Chapter 17: Look at us

(Three Days later at the Tower)

"What are you reading?" Beast Boy asked when he passed a table and saw Starfire reading intently from one of the huge books which she had scattered all over the table.

"I am mentally digesting the language of Earth?" Starfire responded as she continued reading with a pen tucked behind her ear along with the huge book she held.

"Huh?" Beast Boy asked in confusion.

"She's reading up on Earth's language," Cyborg told Beast Boy as he entered the kitchen, "she wants to be fluent," he explained.

"Why?" Beast Boy asked.

"Because I want to be without dependence," Starfire responded.

"You mean independent, right?" Cyborg asked and Starfire nodded, "well I'm just grabbing some snacks and heading back to my room," he said and went straight to the fridge.

"Um well good luck," Beast Boy said kindly.

"Whatever," Starfire muttered in an unkind tone.

Beast Boy looked at her in confusion. He decided to shrug it off and left Starfire to her reading.

(An Hour Later at one of Slade's Secret Mansion)

"Mmmm," Terra said in satisfaction as Slade massaged her naked back, "you have strong hands," she said happily.

"Thank You," Slade said stiffly and continued massaging her, "why didn't you just go to the massage parlour?" he asked her.

"Slade we're going to get married," Terra said with a laugh, "you have to be able to give your wife a proper massage," she told him.

"I can do everything my dear," Slade told her seriously, "we have done more than massages already," he reminded her seductively and Terra blushed.

"Don't say it like that," Terra said, "it makes me feel slutty."

"You're far from a slut," Slade reprimanded her, "Sluts are just free whores," he told her, "they have no sense of investment," he added.

"Slade!" Terra cried.

"Well if you're going to throw it around you might as well benefit," Slade said frankly, "plus they'll be able to pay their hospital bills when they get Aids or whatever sexually transmitted diseases they're likely to get," he added.

"That's true," Terra agreed, "but I still believe prostitution is immoral and wrong," she declared.

"So is Ninety-Nine point Ninety Nine (99.99) percent of the things that I do," Slade reminded her, "except for my daughter, meeting you and of course this," he listed then passionately kissed Terra on his lips.

Terra responded and sat up to push her top and bare less chest upon his covered one. The kiss got deeper as they started to lustfully French kiss each other with their own tongues fighting for dominance. But just as they parted the massage bed broke and they both fell to the floor.

They both cried out in surprise. But when they looked into each other's eyes everything else lost perspective. Slade reached out his hand and touched Terra's blonde hair while Terra ran a hand through his raven hair. Terra smiled at him while Slade did more of a smirk.

Terra suddenly laughed.

"What?" Slade asked.

"Nothing," Terra said deciding to disregard the smirk, "nothing at all," she whispered and leaned in for another kiss.

(Ten minutes Later at a Mall in Jump City at 11:50 a.m.)




"Villain Lover."

"Evil Seed."

Raven kept walking with Blackfire and Aqualad (who was out of uniform and sporting a red cap, blue shirt, white shorts and red flip flops) as people muttered or shouted their words of hatred towards her. It still hurt but less so as it did when it first came out that she was Slade's daughter.

"Don't listen to them Raven," Aqualad told her.

"Yeah they're just a bunch of jerks, bitches and whores!" Blackfire shouted and many name callers became gaspers, "that should shut them up," she added victoriously.

"Or fuel the fire," Raven stated, "but thanks anyway," she added.

"You better be thankful," Blackfire told her but it could be seen that she was happy and amused.

"Well, Well," a voice said suddenly and they turned around to see Robin, Speedy and Menos.

" What do you want Speedy?" Aqualad demanded of the one who had just spoke.

"What are you doing here with her?" Speedy demanded.

"Shopping," Blackfire told him.

"I wasn't talking to you slut," Speedy said.

Suddenly Speedy fell to the floor. Standing over him with a face contorted in fury was Blackfire.

"I NEVER take name calling," Blackfire snarled as she rubbed the fist that she had just hit Speedy with.

