It Started With Snow

Warnings: Mpreg, yaoi, and language.

Pairings: Seto/Jou and Yugi/Yami

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Jou took in a sharp breath and held it for a few moments. "Yeah, just getting kicked. I think they know we're talking about them."

Seto put his hands over Jou's, and leaned in close, giving him a soft, gentle kiss. "How about we get you home, and we can take care of them there. Then, you can show me where the new little Blue-Eyes White Dragon is." He teased.

"Oh, I can do that right here." Jou offered. He took Seto's hand and moved it low on his belly where he'd been feeling the kicks. "And, it's a baby Red-Eyes."

"Come on, Pup. Let's get you out of here, and we can finish making up at home. I'll tell Yami what's going on so Yugi doesn't worry." Seto stated with an evil glint to his eyes.

Chapter 20

Jou was cleaning up what little bit Seto would allow him to. The blonde wanted the mansion just right. It was Seto's birthday and Jou was waiting for Yugi and Yami to arrive. It was just an early dinner. Jou had told his friends that he wanted to have the night to spend with his lover. The arrangement was fine with Yami. He needed to be up early to make his second appointment.

The table was set, and the food was ready to be served. Jou finished straightening a fork that had been placed slightly off center just as the doorbell rang. Yami and Yugi were led in to the enormous dining room where they were going to be eating.

Yami was dressed in a red sweater that looked expensive and nice black dress pants. He'd removed the choker and the wristbands. On his right wrist was a shining silver bracelet. The links threw the light back like millions of tiny diamonds. What surprised Jou was that Yami had taken off the Millennium Puzzle. In its place was a necklace of the same style as his bracelet.

Yugi was dressed similarly, however he wore a deep purple sweater that made his eyes seem darker than usual. Like the Pharaoh, he had removed his own Puzzle and replaced it with a matching necklace and bracelet set.

"Wow, you two look wonderful!" Jou was honestly surprised. "Seto should be down in a minute." A dark shadow clouded Jou's eyes briefly.

"Jou, are you okay?" Yugi asked, aware of how close his best friend was to giving birth.

Jou's eyes brightened as quickly as they had dimmed. "Yeah, I'm fine. They've been doing that all morning."

"What have they been doing all day, Pup?" Seto asked, coming into the dining area.

"Nothing. I'll be okay. Really." Wanting to take all the attention off of him, he asked, "Are you guys ready to eat?"

Everyone nodded, and took seats. Seto and Jou on one side, and Yami and Yugi on the other. As the brunette took his seat, Jou studied his Dragon's movements. No matter what, Seto always seemed graceful, almost cat-like. Jou also noticed how well built his husband really was. After being away from him a long week, he'd been noticing some of the little things about his Dragon.

After a wonderful dinner of steamed rice, mixed vegetables, and the tenderest steak, everyone gathered in the living room for cake and presents. Yami had gotten Seto a pile of books the CEO had been wanting, and Yugi had given him three of the newest, rare Duel Monsters cards.

While Seto was blowing out the candles, Jou had begun rubbing his stomach. The babies were unusually active today. Things went smoothly for Jou until Yami and Yugi left. Momentarily, he felt nausea creep up on him. He fought to get it under control before Seto returned from seeing their friends out.

"Okay Pup, what's going on? You've been acting odd all day."

Seeing the concern and love in his husband's eyes was beginning to turn Jou on. Of course, the tight jeans and perfectly tailored shirt weren't helping either. "Nothing is wrong. Well, nothing you can't take care of." He finished seductively.

"What do you need help with, Mutt?" Kaiba challenged.

Jou began rubbing his belly. "I need some help with this..." Jou's hands quickly slid from his stomach to his hardening member.

"I see. Then we should get working on that right away." Seto took Jou's hand and assisted him up to their bedroom. Reaching the door, Jou moved in front of Seto, blocking his way into the room.

