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Please note: The PowerPuff girls are now in high school.

In Your Arms

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I Did my best but it never mattered in the end….

The music quickly changed as my partner and I danced ballet to our special music mix for our ballet teacher Mrs. Hillary Stiff, the rest of the dance troupe and friendsfamily.

Hold on, never let go….

You are Beautiful in every way and nothing should bring you down.

Forget the words they say and stay above it all….

My partner and I moved gracefully across the stage as I held my hand to my hand as if I was in despair and he stretched out his hand as if he were my only salvation.

You all look at me as if ..

I'm a bitch, monster, maybe a crazy lover….

What do I do to make you love me? What do I do to get even a stare? …

I pretended to be a despairing girl fluttering around him trying to get his attention and he was the boy looking as if I were invisible to him.

There's got to be more to this life. Than getting off on temporary highs…

Greet Antonia…

There was a loud roar of clapping as even gave a standing ovation.

I looked into Butch's eyes and smiled and he smiled back as we bowed and curtsied for our audience.

"Darling you were great," Professor Utonium said with tears in his eyes when he came to see us backstage, "who would believe that my darling Bubbles and her boyfriend Butch would make such an excellent pair of dancers".

The End

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