"Did you just hit a Titan?" Robin asked dangerously.

"What if she did?" Raven asked angrily.

"She won't get away with it," Speedy snarled angrily as he rose to his feet.

"What you gonna do tough guy?" Aqualad challenged.

"Aqualad don't," Raven said, "you're a member of Titans East," she reminded him, "you can't be defending me like this."

"I don't care Raven," Aqualad declared, "I'm not going to let them hurt you or Blackfire."

"Wait a minute," Robin said seriously, "are you defending them?" he asked.

"What if he is?" Blackfire responded in a mocking tone.

"I know you must've escaped from some prison Blackfire," Robin said coldly, "don't make me find out where," he threatened.

"Let's go," Raven said ignoring Robin.

But Robin reached and grabbed Raven's arm.

"It's not over," Robin told her.

"Keep your hands off me unless you're making an arrest," Raven snapped at him and flung his hand away.

"That should be soon enough," Speedy said superiorly.

"You'd be thrilled," Aqualad said sarcastically.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Speedy demanded, "oh yeah, I don't hang around villainous whores."

"Aqualad don't!" Raven cried and used her powers to stop Aqualad from attacking a now surprised Speedy.

"You really have decided to side with her haven't you?" Speedy asked softly, "fine then," he said, "side with Slade's spawn and pay for it later," he declared, "I swear, that your continued friendship with her will be the death of us (Titan East)."

"Stop talking garbage," Aqualad said in annoyance.

"You'll see it my way someday," Speedy said, "and I notice that you're not in uniform," he pointed out.

"Unlike you I got the day off ass whole," Aqualad told him, "with Bumblebee's permission of course," he added.

"You only listen to Bumblebee because she allows you to see Raven," Speedy accused.

"I listen to Bumblebee because she's a great leader!" Aqualad shouted, "and a great Titan," he continued, "unlike you," he added.

"I AM A GREAT TITAN!" Speedy roared, "much greater than you and you better remember that!" he shouted.

Everyone looked at him in shock. Raven recovered first.

"you are an idiot," Raven said frankly, "if you were any stupider being stupid would be made a federal offence."

"Is that so?" Speedy challenged.

"Yes," Raven told him.

"Well…you're not the brightest bulb either," Speedy retorted.

"I'm brighter than you," Raven countered, "and all those like you," she continued, "so I might not be the brightest bulb," she admitted, "but I'm MUCH brighter than you and thousands of others," she told Speedy whose face was now red with anger, "so I feel REALLY bright," she concluded and Aqualad and Blackfire burst out laughing.

"That's not funny!" Speedy cried, "stop laughing!"

"Raven," Menos said suddenly and everyone became silent, "hola."

Everyone except Raven and Menos fell over.

Raven chuckled and smiled.

"Hola Menos," Raven said brightly, "tell your brother I said hi," she added.

"Si," Menos said with a nod.

"Let's go guys," Raven said and she walked away with Aqualad and Blackfire in tow.

"This aint over!" Speedy declared angrily.

"Calm down Speedy," Robin warned, "this is just what she wants," he told Speedy, "to have us angry and disunited."

"Yeah," Speedy agreed even though he looked far from calming down.

"Duty," Menos said suddenly.

"Menos is right," Robin said, "we need to continue our job of searching for the criminal who ran into the mall," he reminded Speedy.

"Yeah," Speedy agreed, "but what's Menos's deal anyway?"

"Menos don't like you," Menos told him and he sounded annoyed.

"What!" Speedy shouted.

"I think he's just a bit upset with Raven," Robin explained, "give him time," he told Speedy, "I have to do the same problem with Cyborg."

"Well he better wake up," Speedy said and gave Menos a glare, "we have one Raven lover in our house already," he muttered.

"Let's just get going," Robin said and massaged his forehead because of the headache that was coming on.

I can't believe working with Titans East is SUCH a headache now! What's it going to be like years from now? Sometimes I don't EVEN want to know. (Robin's thoughts)


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