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In the dark and lonely streets of Budehuc Castle, two years after the Elemental True Rune Wars, a lone two-tone haired figure walked along the lakeside in a direction away from laughter coming from the famous 'Mamie's Restaurant'.


Sadistic Lunatic Presents:

Realizations Undead: Gone


"Well, that d-d-didn't go as p-p-p… planned." He sighed, as his voice didn't emit the usual cocky, happy-go-lucky tone but one of deep pain and unending agony in. The full moon finally found its way out of the clouds and illuminated his face. Turquoise eyes filled with unshed tears would be seen even from far away and so is the forced, cracked smile journeying across his face. And lastly among these new features is a red mark on his cheek.

"I…I better m-meet up with the o-other Grasslanders. I-if what t-the first Flame Champion says is true then, then… we-I need to go through with the plan or the all the Grasslanders will perish."

While the figure walked towards the wrecked ship at the back of the castle, he remembered what had just happened.

"I… I… HOW?! How could I EVER love a Karayan barbarian like YOU?!" a woman with platinum hair exclaimed.

"Oooohhhh… busted… yuhuhuhuhuh."

"Aw shut up Landis, give the kid a break"

"Dumped by the Silver Maiden eh Flame Champion? Hahahah... poor kid."

"You're right, Duke, poor kid. Poor-poor Hugo. Never even stood a chance. Hahahahahahahahahah."

"Who would love a barbarian but another barbarian? Right Lily? Hahahahahah."

"Indeed. He doesn't even listen to me and treats me like some brat; same way Reed and Samus treat me. Oh that look on your face is priceless Hugo! Hahahahahah."

As Hugo heard those painful insults, especially from the one he loves, he couldn't do a thing except stand still. He was paralyzed. All those words stabbed him in the heart, twisting the cursed blade and burrowing it deeper than it already is. His face had the most hurt expression ever known, caused by the people he thought of as friends. Friends: people who understand you. Friends: people you turn to.

When Hugo finally got control over himself, he was able to hold back the tears begging to come out of his eyes. His first notion was to get away from this place. He did but as he passed people, he heard most of them laughing and insulting him. What very kind and supporting friends.

"My fellow Grasslanders," Hugo's voice, which contained the very essence of leadership and power, boomed throughout the halls of the ship where the assembly was taking place. "I've decided. We are going to go through with 'Kamikaze', which I had briefed you in on earlier. The Harmonian forces are very vast, especially because they have hired Yuber as a general, the deadly Howling Voice Guild, and high bishop Sasarai with his newfound summoning abilities. We WILL stop them at all costs alongside the Zexen Knights. Tomorrow, WE WILL WIN!"

After the Flame Champion's speech, the other Grasslanders had left the halls in order to be well rested to harvest the red fruits tomorrow.

"Chief Hugo," a Lizard clansman, Chief Dupa, spoke. "Are you sure? Maybe you should reconsider-"

"No, Chief Dupa. I've made up my mind. I'm going to go through with this ordeal. You should also rest. I hear crimson flowers are going to be very rampant tomorrow."

It was early dawn when the battle started. A large wall of flame immediately scorching Harmonian soldiers marked the start. No doubt caused by the Flame Champion himself.

She watched as the Karayan, Safir, Duck, and Lizard clans attack. She watched Hugo, mounted on his trusty griffon, Fubar, lunged at their enemies. She watched as Hugo used the cyclone rune in his left hand to cast 'Shredding' while Fubar used his 'Shining Wind' that brought down five Harmonians and three gunners from the Guild. She observed as her.

"Lady Chris," a mace wielding, blonde-haired man spoke. "We are awaiting your orders to assist the Grasslanders in combat, milady."

"What of the Alma Kinan archers from the Grasslands and Geddoe and Duke's mercenary groups?"

"All in their respective areas, milady."

"Very well Salome. For the honor of Zexen, my knights, ATTACK!"

With that battle cry sounded, the knights brought themselves in the sea of war. A large bolt of lightning, followed by burning arrows coming from the direction of the mountains, rained down on the unsuspecting Howling Voice Guild members. The battle has truly started.

"Lady Chris," a Zexen marshal rode his horse in the direction towards the Silver Maiden. It had been several hours since the battle took place.

"What?!" the amethyst-colored eyed Captain responded, swinging her blade, taking out another Harmonian Knights in one go.

"The Zexen Council has ordered that our forces withdraw."

"Preposterous! If we do that, the Grasslanders will be massacred! The Flame Champion will be. will be."

"It is an order, milady. We must withdraw while we still can!" the marshal exclaimed as he took down one Harmonian Knight, rewarding him with a large gash extending from one side of his face to the other. Seeing as her other knights weren't doing so well either, she made up her mind.

"Inform the Grasslanders of the retreat."

