A/N: This takes place a few days after "Brother's Keeper". It works with the "Brother's Keeper" chapter of my story "A Chance to Talk" for anyone reading that story. But you don't' need to read that for this to make sense. It really is a stand alone. I don't know If I'll continue this or not. I actually managed to write a Mutant X fic without using B/S! But if I do continue this they WILL show up. LOL

Three of the Mutant X team were hit with heart wrenching deja vu as the entered the cemetery. It was the same cemetery where they'd buried Emma months before. Leo's grave was now next to hers. Jesse had bought 6 red roses and given Shalimar and Brennan two roses each. One for Emma and one for Leo.

Lexa carried a dozen yellow roses. When she'd gone to choose flowers she remembered something Leo had told her long ago. He'd told her that the colors of roses had symbolism. Red was for love. Pink was for friendship. White was for purity. Yellow was for good bye.She'd never thought she'd have to tell her twin good bye.

When they got to Emma's grave the three stopped to put the roses for Emma and let Lexa have a moment alone. No preacher or other mourners waited beside Leo's open grave. The men who would close the grave waited silently off to the side. Lexa knelt down by the simple tombstone and set the flowers near it. The stone read only "Leo Pierce Brother and Twin" A carving of the medallion she wore was carved into the stone as well.

"I'm sorry, Leo. Sorry for everything," she whispered.

As she stood up again the others walked over and took their places near her. Jesse stood beside her. Shalimar stood next to him and Brennan was on her other side. He'd purposely chosen that place. Mostly out of respect for Lexa's earlier comment that she didn't want to be near him at the moment and also to be near Shalimar.

They each threw a rose into the grave. When Shalimar lowered her hand Brennan took it in his. Tears began to run down Lexa's face and Jesse wrapped an arm around her. As the workers began shoveling in the dirt Jesse led Lexa away with Brennan and Shalimar, their hands still linked, following behind.

By the time they'd gotten back to Sanctuary Lexa had gotten the tears under control. Jesse did not mistake that as meaning she was fine. After returning form the fight that had ended with Leo's death Jesse had wanted to be there for her and help her, but she'd said she needed some time alone. He'd respected that and let her have some time. As he walked her to her room he decided that she'd had enough of being on her own.

As they entered her room she turned to look at him. "I don't guess you'd go away if I told you to?"


Lexa sank down onto the edge of her bed. "Thank you for making the arrangements and getting the tombstone. It's . . . right for him."

Jesse took a seat facing her. "I made the other arrangements, but the tombstone was Brennan's work. He's the one who choose it and told them what it should say. The medallion picture on it was also his idea."

Lexa nodded but remained silent.

"Have you slept n the last few days?" asked Jesse.

"A little, but not much," Lexa answered. She was to drained, physically, mentally and emotionally to be anything but honest.

"I know you haven't been eating much either. I'll go get you some food."

Not having the energy, or will, to argue Lexa managed a slight nod.

When Jesse returned with trey carrying a bowl of soup and milk he found Lexa still sitting on her bed. He was pleased to note that at least she had changed from the clothes she'd worn to the funeral into a pair of baggy jeans and light weight sweater.

After setting the trey on her desk he turned to face her. "I'll leave you to eat. Please try and get some rest afterwards."

Before he'd even fully turned around Lexa's voice stopped him.

"Would you stay for a while?"

Jesse turned back and looked in her eyes. They showed him the truth. She didn't want to be alone, but she was scared to admit that she needed someone else. "Sure. I'll stay." The relief n her eyes was all the thanks he needed.

Once she'd finished most of the soup Lexa stood up and walked back to her bed. A few tears began rolling down her face. Jesse quickly moved to her side and held her in his arms. Feeling sheltered and cared for Lexa buried her face in his chest and allowed the tears to flow . Lifting her into his lap he moved to lean against the headboard. He hated that she was hurting, but knew the crying was a healthy reaction and part of the grieving process. He was careful not to tell her to hush, or quit crying. Eventually the tears stopped and Jesse could feel her exhaustion.

Still holding her he moved them so that they were lying on the bed. He didn't want to leave, but didn't want to take advantage of her while she was in such pain. He began to relax his secure, but gentle, hold on her so he could leave.

Lexa placed her hands on his arms in a silent request for him to stay. Killing her brother had torn her apart and she felt almost as if his arms were now the only thing holding her together. Jesse's solid warmth seemed to offer the support she desperately needed.

Understanding her request for him to stay Jesse remained where he was and held her close. Lexa soon fell asleep and for the first time since it had happened she didn't dream about her brothers death. Jesse stayed awake for a very long time thinking about the woman in his arms. The things they'd learned explained a lot about her. He'd always wondered why she'd worked for Eckart GenomEx. His theory had been that Adam, or the Dominion, had sent her in as an undercover assignment. He was glad to finally know the truth.

Early the next morning Lexa woke up to the unfamiliar feeling of being wrapped in Jesse's arms. Her first thought was what had she gotten herself into with Jesse? And more importantly. . . why didn't she want to get herself out?

Jesse opened his eyes and moved so that he could look at her. "Are you feeling any better?" He knew better than to ask if she was alright. It would be a long time before she was alright. He'd known a few sets of twins and seen how close twins were, how strong their bond was.

"A little. Thank you."

"You don't need to thank me," he told her. "Are you up for some breakfast?"

"Coffee sounds good."

Jesse wasn't satisfied with that. "You need more than coffee, Lexa."

"I'll see when I get down there," she told him.

Knowing that was the best he could expect Jesse didn't push the issue, but he was determined to make sure she started taking care of herself again.