For the Saké of My Beloved

By ArtikGato

Disclaimer: Roses are red, daffodils are yellow, sasquatches are not elephants, and I don't own Fushigi Yuugi! Makes sense, ne?

Author's Notes: This is a Tasuki songfic in which I butcher the Fushigi Yuugi themesong. It's extremely short and pointless, but please read anyway!

For the Saké of My Beloved:

Burn lotsa stuff, Tasuki-kun! Recca shin'en!

Reikkaku is the place he calls home

He is a bandit, but he's good at heart.

(The distant echo of 'Saké!')

Brings him to the refridgerator.

(Then he gets drunk and wants to sing)

The bandits try to

hold him back but

he breaks free!

(Tasuki appears in the center of the stage, which randomly appeared by the way, holding a saké cup thingy in one hand and a microphone in the other)

Tasuki: *singing, horribly off-key* For the saké of my beloved, I would *hic* burn any one and *hic* dance on cows. There are no dreams that *hic* don't come true, this song made no sense, but thatsh okay 'cause I'm *hic* drunk!

We really hope that

You enjoyed

Our little songfic!

*as the music fades out, Tasuki stumbles around drunkenly and passes out, and his Reikkaku bandits rush up and carry him off, except for one...Kouji. He picks up the microphone, and grins evilly...*

Oh boy, here we go again...

Kouji: Sing a song about me!

*annoyed sigh* You are the best, Kouji-san, You talk to yourself!

Kouji: I do not! Isn't that right Kouji? Yes it is! We do not talk to ourselves!

You are a moron.

Kouji: Oh, shut up!

*Kouji stomps off of the stage, and the lights fade out*

So, umm...can I get out of here some time? Hello? ...great, now I'm lonely...