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Raven continued to meditate in a quiet corner. She had to get away from the other Titans. After the freaky episode in which her own anger nearly killed Beast Boy and Cyborg as well as herself, she needed to clear her thoughts. Not that she was angry at them but seeing them happy, angry, or even openly unhappy riled her up (upset her) inside sometimes. She just had to get away. All those emotions' surrounding her was starting to affect her meditation and even made her feel really depressed (which was an emotion she definitely didn't want to become dominant).

Plus hiding away here was not so bad. No one bothered her. Tried to make her participate in strange rituals or tried to force her to eat tofu (she shuddered at the thought). Also it was quiet. She was able to find an area away from the noisy machines churning new robots (some of which she got to fight) and weapons. Yes this was her hide away. The hideaway that none of the other Titans could ever know about. She was just glad that the anger that overflowed as a result of her father issues was dealt with in time.

"Father," Raven whispered, her voice filled with anger and bitterness.

He had left them when she was only a toddler but she could still remember. Her mother re-married and even though her new father was not so great, she still hated her biological father even more. If only he had changed his path instead of leaving her and mother. She would have the perfect family right now. Instead she had a family which the rest of the Teen Titans would know everything about them only after she was dead and buried for a century. That was what she had. Nothing, because of him she had nothing. He could never make up for all those years, forcing her to join a group on Earth just to get away from it all.

"I hate you," Raven muttered, her voice not filled with bitterness this time but anger and despair. Plus her voice was breaking and not nearly as confident as it was before.

Calm down Raven. You are here to meditate and control your emotions Think only of that. That was the only reason she was away from the Titans. That was the only reason she was here.

"Raven," a voice coming from the intercom said three-hours later, "I believe that it's time you got ready to return to your home," the voice said, with a slightly sarcastic tone on home.

Raven simply stopped meditating and walked out the door and went down the stairs until she was on the ground floor.

"The titans must be worried," the voice said simply. There was no emotion in it, it just said what was needed to be said and that was it. But there was eeriness in it that in the shadows of the dimly lit building was made even creepier. But Raven was unaffected and fearless of this voice and the person that stood behind it as well.

"They know that I want to be alone," Raven replied, "they have no reason to worry."

"Oh but they will," the voice continued, "You should know that their emotions will get in the way of rational thought."

"That is not my problem," Raven replied coldly, "I just need to head to the park then change back into my regular clothes."

"Yes," the voice said from the shadows, "you couldn't come here in your regular outfit."

Raven looked down at her earth clothes. A pink Britney Spears blouse, tight fitting black leather pants and sneakers. The colourful costume jewelry, pink cap and dark tinted red rimmed glasses would definitely through off any Titan from recognizing her (the Britney top being the main throw off).

"Don't you think that you'd look strange walking on such a cold evening like this without a jacket?' the voice asked suddenly.

Raven felt a draft blow in through the cracked windows and shivered. She would truly look weird walking around in a shocking colour pink top in the park at night but without a jacket she would be an eye sore.

Oh great. Like I need to make it easier for someone to become suspicious and come up to me. With the amount of crazed Teen Titans fans out there, just one of them needed to come up to me and recognize my voice or get suspicious when I refuse to answer\ greet them. Plus with Robin's random surveying of the city, the last thing that I need to do is to look suspicious.

"Here," the voice said suddenly from behind her.

Raven turned around to see a dark brown jacket being held out to her.

"Thank you," Raven said a little taken aback, "I'll return it when I pass by again."

"Keep it," the voice responded, "It fits you perfectly."

She felt herself blush. He must have bought it for her. But how could he have gotten the right size?

Seeing the perplexity on her face the voice simply said, "I believe that I'd know the jacket size of my own daughter."

Raven blushed even more, but then her eyes suddenly grew dark.

"Goodbye Father," Raven said coldly as she pressed a button that automatically opened the door and walked out into the night.

Slade simply walked up to the door, watched as her slim silhouette disappear into the darkness and closed the door.

The End

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