Title: Fires Within

Author: Crimson Coin Crimson_Coin@yahoo.com

Rating: Very High PG like 16 almost R for intense language and sexual situations.

Disclaimer: Edge, Lita, Stacy, and Randy Orton are not my property nor are Chris Jericho or the WWE. This story is entirely fictional.

Summery: What really happens to friends with benefits?

Content: harsh language and descriptive sexual situations.

Archiving: Just e-mail me first and ask. I just like to keep track of my works.

Timeline: Irrelevant.


Edge growled.

Oh she had nerve. Real nerve. He ground his teeth watching Lita flirt with Randy Orton.

Nerve. Not that he cared. Edge knew that he and Lita weren't together ... per say. They just slept together. Not a relationship beyond good friends just with benefits ... lots of benefits.

The sex was amazing, hell more than amazing. Everything she made his body do, the way he reacted to her touch, her mouth, her body. He didn't know it was even possible to have sensations like the ones she invoked. It was so simple ... his need for her. How he spent every hour, every moment thinking of what they'd do in the evening. Thinking about how it felt in her arms, how it felt to be inside of her.

But that's all it was between them. Sex and only sex. And he was perfectly ok with that.

Edge violently pushed his long blonde hair out of his face, his anger searing as he watched the couple. He watched with heated fiery eyes as Randy leaned over and gave Lita a small kiss on the lips.

Swallowing hard, Edge steadied his heart. With Lita, it was just sex. He kept telling himself it was only sex. Well if it was just sex then why did Edge need to resist the urge to rip off that Randy Orton's lips and shove them so far up his ass ...

Edge clenched his teeth, narrowing his eyes. His heart raced as ... yes, it was definitely jealous course though him. His blood fast, his hands fisted and shaking. Oh yeah, this was jealousy.

The surge rose, erupted when Lita kissed Randy again ... but still wasn't deep, only flirtatious. Randy blushed and Lita hugged him, talking into his ear. Then Randy hugged her close, burying his head in her neck.

Ok. Urge to kill ... rising. Dead man. Randy would be dead by the time the day was over. Dead ... man. Then Lita glanced over her shoulder right in Edge's direction. She smiled as if nothing was wrong then returned her attention back to Randy.

Edge clenched his teeth and his fist, slamming that fist into his lap, probably bruising his thigh with that punch. He knew he shouldn't be jealous. He had no right; he and Lita weren't together. And yet he just wanted to beat the ever-loving hell out of Randy Orton for ever looking at her. He wanted to castrate Randy Orton for laying his hands on her, his lips on her.

Shaking his head, Edge closed his eyes, leaning forward, his elbows on his lap as he ducked his head to the floor. Why did he feel like this? Lita was only a friend. Only a friend. Right?

Pushing up from his seat, Edge walked over to Stacy Keibler. "Hey, Stace."

Stacy smiled that innocent smile. "Hey, Edge. What can I do for you?"

Edge leaned against the wall right next to her, a seductive yearning in his eyes as he reached out, delicately running his hand over her arm then down to her hand. "Tonight ... after the show ... your room."

Her innocent smile was immediately replaced with one of seduction as she turned towards him, tickling a finger along his scruffy jaw. "Mmmm, that sounds wonderful." She hummed, licking her lips as she looked up into his big brown eyes. "Now gimme a kiss to seal the deal ... and mean it."

Without hesitation, Edge wrapped his arms around the leggy blonde, pulling her right to him and kissing her with a fierce lust. Raw, deep and hard, he kissed her, possessive and controlling as he ravaged this woman's mouth. He stopped abruptly, his lips snapping off of hers, his eyes blazing with pure lust. He glanced down at the breathless wide-eyed diva, at her kiss- swollen lips and needy eyes. He licked his lips, eyeing her body. "I'll see you at midnight."

Edge turned and left, not bothering to even glance in Lita's direction. Though if he did, he'd have seen the fire raging in her eyes, her clenched jaw, shaking fists. That same jealousy finally mirrored back.


Edge lay awake, one arm behind his head the other rubbing his chest. Staring at the ceiling, he was naked and there was a chill in the room. But he didn't want to get under the sheets. He looked to his side. Because she was under them.

Not that he had anything against Stacy. She was a young pretty thing, she really was. But she wasn't Lita. Stacy was so thin and long and kinda lanky ... stringy. Not Lita. Lita was ... God Lita was gorgeous. Lita had muscle and power and meat. He knew it was silly, but that evening he was afraid to be too passionate with Stacy. Afraid that if he got too intense, he's snap her. But with Lita. Lita was so full and curvy and ... he wasn't afraid to touch her, wasn't afraid she'd break in half with his passion.

He sighed. And now he felt like dirt, lower then dirt ... dog shit. He felt like dog shit. Like he betrayed Lita ... or something like that. The entire time with Stacy, he was thinking of Lita. Damn it, it was wrong but he just couldn't help it. He'd ravaged the poor thing, getting out his frustrations, his aggressions, his lust for the redhead. And they'd gone until he was spent. And despite their multiple climaxes, despite how many times she'd managed to finish him, he still felt empty.

