Author:           Mirai Shinranui, AKA Jasmine Flame.

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Rating:            PG.

Pairings:         Kai x Rei, some Tyson x Max, and a small mention of Rei x Mariah

Disclaimer:     If BeyBlade belonged to me it would be very different and certainly not designed for a young audience.

Notes:             I'm really going out on a limb here writing this so let's just bare with me, okay? It's surprising how little of the series I've seen, so if you give me a review I'd be happy for any advice.

When Everything is Right

"Kai, I'm really sorry about this," Rei said, lifting his heavy suitcase from the trunk of the car. It was much heavier than he expected and slipped from his hands, falling to pavement. The lid popped open, spilling all his things onto the ground. Immediately on his hands and knees Rei started scooping his belongings up and jamming them back into the case.

"I said it was fine."

Rei looked up, a sheepish smile across his face. Kai stood over him with a questioning look in his eyes; one that was quickly replaced with the usual cold gaze Rei was so accustomed to.

With closed suitcase in hand, Rei stood. Having a better grip on the case made it no lighter though. He was actually surprised he could still fit his whole life into just this one suitcase.

"I still want to thank you," Rei said and smiled at Kai. Like usual this kind gesture was completely overlooked as Kai turned and stalked up the drive. Rei sighed and obediently followed, the heavy case banging against his leg as he walked.

He must've cursed one too many times, or yelped in pain just loud enough for Kai to hear because he walked right into his Captain, who had decided to stop right in front of him. Rei looked up, light pink tickling his cheeks. Kai seemed completely unaffected – like per usual – and simply reached down and took the handle of the case. Rei relinquished it quickly, knowing better than to argue or question anything Kai did. He did however watch with rapt fascination as Kai walked away with his suitcase in hand.

"Are you coming?" Kai called back to him.

Rei cast a nervous glance upwards at the dark, overcast sky. Clouds grew heavy everywhere he could see, casting weird patterns across the all ready black night. He just knew it would start to rain soon and the last place he wanted to be was out here. Rei caught up to Kai at the front door, his pace hurried. He wanted to be inside and out of the cold.

Kai reached for the door handle but instead of cool metal he felt warm flesh. Rei's hand was clasped around his wrist and the Chinese Blader was looking up at him with that damn smile on his face.

"I know you don't want to hear it, Kai, but I really am grateful. I could've stayed in a hotel or something…"

Kai was beginning to wonder just how many times Rei would apologize or thank him. It had started when he picked him up, and then continued in the car, and was still going on now. If he didn't stop him it could go on all night!

"Rei, I said it was fine," he said, shaking his hand free and pushing open the door.

Rei shook his head. Kai didn't sound like he thought this was fine at all. Rei knew all of this was his fault too; he should've known better than to intrude on one of Kai and Tyson's frequent arguments.

This particular disagreement wasn't even warranted, it was just Tyson acting like a child. It was all due to the fact that he didn't want to train and Kai was making him – so what else was new – but then he went and brought up how Kai didn't make Rei train as much as him and Max. This was where Rei had to barge in, his temper flaring. He didn't know how Tyson could think such a thing; they all trained equally as hard. Kai was ejected from the argument as Rei and Tyson went head to head and though their Captain made little move to stop them he didn't seem too thrilled with their little display.

Rei thought the argument could've ended there; Tyson was like a dog with a bone but Rei knew when to quit. But in reality things only got worse. Tyson accused Kai of favoring Rei, who had to go call Tyson lazy, and then Max walked in and started yelling at Rei for insulting Tyson. It took about two seconds for the argument to escalate from there; Tyson and Max on one side, yelling at Kai and Rei on the other.

Enter Kenny. Rei was sure the kid was going to explode when he saw them arguing like that. His face went red and he stormed over to them, pulling Max back (because Max was probably the only one he could take on.) It was a good call though because Max was by far the most reasonable of the team. With Kenny's interference he realized what they were doing and proceeded to pull the rest of his teammates apart.

Rei sighed; it had been the most idiotic argument in their history and they'd all gotten so worked up about it. If only he'd left Kai and Tyson alone. They always fought and he generally didn't care. But why did Tyson have to go say things like that? Kai didn't favor him at all! The idea of Kai favoring anyone over another was ridiculous.