"Not yet, my eager Dragon. Wait here, and I'll be back for you." The blonde promised. Sliding inside, Jou changed out of his loose shirt and pants. He took an outfit he'd been saving from the bottom of one of his drawers. It was a tiny Egyptian servant outfit. The top barely covered Jou's chest, and the bottom didn't even come close to covering his belly. However, Jou thought he looked good. Throughout the pregnancy, his body still remained nice and toned. All the weight was localized around his stomach. Even with carrying three little lives, his stomach still looked great. No stretch marks were visible thanks to the cream. When Jou bent over, or leaned on something, the bottom piece gave the world a nice view of his backside. He knew Seto would like it and probably be surprised that he'd wear something that revealing. Now, if he could only keep the babies in there till after he got through his little role-play.

Going back to the door, he opened it and greeted his love. "My priest." He bowed as best he could, offering the stunned CEO a view of his rear.

"Jou...what is this for?" Seto asked, curious as to his mutt's intentions.

"I wanted to make tonight special for you. I've been saving this for a long time." Jou straightened, leading Seto to the bed. Pushing him down to the sheets, Jou quickly pushed his love to his back. "Stay there, don't move. I'll be back."

The blonde returned with a tray of fruit and a bowl of whip cream. "Are you hungry, my Priest?"

Seto nodded that he was, still surprised that Jou was this willing to pleasure him. Taking a strawberry, Jou dipped it into the white fluff, and held it to Seto's lips. After watching his love take a bite of the sweet fruit, Jou leaned in and kissed away the escaping juice. "I think I like it this way better." He gave Seto the rest of the berry and carefully chose the next fruit.

Grabbing a banana, he whispered, "One for you," Taking the banana in his mouth, he downed it in one swallow. "One for me."

"God Jou...where'd you learn that?" Seto asked, his pants becoming uncomfortably tight.

"I've been with you almost a year. I get enough practice." He stated cryptically.

Taking one of the seedless grapes, Jou dipped it in the whip cream, and then placed one end between his teeth. Leaning in, he gave his Dragon a kiss while feeding him the grape. "So much sweeter this way..." Jou straddled Seto's hips while maintaining the kiss.

"' hurt them." Kaiba panted, lustily.

The blonde smiled, "I'm not out to hurt them, but I have heard sex brings on labor..." He worked at Seto's zipper. Sliding the tab down, he saw how excited his lover was. "Looks like you're ready to help with that."

"Katsuya, just take me...please." Pleaded Seto.

Shaking his head no, Jou removed the lower part of his outfit. Knowing it was going to hurt, he positioned himself in line with Seto, and impaled himself on his Dragon. Instantly, his stomach tightened. Brushing it off as not being taken in a while, Jou began moving and picking up speed. In minutes, Seto was moaning Jou's name over and over.

Jou was also nearing his end. Pushing himself almost entirely off of his love, he roughly impaled himself as far as he could. Screaming Seto's name, Jou rose off of his exhausted Dragon and lay beside him, out of breath. However, he began panting, not from his exertions, but from the babies within him.

"Seto...Seto, I think..." A strong contraction hit just then. "It's time..." he grunted.

Still in a sex-induced haze, Seto's brain took longer to process the information. "They're coming? Here? Now?"

Another stronger contraction flooded Jou's body. "Shit..." He began panting and rubbing his stomach. "It hurts..." he moaned.

Seto quickly threw on his pants, and grabbed the nearest shirt. "Come on...we need to go." He threw a shirt to Jou and found a pair of athletic pants for him as well. The blonde slid them on with some difficulty. The contractions had eased temporarily, but his stomach was still hard, making it uncomfortable to move

Within minutes, the two men were on their way to the doctor's. Seto had called from his cell in the car. With luck, everything would be ready when they got there. Driving like a madman, Seto was admonished by Jou. "Seto, slow down. It's not going to help if we end up dead." He said with a white-knuckled grip on the door handle from the pressure he was feeling in his stomach. It felt like he was going to burst open at any time.