Every time after Lita, he felt complete ... whole. The most wondrous warm feeling. Her sweat on his body, her juices and saliva on his lips, groin, everywhere. The taste of her on his tongue ... she was simply intoxicating.

Lita'd ruined him. She ruined him so that no other woman satisfied him like she. That one fateful lust filled night was all it took. The years of pent up attraction, lust and passion released in that all night exchange. Once, twice, again and again they brought each other to completion until they passed out from exhaustion.

He remembered it so perfectly. That final time that night. They were so lust filled, so passionate, position after position. And that final time, he was on top, their chests slicked and pressed together. It was the most satisfying orgasm of his life. He could feel her climax, her nails scoring down his back to his ass, holding him inside when he exploded. Her legs wrapping around his waist as he emptied into her then collapsed. His head buried into her neck as they both succumbed to immediate sleep.

That was two months ago and they'd been active lovers ever since. And the sight of Randy Orton kissing her, touching her ... Edge hated that. Her lips were his. Her body was his. Only his tongue belonged in her mouth, on her skin ... on her most sensitive areas, inside of her. No one's but his.

But he couldn't actually ... love her ... beyond friendship. Could he? Nah, he ... maybe he ...

A thump came from the wall at his head and Edge furrowed his brow. What in the ... another thump then another. He groaned, rolling his eyes. He knew exactly what was going on in the next room. Pushing the rhythmic thumping from his mind, Edge yawned scratching at his lean chest and abs, settling into the bed to try and relax.

"Oh God, Randy!"

Edge bolted upright, his eyes on fire, body shaking with angered intensity, his fists clenched and jaw locked. He recognized that voice. The voice that called out his name the same way, with the same cadence. That moan so familiar it was ingrained in his mind. That same moan that had cried her pleasure at him.

The tears falling, Edge flew off the bed, pulled on his clothes then stalked out. The last thing he needed to hear was Lita screaming out her pleasure for another man.


Lita curled into a ball on her side of the bed. Randy lay asleep on the other. And she couldn't stop her tears. She hadn't planned on taking it this far with Randy. But when she heard Stacy crying out Edge's name, heard his grunts of passion ... it was too much.

The surge of fire that burned her core, she wanted to go right over there and rip that little blonde to shreds then have her way with the Edge. Just ravage every inch of that perfectly lean body, give him such pleasure he'd never think of being with another woman but her. Edge was hers; his body, hers; his mouth, hers. All hers and she hated sharing.

It tore her heart. Stacy's cries of 'More' and 'Harder' breaking everything inside. Lita hated her. Hated the fact that he gave that pleasure to someone else. What better way to get him back, them make him hear her ... the way she had heard him. And that's just what she did.

She wasn't faking. On the contrary, Randy was good. So attentive yet dominating. But ... he wasn't Edge. There was this internal spark that resided in Edge that she'd never felt with any other man. The fact that all he had to do was look at her and she was gone. He was maddening.

Like when they were alone and his eyes would scan her body. She melted; her heart raced. He would stare at her, boiling her blood and making her skin crawl. Those brown eyes exposing everything he felt. Every passion, every desire, every need and it was all for her. His every desire in that moment was for her.

But here she'd just slept with Randy. And now she felt dirty. Like she cheated on Edge. But why would she feel that way? After all, they weren't a couple, simply physical. She and Edge were only friends with benefits. They had a solid friendship and a completely physical relationship that didn't cross into anything else.

Right, simply platonic friendship and only sex. With Edge it was only sex.

She sighed, curling further into herself and further away from Randy. If it was only sex, then why was she crying?


Lita sat on her own at one side of the communal locker room. She talked to Randy the day before, said it was a one-night fling and that was it. He'd taken it well, said whatever she wanted was fine. And that he'd be there for her. Now she sat watching Stacy making kissy faces with Edge

Lita's leg was shaking, the anger probably turning her face red. Her fists clenched, the sight of that blonde bimbo kissing Edge's lips. Those were her lips. Hers. He was hers. Her heart was beating wildly in her throat, her stomach flipping and tumbling. Her mind raced as this blatant display brought back flashes of that night a few weeks ago.

Lita felt nauseous. The thought of Edge and Stacy together, his mouth on her skin, his hands on her body. Worse yet ... Stacy's mouth on that perfectly taut skin, her hands on his lean sculpted body. Their mouths joined together ... him inside of her.

She clenched her teeth. And with the way that beanpole was straddling the blonde Canadian's hips ... she seemed awfully familiar with THAT part of his body ... of that gorgeous anatomy. Speaking of which ... THAT was hers too. Then Stacy traced her hands down his chest, slipping one down the front of his pants.

Lita's eyes fired. Oh yeah, that was enough. She jumped to her feet, crossing the room in long angry strides and fisted the leggy blonde's hair. "Oh I think you've had quite enough of that."

Stacy screeched as Lita pulled her right off of Edge by the hair then tossing her across the room. "What are you doing, bitch?" Stacy hissed.

