This is a Fan fiction based on the character Flash from the Justice League. This story is purely fictional...for the amusement of the author and those who wish to read it. The other characters are from the justice league but the story is purely the work of the author.

Flash made his way down the alley and spotting the slightest bit of movement he lunged forward after his quarry. Too late he realized his mistake. Something came out and smacked him in the head. He heard sinister laughing as his world faded into black. He sighed and hit the ground face first. Booted feet stepped out in front of the unconscious young man and a hand reached out and picked Flash up by the back of his uniform.

The pain in his head was excruciating. Blinking he looked up at the bright lights above him. Why couldn't he remember anything and where was he? He shifted and his agony deepened. His entire body seemed to be on fire. Someone spoke to him and turning his head he tried to look. His vision swam as his head spun. Feeling nauseated he gripped the sheets of the bed he was laying in. The voice was joined by another but try as hard as he could he couldn't place the voices. His vision blurred once more and then he knew nothing.

Dr. James Wakowski frowned at the other members of the Justice League. The concern on their faces was evident. "I just don't understand. He said he would be right back and that was 5 days ago. Then we find out he is here and the wounds on him...Is he going to be all right doctor?" Superman questioned the doctor. Adjusting his glasses Dr.Wakowski shook his head. "Time can only tell. Right now he is stable but the wounds are consistent of those to a person who has been tortured. Burns, nicks, bruises...he has several broken bones .but what concerns me the most is the knife wounds in his chest and side." Batman cleared his throat."Is it possible that we may talk to him doctor?" The others looked expectantly at the doctor. "Yes you may but be fore warned.I am not certain how he will respond to you. He freaks out when anyone goes near him. You should have seen him when we first brought him in." The doctor shook his head sadly. Superman frowned. "This could be bad." He spoke gravely. "The kid always knows how to get himself into trouble" The Green Lantern spoke but with no malice. "What I do not understand is the motive behind this." Hawkgirl was the first one to enter the room. Her eyes swam with tears as she looked at Flash laying unconscious on the bed. It wasn't often that she got emotional but she had a soft spot for the youngest member of their team. Everyone did.

The first thing that flashed into his head was the face. It was painted and always smiling. "What are you doing? Why are you doing this to me???" The man came closer to where Flash sat bound to a chair. In his hand there was a hypodermic needle. Struggling to no avail Flash twisted trying to get away from him. "Hold still this will only take a second" Flash felt the needle pierce his right bicep and it burned like hell. His eyes widened as his heart sped up and the pain in his arm grew almost unbearable. He moaned in pain his head falling forward to his chest. His breathing was harsh and ragged and he could hear it echo in the room he was in. "There, there that wasn't so bad was it?" The man grabbed Flash by the chin and tilted his head up. Sweat glistened on Flash's face as the poison wreaked havoc on his system. Blinking rapidly he struggled to look at his captor. But for some odd reason he was unable to concentrate. He knew he should know who this was but it was escaping him. "Soon my young friend you will answer to me and me alone." Flash moaned again. The next several days he was visited and tortured. Flash began to lose track of time and for all he knew he had been in that chair all his life. He was beaten whenever he tried to ask questions and then on the final day of his captivity he had been discovered. There had been much shouting and he felt a blade slide into his chest. "Don't worry we will come for you" the man had whispered to him stabbing him once more this time in his side. Tears streamed down Flash's face and he cried out in pain. Bright lights appeared and the shouting grew louder. "Stop! You're under arrest!" Several men in blue uniforms guns drawn approached him as the others chased down his captor.

"Holy shit! Look at the kid!" One of them swore. He was aware of hands on him and fearing more pain he began to yell twisting about trying to break free. "Calm down son. We are trying to help you." He was soon unbound and being placed on a gurney. The medics had to strap him down for fear he would hurt himself or one of them. Flash felt himself being moved about but time had little to no value. He saw bright lights and then darkness as he slipped in and out of consciousness. When he woke again for a significant amount of time...he was aware that he was lying on a bed and there was indistinct sounds coming at him. There were some beeping and humming sounds and the unmistakable drone of human voices. But he still couldn't focus on anything. Someone spoke to him but he couldn't make out the words." Wonder woman frowned. . "It's like he knows there is someone here but he can't really hear us." The others nodded. J'Onn moved forward. "Let me try something he offered. The others moved out of his way as he leaned over Flash. Flash caught sight of something green above him and panicked. He freaked out.moaning he began to tremble and pull himself away from J'Onn. He made it halfway across the bed and then he heard the voice. It laughed at him and eyes wide he yelled. Flinging his arms out to cover his head he connected with J'Onn's shoulder. He felt hands pressing him down into the mattress and he began to struggle all the more. ""Go ahead.break free"" the voice taunted him. Flash struggled and did manage to break free. He used his speed to tear out of the room and down the hall. People Stared as he zipped through the halls of the hospital. "Good Lord" they stared after him for a brief moment and then Superman and Wonderwoman took off after him.