Pirates of the Caribbean – Blood is thicker than Rum

By Princess-Pirate

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What if Jack and his friends got betrayed by someone they thought they knew. An old friend returns to help and they must rely on a woman and superstitious crewmate to save them. But the question is – Will they be in time to keep someone from death?

Disclaimer: All the characters, ships, and places in the Caribbean belong to Walt Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, as well as the dialect in the flashbacks from the movie. I don't own any of them (I wish). Some of the new characters are my own creations and therefore I have some ownership over them.

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The fic starts somewhere in the middle of the journey. But the characters have flashbacks about what happened to give it an interesting twist.


Chapter 14 – A Beautiful Gift On A Beautiful Night

Jack sighed as he rested his hands on the Pearl's wheel and gazed at the stars. It was eight months since Katherine had rescued them from their hell and that Will and Elizabeth joined their crew.

Since then he got two more ships to form his own fleet. Under his and Will's command the Pearl was invincible and they, along with Katherine and Bootstrap (as they all called him) were now the most feared pirates in the Caribbean.

They pillaged, plundered, and managed to save two magnificent ships. Katherine had taken command of one and William the other. Will had said no and remained on the Pearl as first mate. Jack promised him that the next worthy ship was his and he agreed.

Now the Black Pearl, the Dark Raven and the Abyss were sailing toward a small island off the coast of Havana to go and stash their booty.

Elizabeth and Will were very happy and Jack was glad for that. They had sent a letter to Port Royale telling her father that they escaped from a slaver and was going to settle in England for the time. They will let him know how they are doing through letters.

"Ye should be resting," he said as he saw Anamaria making her way to him.

She smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her, now rather large, stomach.

"I know" she murmured as he nuzzled her ear. She giggled and turned in his arms.

"I'm glad your better" she said as she leaned in and kissed him.

He wrapped his arms around her more tightly and pulled her close, pressing his lips gently against hers.


"Get the girls under Kat. They may try again." Will yelled as he ran to the helm where Jack was lying.

Katherine nodded and pulled an arguing Anamaria and Elizabeth down towards the cabins.

"Jack" Will yelled as he knelt next to the older man. "Oh Shit" he muttered as he saw the amount of blood under Jack's head.

"Here's some water," Gibbs said as he looked at Will. Without any hesitation Will picked Jack up in his arms and carried him to his cabin.

He gently lowered Jack onto the bed and began to was away the blood. To his relieve the cut wasn't too deep but it bled a rather alarmingly amount. With the help of Gibbs he managed to dress and bandage the wound.

He covered Jack with a blanket and then walked to the deck to give orders and get the Pearl under way again. He wanted to get out of these waters as soon as possible.


Anamaria moaned as she felt Jack's tongue brushing against her lips. She opened her mouth to him and he sighed as he felt her tongue brushing against his.

"Don't ever scare me like that again," Anamaria said as she hugged him, afraid of letting go of the pirate captain.

"I won't love, I promise" Jack said as he rested his chin on her head. They stood like that for a moment. Just loving the feeling of closeness between them.

Jack suddenly felt Anamaria stiffen and looked down at her before she even screamed his name. He felt her breath growing heavy and held her away from him.

Her eyes were closed and her forehead creased in pain.

"What is it luv?" he asked her alarmingly.

"Jack" Anamaria managed to gasp out "Jack, I think our little one wants out."

Jack's eyes widened at her words and he scooped her up in his arms.

"William, get yer arse down 'ere. RIGHT NOW" he hollered as he ran into his cabin, Anamaria still cradled in his arms.

"What is it?" asked Will as he came running when he heard Jack's panicked order. His father, whom had relieved his ship into the hands of Gibbs, was right behind him.

"The baby's on its way" Jack said as he propped a screaming Anamaria up on the bed "Go and look after the Pearl for me?"

Will nodded and went to the helm, yelling at Elizabeth on the way to get to Jack's cabin.

"Easy luv" Jack said as he got onto the bed behind Anamaria. He allowed her to lean back against his chest and took her hands in his. She screamed again and Jack started to whisper comforting words in her ear to help her relax.