"Pulling your skankie ass off of him." Lita growled

And the claws were drawn

Stacy pounced, knocking a shocked Lita over, the two women rolling on the floor a moment. Lita quickly dominated only to be pulled off. Edge easily lifted the redhead away as Christian struggled to restrain Stacy, the blonde woman clawing and scratching to try and get to Lita.

Edge tossed Lita onto the couch. "Everyone out!" he demanded.

Lita leapt off the couch, diving for Stacy again. But Edge caught her in mid pounce and threw her back onto the couch. The two glared at each other.

"You can't kick us out. This is the communal ..."

Edge turned angry blazing eyes on the others present. "I said get the fuck out!" Grumbling their responses, everyone left, including Christian who carried a kicking and screaming Stacy. Edge followed them to the door then locked it, leaving only he and Lita inside.

"What the fuck was that?!" Lita spat.

"What? It's ok for you to make kissy with Captain Happy Pants and God forbid I do something for myself."

She stood, her hands on her hips. "My tongue wasn't lodged down his throat."

"Well, it probably was last night!"

"Don't even start with me." She waved a hand at him, her entire demeanor aggressive and blazing with tension. "Do you know what it was like to hear her crying your name? Or you grunting like that?"

"It was hell for me too." He shot back, pointing at his chest as he leaned a little closer, bringing his eyes to her level. "Hearing you scream his name in ecstasy while he fucked you senseless. It shoulda been ME FUCKING YOU SENSELESS!"

"Really?" she scoffed. "You had already made your proposition to the human arachnid. Excuse me for misunderstanding. I assumed that since your dick was in her that you didn't want me. Pardon me for the confusion." Her voice laced with deepest sarcasm.

His eyes narrowed, dangerously, stepping closer to her. "I could call you a slut."

She stepped closer too, toe to toe as she glared up into his eyes, refusing to flinch. "I could call you a whore."

They held each other's angry gazes a good long few moments. Then Lita felt the tears. She turned before he could see them. Wiping her eyes, she stepped away. "Go on, leave. Go to her."


"Why, do you enjoy this? Just go."

"No, I don't want to."

She paused, then glanced back over her shoulder. "Don't tease me."

"I'm not." He said, fiercely. "I want to kill him. I want to kill him, rip out his tongue and tear him apart." He was nearly convulsing with intensity. "I want to hear him beg for mercy and I'll make him regret he ever laid eyes on you."

"Well I want to snap Stacy in half. Cut her to pieces just ..." she clenched a shaking fist. "I hate her."

Edge ran his fingers through his long wavy hair, fisting the back as he walked to the other side of the room. "For what it's worth, Stacy was nothing but tension release."

Lita sighed, her head bowed. "I heard you and Stacy so ... that's why I slept with Randy. I ... I wanted you to feel the way I did."

"I think it worked. I heard a single cry of your voice and I had to leave." Edge bit his lip, keeping his back to her. "Was he better than me?"

"Hardly," she scoffed, a little snort with her laughter. She chewed on her lower lip, her voice lowering with seriousness. "Nobody feels like you, Edge. Was she better than me?"

"Never." He breathed, turning to her, his hands dropping to his sides. "I don't want to share you."

She turned to him then, her eyes angered and fired. "And am I supposed to share you? What you can have everyone and I have to settle with sharing ..."

His stance grew just as angry. "God, you can be such a bitch! NO! You're not expected to share me. Nobody else can satisfy me anymore like you can."

Everything in her softened, surprise on her face. "Really?"

He nodded then sighed. "This is so confusing."

Lita ducked her head, wrapping her arms around herself. "I know." She kept her eyes on the floor. "You know, Edge, I can't do this. I'm getting older and I shouldn't be foolin around anymore. I ... I want to find a serious relationship and ... I can't do that as long as you and I are ... sleeping together."

He looked to the ceiling. "God, if only we didn't let this get so far."

"Yeah." She agreed. "You're one of my best friends. I don't wanna lose that."

"You won't." Edge said sincerely. "I'll always be your friend." He rubbed his head. "So I guess this means you want to end."

Lita nodded. "I'm sorry, Edge. I mean if we were just on the side and all, that'd be fine. But ... I can't seem to ... be with other guys when I know that you're there and ... and that I can have you but can't. Cuz we're together but not."

"So this is it."

She chuckled. "When I find Mr. Right, I don't know if he'll appreciate me going to my best friend to be sexually satisfied."

He smiled. "Well at least I know that I'm good."

"Oh believe me, you are."

Edge sighed. "Alright then. You just make sure I meet this guy. He must meet my approval."

Lita laughed. "I will." She stepped to him, lifting on her toes and giving him a soft sensual kiss on the mouth. "Thank you, Edge. I will never forget what we had." Fighting something inside, she walked to the door, pausing a moment. Was she crying? Why was she crying? Wiping her eyes, she opened the door and swallowed every emotion to leave.

Edge watched her leave, tears slipping from his eyes. Crying ... he was crying. Why? They were only friends, fooling around for only physical satisfaction. He wiped is eyes, shaking off the rising bile and emotion, the pain and rejection that had no right to be there.

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