Chapter 8: A true duelist

The vast majority of students watching the duel increased, and so did the number of first-years fainting. Dumbledore just stared at the dragon with huge interest through his half-moon spectacles.

Winged Dragon of Ra: (7500/6650)

"I'll end my turn. Let's see what you've got!"

"Finally, it's the Winged Dragon of Ra!" Mokuba cried with excitement. "I was afraid that this duel was going to be boring."

"Say what??? That thing is HUGE!" Gasped Ron. He turned to Hermione.

"I've saw that in a book once, but I can't remember..." Hermione murmured, her eyes fixed on the dragon. Harry, who was watching the duel had a feeling that the dragon was dangerous. He backed away slightly and grasped his wand tightly in his pocket.

"Malik and Ryou have summoned the mighty Egyptian god monster, the Winged Dragon of Ra! One of the three most powerful creatures in duel monsters! One blow of its attack can be devastating." Mokuba yelled into his mike. He had given up casting spells to make his voice louder so he hooked a mike to the stereo sound effects of the Kaiba Corp. duel discs.

The dueling fans pretty much fainted either about the huge amount of attack points, or just the dragon's size. Dumbledore sat in his chair looking at the dragon without any sign of emotions. Snape just stood there open- mouthed. Harry loved every second Snape had that expression.

The god monster was so big, that its hologram couldn't fit into the great hall. The dragon's scaly golden wing was halfway above the ceiling. Seto made a mental note that the Great Hall was too small to duel in, but he had other things to worry about. The safety features were too low. If the Winged Dragon attacked, the whole area might be destroyed without Kaiba Corp's anti-attack arena they had used in the Battle City Finals.

Yugi and Yami were pretty shocked that Ryou could read the card on the dragon. With both of their opponents controlling the god, they had the advantage. Yami's eyes narrowed as his arm extended to draw his card. "Heart of the Cards..." Yami muttered. He drew. Just the card he needed to turn things around. "I play Graceful Charity, followed by, Pot of Greed! And I sacrifice these three magnet warriors to summon, Valkyrion the Magna Warrior! Now, I play the magic card De-Fusion which separates my monster back into three, which allows me to summon..." Yami grinned. "Slifer the Sky Dragon!" (4000/4000).

"Ha! Your god card is no match for Ra!" Said Malik.

"We'll see about that..." Seto replied coldly.

"I summon Headless Knight (1450/1700) in attack mode! Headless Knight, attack Seto's life points!" The de-capitated knight took a swipe at Seto with his sword. Seto was thrown backwards a few feet but remained standing. There was a cut on his arm dripping blood.

Madame Pompfry shrieked and attempted to run over to Seto with bandages. Dumbledore stopped her.

"They are elite duelists, Poppy. They'll be fine." Said Dumbledore reassuringly.


"What a waste of your turn, Ryou," smirked Seto. "We all know that Bakura would have attacked and blown me to bits if he controlled the god card. Too bad. Guess you just don't have the guts."

Ryou's eyes flashed. "Don't count on it, Kaiba. You'll see that I have guts my next turn!"

~What's Ryou doing?~

~~I think he wants to prove himself.~~


~~Ryou's always been the quiet one and hardly dueled. It was always Bakura. This is his chance to prove that he is as powerful as you and I.~~

~I never thought of it that way!~

~~Yes, I've only realized now. Summoning Ra took quiet a lot of courage for Ryou, but now activating Dark Sanctuary will be his real test. Only a true duelist will not fear his cards no matter how evil they look. Ryou has potential and skill, and I believe in him. ~~

Yugi smiled.

~So do I~


Hooded figures surrounded Domino Museum. It was at the still of night when Odeon suddenly woke up. He heard footsteps downstairs. He quietly went downstairs to see what was going on. Then he realized what happened; the tablet carrying the Pharaoh's secret was gone. The glass that had been protecting it had been smashed. What he didn't understand was why he didn't hear it being smashed. He took out a cellular phone from his jacket pocket. 'Miss Ishizu wasn't going to be pleased...'


