A/N: Sorry this took so long. I have Finals at college next week so I've been busy studying this week and didn't have much time to write. This begins right as the episode "In Between" ends, when everyone leaves the room except Jesse.

Once Brennan and Shalimar left the room Lexa went back to Jesse. She found him sting in the chair with a thoughtful expression on his face. "Penny for your thoughts."

Jesse looked over and smiled at her. "Just glad to be alive, and back with my family."

She sat back in the chair facing him. "When you said 'You gave me a reason to live' were you talking about the team or. . . "

"You. I mean, of course Brennan is a big part of why I'm alive, but so are you. I love you, Lexa. I understand if you don't love me, but I couldn't die without telling you that I love you."

"I told Harrison that love hurts. And I believe that Jesse. Every time I've loved someone I've been hurt. Or I've hurt them. They've either betrayed me or died and left me, or I ended up betraying them. I've already hurt you. And . . . you almost died. I almost lost you as well."

"But you didn't. I'm here, and I'm not leaving. I won't leave you. I promise. And knowing that you love me would just give me another, very important, reason to live. But I understand why you're scared. I'll wait. You're worth it."

"I think that may be the nicest thing a man has ever said to me," Lexa admitted. "But you can't promise not to die."

Jesse grimaced as a wave of pain from his injury hit him. Lexa was instantly at his side. "Jess?" she asked in a worried voice.

Several seconds later he was able to answer. "I'm better now. The pain just gets me sometimes."

"I'll get you some pain killer," Lexa said, standing up.

He took her hand in his to stop her. "No. I'm okay now. I don't want anymore pain killer."

Lexa looked at him with worried eyes. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'm sure. But I think I'm going to do what the doctor said and get some rest."

"With your muscles massing like that I'm guessing you're pretty sore, right?"

"Yea, I am," he admitted.

"How about I give you a back rub?" she offered, wanting to so something to help him.

"I'm not gonna turn that offer down," he told her, with a small smirk.

"Didn't think so," she said with a smirk of her own.

10 minutes later Jesse was laying on his stomach in his bed, with his head turned to the side. Lexa knelt with one bent leg on each side of his waist as she began to rub the massage oil into his shoulders. She was enjoying the chance to see and feel the toned muscles of his arms and back. It didn't take long for Jesse to begin to relax as she worked the tension from his muscles. By the time she finished he was barely still awake.

Lexa thought he was asleep and before she left placed a kiss on his cheek.


Lexa frowned as she looked into the dojo and saw Jesse pummeling the punching bag.

"Jesse, what the hell do you think you are doing?" she demanded, loud enough to ensure that the molecular would hear her. Jesse stopped his workout and turned to face her. "It's called a workout, Lexa."

Her frowned deepened. "Less than a week ago you were shot. You need to take care of yourself. Your body needs time to heal."

"Lexa, I've been going crazy not being able to do anything. I fell fine."

Lexa still wasn't convinced. "Is that 'cause you're on painkillers?"

"No. I haven't taken any today. I'm fine. Really."

"What you are is stubborn."

"It took you this long to notice that?"

Lexa walked over to him. "Shut up," she whispered, then kissed him deeply, moving her hands to his cheeks. Jesse enjoyed the feel of her soft lips against his and the warmth of her hands on his face. He allowed her to take the kiss as far as she wanted, matching her, but not pushing her further. He did nothing to hide the desire he felt, but

instead let it come though in the kiss. In return Lexa parted her lips for him, inviting him to deepen the kiss. Jesse used all his self control to keep the kiss from becoming even more intense, as he part of him wanted it to. Lexa sensed his control and that he was holding back. Sensed the power and the almost desperate need. Trusting that control she let her awareness of everything but him go. She felt his hands come to rest at her waist and hold her close. Felt all the emotion that flowed through the kiss as he explored her mouth.

Eventually the kiss ended. Still caught up in the sensations kissing Jesse invoked in her Lexa allowed herself the moment of leaning into Jesse and resting her head against his shoulder, letting her hands rest on his shoulders.


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