*conclusion to chapter Seven*

(LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE..there must be some sorta mixup..I do apologise because apprently what I thought was more than sufficient ..wasn't.THE CHAPTER SAID "CHAPTER SEVEN CONCLUSION" NOT CONCLUSION OF STORY..LOOK UP^..ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS? LOL NO HE ISN'T DEAD!!!!!!! LOL actually I need him to be alive I have him in the new story I started wich is a sorta spin off from this one..so check it out..JMK)

Flash opened his eyes and was aware of sunlight blazing through the window..He shifted and realized that he couldn't move his right arm or shoulder...an unexpected wieght was holding them down. He realized that it was warm turning his head cautiously he looked down and was surprised to find Shelbey sleeping, her head nestled on his shoulder and chest. He grinned thinking it was nice. Grey eyes blinked open and Shel smiled back at him..

"Morning..." she spoke softly.

'Morning to you too.."he tapped the end of her nose with his finger

"Your cute when your asleep."

Shelby snuggled closer and Flash breathed in her soft scent. She smelled of lilacs and rain. He loved that smell. He flexed his hand so it ran through her hair..it was soft and sifted through his hands like silk..He tilted his down to her her upturned one and kissed her gently on the mouth. She sighed and reached up her hand finding the back of his head.

"Errrhrrrmm" Laughter followed this. Startled Shelbey gasped and Flash jerked his head around. Flash began to tremble...there on the window sill crouched The Joker.

"Hope I am not interrupting much.."He laughed again. He made his way in through the window and straightened his suit. Looking up he stared at Flash who had risen from the bed.

"Here catch this.." Joker threw a dart at Shelbey..Flash seeing leapt in front of it..it pierced the skin in his back and he felt the burning sensation he had when he had been first injected. Blinking he turned and charged after Joker. He followed him out the window heedless of anything else. Shelbey ran to the phone and called the tv station...

"I need to speak to a member of the Justice League"

Flash darted after a dark sedan that was tearing through the streets. It nearly caused a crash and it took Flash all of his concentration to keep up with the car. Gritting his teeth against the pain and the lethargy creeping about him he pushed himself faster. He caught up with the car...grabbing the door to the passenger side were his nemesis sat..Flash tore it open..He grabbed The Joker by his suit coat and yanked him out of the speeding car. The two of them rolled and he heard the audible sound of bone breaking and he knew he had finally gotten Joker. Panting heavily he sat up shakily shortly after they had come to a stop on a grass incline. Blood trickled from his forehead down his face. Joker moaned and tried to sit up. Flash scooted over and winced as pain lanced through his side.

"No..back away.."

Flash turned slowly..one of Jokers goonies was standing there with a gun pointed at him. Flash didn't think he just charged..He caught the goonie in the middle at the same time the gun went off..pain ripped through his chest and the bullet tore out his back..it made it's final resting spot in The Joker's throat. He reached up with the rest of his energy and punched the goonie on the bottom of his chin..He went down without a sound..Flash felt himself sliding down to the ground..his last thought before darkness claimed him was that he hadn't gotten a chance to say good bye to Shelbey.