It had been Kenny who explained his theory to them in the end. He classed them as a 'very strange married couple.' Rei had been the only one polite enough to sit through Kenny's entire rant, but the end conclusion was the same whether he'd listened or not. They'd simply been spending too much time with each other and we're being driven slowly insane. Well, that's what Rei gathered anyhow; the petty arguments, the bickering…

It had also been Kenny's idea to temporarily detach themselves from the rest of the team. Instead of inhabiting the same small space at the Dojo they'd just have to find somewhere else to stay. This was easy for Kai and Max, since they had homes to go to, but Rei had no such luck. Rei knew he couldn't be the one to stay with Tyson, because he was still furious with his teammate. He also knew Max was out of the question because of the fight. That only left Kai or a hotel. Rei had been all for a hotel; Kai would never let him stay anyhow.

He wasn't sure exactly how it was decided but the next minute he was packing his things while Kai went home to organize his stay. Now he was here.

The uncertainty of actually staying with Kai still hounded him. Why would anyone want to spend more time with Kai than absolutely necessary? He was cold, completely humorless, and sometimes downright rude.

And yet…

Rei bit his lower lip, cocking his head to the side. His hair fell across his shoulder, the tight binding holding it otherwise in place. He knew he would be the only one that could survive living in Kai's house. So far he was the only one Kai wouldn't scowl at 24/7, and the only one that didn't get absolute silence in response to a question.

"Kai?" Rei questioned, as if to test his theory.

Kai stopped and looked back at him, his eyes as cold as ever but his mouth uttering one lone word, "What?"

Rei smiled, "Nothing…it's nothing."

True to his characteristics Kai showed no signs of confusion at Rei's unusual comments or behavior, he simply continued on his way.

Rei followed much slower, his eyes trained skyward as he got a feel to exactly how big Kai's place was. He didn't think any other BladeBreaker had been here before now. Kai was always so closed off; he certainly wouldn't want anyone dropping around to visit him.

High ceilings seemed to carry on forever in all directions. Rei found it almost impossible to let his gaze follow the lines without tripping and falling face first onto the beautifully tiled floor. Up ahead was a large staircase that led to the landing above. Door spread out from there, disappearing into the darkness of the halls.

"Wow…" was the small sound of appreciation Rei uttered. If he'd been paying attention he would've notice Kai stop, looking back once more.


Rei's gaze dropped, feeling his equilibrium unbalance at the sudden movement of his head. He gave Kai an amused smile and held his hand up in greeting.

Kai shook his head, though for what reason Rei couldn't decide. He couldn't possibly be amused by what he was doing, so he had to be disappointed in some way. That was the Kai he knew.

Rei felt fingers clasp around his wrist and with a sharp tug he was moving again. Kai must be sick of waiting for him. That was fair enough; plus he'd seen all of this before. It was his house after all and he probably didn't need people gawking at it like stunned goldfish.

"So is this really all yours?" Rei asked as he was pulled up the stairs. From up here he got a far better view of the foyer they'd just left; it was really quite amazing.

Kai was silent for a moment before answering, "Until Voltaire gets out of jail."

Rei felt silence rush him. Though Kai gave nothing away he could tell he was upset. Somehow he just knew.

It was in front of a set of double doors that Kai stopped, pulling Rei to stand beside him.

"This is your room," he said and whatever little clue that had let Rei in on his thoughts was now gone from his tone. Kai pushed open one of the doors and dropped the suitcase inside the room.

Rei followed him in, feeling nervous. The room was very large; substantial enough for three or four people. The canopied bed was focus point of the room with heavy cranberry colored drapes and mountains of pillows. Each bedside table supported a lamp with a stained glass shade, a telephone resting on the one closest to the door. Rei scanned the length of the room, taking in the plush rug at the foot of the bed, and the antique cupboard and writing desk.

"Bathroom is through the door, balcony through there," Kai continued, pointing out the different doors in the room, "I'm going to bed," he said finally and turned to leave.

Rei spun around, "Wait! This place is huge, Kai. I can't sleep here."

Kai stared at him, daring him to give him a good answer as to why.

He didn't usually have any difficulty in choosing his words but when Kai gave him that cold look his mind drew a complete blank. He couldn't force out a single reply, let alone something that Kai would accept.

Rei wasn't sure but something seemed to disappear from within the depths of the crimson orbs that stared at him with such force. For a moment Kai almost looked softly upon Rei but as quick as it came it was gone again.

"Draw the curtains around the bed then," Kai turned and left, the door closing with a final, resolving 'click.'

Rei was left standing at the doorway, looking around the room that was far bigger than anything he would ever need. He cast a pained look over his shoulder towards the door. There was just no arguing with Kai. The only thing for it was to have a shower and at least attempt to get some sleep.