~Seto's POV~

I checked my watch. It was midnight in Domino. Great... just great. Instead of being safe and sound in my bed in my office, I have to be here facing one of the most powerful cards in duel monsters. I looked up at the dragon's piercing eyes and looked at my hand. Yugi and I have adjusted our decks so it will be easy to summon gods. I drew my card. Just the card I needed to turn things around.

"I'm such a good drawer," I said to myself. "I play Monster Reborn to bring back my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! And I'll play this card too. De-Fusion, and sacrifice my three dragons to summon, Obelisk the Tormentor! (4000/4000)

~Whoa guess Kaiba modified his deck to summon gods too!~

~~He is such a good drawer too~ Yami replied sarcastically.

"Now, Obelisk, attack Ryou's face-down card!" I yelled.

~End POV~

"Kaiba, No!" Yami shouted but it was too late. Obelisk's fist made contact with his face-down monster and it 'got destroyed. Kaiba put on his usual smirk, then ended his turn.

Yami was about to open his mouth, but Yugi stopped him.

~Let Kaiba figure out his mistake later on.~

~~But Yugi-~~

~We are not dueling with anything at risk, so I say we let Ryou play Dark Sanctuary. It'll make the game much more interesting. ~ Yami nodded.

~Anyway, when was the last time we actually dueled for 'fun'?~ and with those words, Yugi disappeared into his soul room allowing the words to sink in.

"I'll lay another monster face-down." Said Ryou with a smile.

/its working/

//Good. Once Dark Sanctuary is in play, we will be unstoppable.//

~~Guess he didn't draw Dark Necrofear yet...~~

"Slifer the Sky Dragon, attack that face-down monster, OBLITHERATE!" The face-down card flipped. It revealed itself as... Dark Necrofear.

"No..." But it was no use. Slifer (5000/5000) already attacked the card sending it to the graveyard.

"Aw crap." Was all Seto had to say.

"You two are familiar of Dark Necrofear's special ability, I believe. Activate Dark Sanctuary!" Ryou commanded. Darkness enveloped the whole area, making the duelists almost oblivious to the crowd. A few first-years screamed over-dramatically and McGonagall FINALLY showed some interest (instead of terror and shock).

~~Ryou did it. I knew he would.~~

"What are you smiling about???" Seto asked in his cold voice. Yami's face straightened.


"I'll lay one card face-down. Now, I will now attack your life points directly with this!" Ryou placed a magic card on the field. "Shooting Star Bow raised Ra's attack power by 1000 giving it an unstoppable 8500 attack points. As I mentioned earlier, this magic card also allows us to attack your life points directly."

//You set Destiny Board face-down? Wow you are learning a lot from me!// Bakura commented impressed.

"Oh no, not if I can help it!" Seto growled. "Obelisk the Tormentor!"

Yami and Yugi knew this was it. "Slifer the Sky Dragon!"

"Winged Dragon of Ra!" The two others yelled.

"ATTACK!!!" All four duelists yelled.

As the smoke cleared, Yugi and Seto staggered to their feet. Malik was out cold. Ryou was the only one who stayed standing though there was a deep gash on his arm which was dripping blood. This time, the four couldn't escape from Madame Pompfrey...

Everything seemed a little awkward after the duel.

"Okay I'm defiantly taking ancient ruins!" Ryou said happily marking a checklist of lessons. "Oh what's this. Occlumency?"

"Believe me, you DON'T want to take that." Harry mumbled as he played with the left-over bacon on his plate.

"What is Occlumency?" Asked Yugi.

"Oh it's a something that will help you prevent people getting into your mind like mind control and hypnotism."

"Really? Ryou exclaimed enthusiastically. "I'm taking it."

"Suite yourself, but I'm warning you, it's very difficult."

"What lesions are you taking Seto?" Yugi chirped.


"How can you take al-"

"Just don't take all, I did, and it was horrible!" said Hermione. "Trust me. You don't want to."

Seto shrugged and walked away. He paused and turned to Ryou.

"Oh, and by the way, that blast from Slifer could have killed you Ryou, I'm impressed." Many turned and stared as he descended up the marble staircase.

//Seto actually said something NICE??? Well that is something you don't hear every day!//

/*nods in agreement*/

"Okay, let's go. Our first lesson is..." Ron groaned. "Double Divination with the Slythrins!"

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