"That is not necessary, Lady Chris." A voice from within a group of marshals spoke. Chris immediately recognized the voice, a councilman, and her face gave the expression of worry, worry for what tragedy might befall on the Grasslanders.

"But Hugo-"

"No 'buts' Lady Chris. Order your knights and let' retreat. NOW!"

"Yes, sir." The Silver Maiden said with pure disgust in her tone. As she ordered the knights to retreat, she silently prayed to the goddess that Hugo would be safe from any harm. Especially because she hasn't said sorry or clear out what happened the other night. She prayed. She prayed and prayed. She hoped, unknowingly in vain.

Hugo's POV

I watch as I took down another one of Yuber's summoned monsters. I can feel the blood dripping down my forehead caused by a narrowly evaded blade meant to cut my head off all thanks to Yuber's twin blades. How unlucky of me. The moment I tell Fubar to retreat, Yuber attacks. After fending him off, he summons a skeleton dragon to kill me.

"Chief Hugo! The ironheads are retreating!" a Karayan informs me.

"So the previous Flame Champion's instincts were right; the Zexen's will retreat, leading to the massacre of the Grasslanders in order to conquer the Grasslands." I smirk. "Okay, start with 'Kamikaze'!"

"I'll pray to the spirits for you."

As I see Beecham retreat in order to inform the others, I watch as yet another veteran Duck soldier falls, making twenty out of the fifty are now with Jimba.

I smile as I slash a Howling Voice Guild member right across the neck, cutting it

off. Why am I going through with 'Kamikaze'? I leap into the air while shooting out a flare out of my right hand to call my trusty friend. I've no reason to live. I see Fubar approach, his massive wings going in full force to catch me before I land on the ground.

I must protect the Grasslands.

"Well buddy," I start. "Guess this is where I stop." I look down to see the Grasslanders' hasty retreat.

I wanted the power to protect.

"HELLFIRE!" I shout, sending the spell to cover the retreat. I jumped to the ground when I am near enough, bidding my last farewell to Fubar, motioning it to leave as fast as its wings can go.

I promised.

"Good bye, my friend. Farewell Grasslands. Good bye, Lady Chris ." with that said and no more regrets, I unleash the true power of the True Fire Rune, creating far more fearsome flames than the last time it was unleashed by the former Flame Champion.

Hello I feel every bit of my energy and emotions being drained, Lu feeding it to empower my rune. Jimba I feel excruciating pain welling up in my body. Chief Zepon I hear the screams of all the Harmonian forces and see them all burn. Most of them that is, high bishop Sasarai as well as their strategist Albert Silverberg and the dark knight Yuber with few others seems to have managed a retreat. Yun I feel my body heat up, and then my eyes feel like they're on fire. Father, I will be able to finally meet you.

"Chris… I… love…you. . ." With that said under my remaining breath, I take one more look at my surroundings. My flames are still raging on. Good. Hang on dad, Lu, Jimba, you too Yun and old lizard Chief Zepon, I'm coming! Empty, my whole world is now black... peace.

Would she even care if I died?

Chris' POV

I feel the ground rumbling beneath me. No difference right? I mean, we ARE riding on horseback and making a hasty retreat as ordered. WRONG! This rumbling seems to be a bit too… strong. I turn my head and see.

Why are the Grasslanders retreating? Hugo! Where's Hugo! I scan the group to find my champion. He isn't here?! I take a second check and turn my head but this time I see… fire. A great wall of flame...! Oh no! HUGO!!!

I watch in horror as the flames are still raging on. There's no way Hugo can pull this off unless.

"Oh goddess." I say, horror stricken. I see the whole burning battlefield grow smaller as I am headed the opposite direction, tears are starting to well in my eyes and fall freely down my face, fogging my vision but I can still see the colors of the raging fire. I haven't cried for a long, long time.

Every second I see it, I can feel my heart twisting. I recall yesterday night's events. He told me he loves me! I was so happy at the time then before I could do anything, I slap him across the face. I insulted him and then everybody in the restaurant joined in the game of 'Insult the Flame Champion'. I feel so miserable now. Hugo… Why did I have to do that?! Hugo... Why?! I... Why did it have to be this way?! I love... I see the flames die down. You.


"Funny isn't it Yun?" a blonde-haired man, clad in blue spoke.

"What's funny Jimba? Or should I call you Wyatt? Umm. Mr. Lightfellow?" a girl wearing typical Alma Kinan clothing asked.

"Call him Jimba." a boy with pink and black hair cheerfully replied. Lulu of Karaya.

"Allow me to answer Yun." A towering lizard man spoke, former Chief Zepon. "Remember when we were about to die? We-"

"-viewed the happy memories of our life." Jimba cut him off. The blonde smirked as he saw the enormous Lizard's glare.

"But Hugo didn't see a thing-" Lulu started.

"so he isn't dead? Spirits! I always knew he was quite the survivor!" the Alma Kinan girl exclaimed.