Reaching the doctor's office in record time, Doctor King came out with a wheelchair for Jou. Getting the blonde as comfortable as possible, they took him up into a room that was set up for surgery. The only problem was that Doctor Carson was held up in traffic and not at the office.

Sitting on the exam table, Jou was getting an IV drip started, and an epidural was being prepared. "Seto...I'm going to..." His threat was cut off in a scream of pain. When he could breathe normally again, he grabbed the brunette's collar. "I'm going to hurt you if you don't get these kids out now!"

"Jou, love. I can't do anything. You have to wait for the doctor to get here." He did the only thing he could think of. Seto began kissing Jou. It did quiet the blonde temporarily due to the shock value. However, the next wave of contractions and the position he was in, earned Seto a tight headlock.

Just as he started turning blue, Jou's grip eased and he relaxed against the pillow. With everything quiet, they heard a welcome sound. Doctor Carson's voice was heard over the few staff there to assist. Doctor King came in and administered the epidural. As soon as it took effect, Doctor Carson came in, dressed in hospital scrubs.

"Jou, relax. In a few minutes, you'll be holding your babies." She said as she laid a supply of towels on Jou's legs. A sheet was placed so that Jou couldn't see what was going on. For that he was thankful. Somehow, he knew he'd rather not throw up now.

Seto, however, wasn't that lucky. He watched with horrid fascination as his lover's stomach was carefully cut into. Turning his head just in time, Seto went sheet white.

"Are you okay, Mister Kaiba?" Doctor King asked, worried that the CEO was going to end up on the floor.

"I'll be fine. Just work on Jou."

The first baby came out. Screaming its head off, Doctor King stated, "Congratulations, it's a healthy baby boy!"

Jou looked at Seto. "A boy..." He whispered. There were tears in his eyes.

Not having time to respond, another baby was held up. "Congratulations again! It's another boy!" Doctor Carson held the second screaming baby up briefly.

However, when ten minutes passed, Jou knew in his heart that something was wrong. The same feeling of dread was echoed in Seto's frantic blue eyes. In an uncharacteristic moment, Doctor Carson muttered, "Shit, this one's not going to make it, we're losing her."

Three hours later, Jou was resting in a different room. Seto was sitting in a chair, with his head resting on his folded arms beside Jou's bed. The door opened, and a nurse pushed in two little forms.

"Hello?" She called tentatively. "I was told I could bring them in for a little. Doctor Carson will be in shortly."

Jou's eyes opened first. "We can hold them already?"

Smiling, the nurse picked one newborn up. Placing the blue bundle in Jou's arms, she said, "Yes. They're fine and healthy."

Seto had woken up at his husband's movement. He leaned over to take a first look at his first-born. He was beautiful. Tiny little hands and feet, complete with ten fingers and toes. The baby opened his eyes for just a second. Jou exclaimed quietly, "He's got your eyes, Dragon!"

Seto smiled, "I saw. They're beautiful." The little one's eyes had all the promise of ending up like Kaiba, even though right now they were much darker. Also, the baby's hair was almost a bronze color from both of his fathers' genes. Seto touched one of the baby's small hands. Just as he looked up, he saw Yami and Yugi in the doorway of the room. Yugi was already holding the other baby.

"I'm sorry." The nurse apologized. "They said they were close friends..." She trailed.

"It's okay." Seto assured. "They're the babies' godparents."

The nurse shook her head and left the men alone. Yugi walked carefully over to Seto. "He's so tiny." He whispered.

"I know. So is his brother."

Yami was next to Jou, inspecting the other baby. This one had beautiful hazel eyes that seemed to continually change colors and Jou's light hair. Yami leaned in close; the baby swung its tiny fist, and caught him right in the nose. "Well, this one's definitely a Kaiba. It already hates me."

The group's laughter was cut short as Doctor Carson walked in, looking tired. She carried a bunch of papers. "Congratulations Jou. You too Mister Kaiba." She smiled tiredly. "You've got some beautiful boys there."

Kaiba nodded his thanks, and asked, "What about the other one?"