"What's taking ye so long?" he yelled at William and Elizabeth "Can't ye see she's in pain?"

"We're almost ready Jack" William said as he took the bowel of hot water and the sheets from Elizabeth.

He gently helped Elizabeth to get Anamaria comfortable. Jack was getting worried as Anamaria's screams grew harder and were filled with pain.

"All right Ana" William said as he looked at the woman "When I tell you to, I want you to push. Understand?"

Anamaria gritted her teeth and nodded.

"Push" William said and Anamaria obliged.

An hour later Anamaria, with the help of Jack, William and Elizabeth, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Jack watched as Elizabeth cleaned up and wrapped the little child.

"Here you go Ana," Elizabeth said as she handed Anamaria the little bundle. She smiled at the happy couple in front of her.

"Look Jack" Anamaria said "Look at our son."

"Aye Luv" Jack said and the tears shone in his eyes "What should we name the little whelp?"

Anamaria glared at him mockingly and he smiled as he gently kissed her. She was still lying against him and they both were exhausted.

"I was thinking Jonathan William Sparrow" she whispered.

Jack nodded and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Perfect" he said as he pulled mother and son into his arms.

Elizabeth nodded to William and they left the cabin, allowing the couple to get some rest.

"Now ye make sure ye get enough rest Ana" William said before he left. Anamaria nodded and he closed the door.

"He's beautiful" Jack murmured as he rested himself on his side, looking at Anamaria and Jonathan "Just like 'is mom."

"Here" Anamaria said as she held Jonathan out to him "Ye have te hold yer son as well."

Jack nodded and carefully took the bundle from Anamaria. He looked down at the little boy and felt his big pirate heart melt at the sight. The little one yawned and Jack held him close, tears forming in his eyes.

There was a gentle knock on the door and Will peeped in.

"Come on in lad" Jack said as he looked at his first mate.

Will walked into the room and looked at Anamaria. "Congratulations" he said as he looked at the happy couple.

Jack got up and with Jonathan in his arms walked to Will. "Jonathan William Sparrow" he said as he handed the bundle to William "Meet William Jonathan Tuner JR."

Will's eyes widened at these words. "Jack" he started but Jack held a hand up.

"Will me and Ana have thought about it. Ye 'ave saved our hides countless times and yer the bravest and most honest man I know. We would love for ye to become little Jonathan's godfather."

"It'll be an honor and a privilege Jack" Will said, as he looked the little one. "He's so small" he commented and both Anamaria and Jack smiled.

Will held the baby for a little while and then left Anamaria and Jack to get some rest.

Jack took Anamaria in his arms and they fell asleep. Jonathan was lying on Anamaria's chest.


The whole crew congratulated the parents the next day when they appeared with Jonathan on the deck.

Once they reached Tortuga, Will and William took Jack out for a celebration. Katherine and the Dark Raven had arrived as well and she congratulated the mother as well.

They smiled as the men came back later that evening, drunk as usual.

Anamaria looked at Elizabeth and smiled. Young Will was in for a shocker as well.

"Will we have some news" Anamaria said as she looked at the three men.

"M all ears Ana" Will slurred as he smiled.

"Will" Elizabeth said as she smiled "You're going to be a father in seven months."

Will was suddenly dead sober. "You're what?" she asked, his knees giving way.

"Easy tiger" Jack said as he help the young pirate sit down.

"I'm tow months pregnant" Elizabeth said "I was feeling a little sick and Anamaria took me to see a doctor this morning. He confirmed that I'm pregnant."

Will smiled and got to his feet. "That's wonderful news," he said as he twirled Elizabeth around.


Jack smiled as he hugged Anamaria and Jonathan to him. His gaze swept to Will and Elizabeth whom were standing with them as well.

The three ships were once again heading for the open sea.

"To freedom" Jack whispered as he hugged Anamaria closer. Together the four friends watched the sunset as they were looking forward to the life they all wanted.

And both women knew now that BLOOD WAS THICKER THAN RUM. Their men were pirates but they were husbands first, scalawags second.

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Spoiler Alert – There's a wedding and it isn't Jack and Anamaria's.