" Jou asked.

Suddenly, the snow became very interesting to Kaiba. "I said I like having you here, too."

If Kaiba being nice had shocked Jounouchi before, this revelation nearly sent the blonde to his grave. Stumbling to the back porch, Jou sat down and just stared at Kaiba. After a few minutes, he regained the ability to speak. "Then, why do you call me a mutt and insult me all the time?"

Sitting down beside Jou with a small sigh, "Because. You've got everything Jounouchi. You've got loyal friends, you've got freedom, and you've got a family. I guess it's jealousy." Kaiba looked at his hands that were sitting on his lap.

"Kaiba.I.don't know what to say."

Chuckling a little, "So, the Pup has nothing to say for once."

"You've got everything, though. You're rich, you've got Mokuba, and you've got Kaiba Corp." Jou blurted out.

"I'm also alone. Jou, there's nobody special in my life. Well, Mokuba, but one can be arrested for things like that." Just then, the aforementioned youth came to the door saying the pizza man was there and needed money.

"Come on Jou, we can finish this later." Kaiba stood up and followed Mokuba inside. ************************************************************************

Well, let me know what you think so far. It will get better in later chapters, but I can't just have a random snog-fest off the bat.