Doctor Carson's eyes revealed the truth before she even said anything. "Seto, I'm sorry. She didn't make it. She seemed to be conceived after the twins, because some of her organs aren't as developed. Look, I'll give you some time alone. I'm getting a shower and a drink. I'll be back to do the papers with you."

Looking down after the doctor left, Seto saw Jou's eyes fill with tears. Apparently Yami saw it too and took the little one Jou had been holding. Not knowing what to say, Seto looked helplessly at the Pharaoh.

It was Yugi that tried first, "Guys, you may have lost one baby, but you have two little boys that will be needing their fathers very soon. You still have the boys to love."

"Jou, it happened for a reason." Yami tried to console his friend. "You weren't meant to have her this time. She's better off where she is now. She knew she was loved...HEY!" he exclaimed.

Seto saw what happened and began to laugh despite the tears in his eyes. Jou looked up and saw the baby Yami was holding with a death-grip on one of the long gold bangs of the Egyptian. The baby was so intent on trying to get it in his mouth that it slipped from his tiny hand and the golden "toy" sprung back into place.

Through the tears and laughter, Seto managed to gasp out, "Yami...what...the you use...on your hair?"

Ignoring Kaiba's comment because the baby began crying, Yami started singing a lullaby from his own childhood. He didn't remember much from it, but this one song seemed to comfort him and figured it would do the same for the crying newborn. The baby seemed to find Yami's song peaceful, because within a few minutes, he'd quieted and was sleeping against the Pharaoh's chest.

Just then, Doctor Carson came in with a quick knock at the door. "It's just me. Umm...we need those papers..." She saw not the unhappy faces she expected, but rather accepting ones. "I need their names for the birth certificates."

Jou looked up at Seto, "You wanted an heir, Dragon. You might as well name it." He smiled.

"Zaylin. Zaylin Brett Kaiba." Seto stated, spelling the unusual name for the doctor.

The doctor finished with the baby's name and continued filling in the rest of the forms while talking to herself. "Weight: 7 pounds 8 ounces. Time of Birth: October 25th, 2004 at 11:58 pm. Parents: Jounouchi and Seto Kaiba."

Jou asked a bit eagerly, "Ready for the next one?" The doctor nodded. "I want to name him Makoto Ryou."

Doctor Carson wrote the name on the paper and started with the rest of the information. "Weight: 7 pounds 11 ounces. Time of Birth: October 26th, 2004 at 12:01 am. Parents Jounouchi and Seto Kaiba."

"What should I put for the girl's name? We have to do it, I'm sorry." She said, not wanting an emotional outburst this late at night.

Jou spoke first, "Hope." He stated, remembering how he felt when he found out about her.

"Destiny" Kaiba added, because Yami's words really had touched him and eased the pain slightly.

She shuffled the papers together and said, "It's late gentlemen. I know Jou's got to be tired and I think Seto could deal with some sleep as well. You've got five more minutes, then I'm going to have to ask you two to leave for tonight." She indicated Yami and Yugi. The men nodded in understanding.

"Thank you for every thing again." Seto took Makoto from Yami's arms and gave him to Jou for a last cuddle.

"No problem. We do need to get going. We'll be back in the morning. I have to see the doctor and we'll drop in to say 'hi' and check on you." He took Yugi's hand and led him from the room, both saying their congratulations and regrets for the loss of the girl.

Before curling up in a nearby chair, Seto kissed his husband and new sons. "I love you all." He stroked each baby's jaw line, marveling at the awesome creatures held in Jou's arms. He may not have his daughter, but he could tell his sons would be a handful.

"Dragon?" Jou asked, with fear tingeing his voice.

"What is it?" Seto asked, not wanting to take his eyes off the babies.

Jou smirked, "Happy Birthday, Dragon." He whispered. At least one of them had managed to share their birthday with their daddy.

Seto kissed Jou deeply. "Thank you. For everything." To himself, he thought, "When it's time, we'll have our daughter."


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