It took her three very long days, but she made it to Port Royale in less time then she had first anticipated. With her new companion Commodore, she had been able to cut the time she would have taken walking in half. In her days of travel she had passed through a few villages, in which she had taken a few items for her need. Tied to her diary was her new bottle of ink, and in a little bag on the saddle were a few vegetables for the horse. In her years as a pirate, she had also become a brilliant thief when it came down to it. Now, that was all behind her as the two trotted into the town.

"What a place!" She whispered into Commodores ear as groups of people brushed by them. This was indeed a beautiful place compared to where Kat
had lived and stayed. It was a very clean town, not a drunken man or harlot in sight. She spotted the fort on the top of the cliff near a set of docks and she figured that this had to be a military type area. On her right was the harbor filled with merchant ships and ones used by the army.
Truly this was a piece of heaven. She was taking in the sights so much that she didn't see the young boy in front of her. Only when he let out a
yelp was when Kat was brought back to herself. She pulled Commodores reins, forcing him to stop. She then looked around the horses head at the
young boy, who was dusting himself off.

"My apologies! I did not see you there." She said with concern. At first she thought he was angry, but those thoughts were dashed when he chuckled.

"No need miss. I should have known better than to stop in the road with a
horse behind me." He smiled. He was a few years younger than she was, probably only 11 or 12. He pushed his light blonde hair out of his face as
he continued to look for any damage.

"Well, now that I've gotten someone's attention, could you please answer a
few questions?" She said, hoping down off of Commodores back. At this
angle, the young man towered over her.

"I could, yes." He answered with curiosity.

"I just arrived here and am looking for a place to stay. Only, I don't have any money for an inn." She started. She didn't need to finish her

"As a matter of fact, there might be a solution to your problem. Governor Swann has been looking for a woman to look after his daughter in their home
for a short while. Her mother died not too long ago and he fears that without the influence, she will become more of a problem than she already
is." He explained. Kat gave him an odd look.

"I would also like to ask how a boy like you knows information like that."
She asked. Once again, he let out a chuckle.

"Let's just say I've been to that home many times before." He answered. He then looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "But I can't allow a maiden such as you go there dressed like that." He motioned to her outer wear. She had taken the cape off, which was still draping over Commodores saddle,
and replaced it with the jacket a day before. Underneath was the dress with a slit in the front where she had been stabbed and the holes in the back where she had been shot. Her hair was a bit on the messy side from
being blown in the wind. All in all, she didn't look like the elegant person she had the day of her escape. Heck, Commodore looked fancier then
she did at this point. Kat looked down at herself.

"I have been traveling for a few days. I haven't had much time to fix myself." She said, tugging on the jacket. Just then, the young boy took
her by the hand.

"If you will allow me, I shall lead you to my home. I can see what my family can do for you." He smiled. Kat looked down at his hand and back
up to his face. She could feel his hand there, but couldn't feel any warmth that follows. She didn't know whether to trust this stranger, or go
with him. Jack had taught her to never go with anyone unless you knew their true intentions. Yet, this situation seemed different. She was no
longer in places like Tortuga and Rochester, where the people were
scoundrels and dogs. Here they were cleaner, more proper.

"Lead all you wish." She returned. She then motioned to the horse. "We can use Commodore." In order for the young boy to show the way, he had to climb onto the horse back first. He then helped Kat on behind him. The whole time, Kat hoped that he hadn't seen her boots or her sword. Both of those would have given away what she really was. She was lucky enough that he hadn't questioned about her jacket, for no woman normally worn such a

"I would hang on if I were you." He smirked as she got into place. Kat carefully placed her arms around her waist to make sure she would not fall
off. In an instant, the young boy gave Commodore a kick and they went flying down the dirt road. Kat didn't know that the horse could reach that speed in those three days. She found herself having to tighten her grip around this stranger. The passers by were just blurred as Commodore made
his way.

"Please tell me you live nearby." She yelled above the clopping.

"Don't worry, we'll be there." He called back. She wanted to ask him another question, but was met with a mouthful of his hair. She was so busy spitting it out that she hadn't noticed that they were moving into an area
with large mansions and homes.

"Could you please slow down? I fear your hair is trying to choke me!" She
shouted. The boy snorted back a laugh.

"As you wish. Either way, we're here." He said, pulling on Commodores reins. Kat gazed up and let out a gasp. His home had to be the size of a fort. She had really never seen a mansion up close before, and to her it
was like a royal castle. Its stony walls shown silver in the sunlight, gorgeous flowers filling in front. There was not a single speck of dust nor dirt anywhere to be seen. Even as they road up to the step, there was
a male servant there waiting for them. Kat was just dumbstruck.

"You're family lives here? You must be a prince." She said to the boy as
the servant helped them both off of the horse. The boy shook his head.

"Hardly. My father and brother both have high ranks in the military
though. It's a tradition in my family to be in that profession." He explained as they walked up the stairway to the front doors. Already, the servant was there to open them. Inside, it was far more beautiful than the outdoors. There was magnificent wooden tables, a grand staircase, a golden
chandelier, and floors that were so clean that Kat could see her own

"This place is amazing. I can't believe someone actually lives here." She
mumbled to herself.

"I'd ask you to stay with us, but father doesn't like to have people that aren't relatives stay. He sees others as a security risk." He said as she looked around. "I shall retrieve someone that will help you." He then ran up the stairs and out of sight. Kat felt a little nervous to be in such a home. If this young boys home was this extravagant with a military family, who knows how the Governors home would be like. Out of the corner of her
eye, she could see two of the maids whispering and pointing in her direction. This confirmed that she was a sight to behold. Kat looked down at her clothing, feeling like a broken stone amongst diamonds and rubies.

"I don't belong with people like this. I belong in the slums." She shook her head. Suddenly, she heard the doors in back of her open. She whipped
around to see that two men were entering the home. One was much older, almost as old as her father would be today. The younger of the two looked to be a year or two older then her, but his cold face aged him. Both were dressed in military wear, only the older man wore a white wig, while the
younger had his brown hair tied back.

"What's this then?" The older man asked as he saw Kat standing there. She looked at him with a certain shyness she hadn't known before. She opened
her mouth to answer, but was met by another voice.

"I brought her here Father. She is going to the Swann's to inquire about his daughter, but I wouldn't let her go without being cleaned up." The boy who helped her yelled from the steps. Kat continued to gaze at the two, wondering where she had seen their faces once before. It was in the very
back of her mind, but she just couldn't get her finger on it.

"What has Father told you about housing people here? You don't know what she could be!" The older son scolded the boy. The older man put a hand on
his arm.

"Now now, I don't think this one is much of a problem with this one. She's far too small for much damage." He sneered. He then extended his hand to
Kat. "The names Captain Theodore Norrington. You've met my sons Lieutenant Frederick Norrington and Wylie." He pointed to each of them. Kat had to hold back a shocked reaction. That name was the most infamous among her world. They hunted pirates like game. Her memory flashed back
to when the captain almost caught her and Jack many years back. The shouts, the ship being overtaken, Jack grabbing her and jumping over the side of the ship. They were the only ones to escape that night with their
freedom and their lives. The rest of the crew was dragged off to the gallows, their former captain included. It was the most horrific thing Kat had ever witness at the time. Now here she was in the company of them, the
ones that caused paranoia in her younger years.

"What your name Miss?" The Lieutenant asked. She remembered this man most of all. His eyes were unkind and cold. He looked upon her like she was
nothing. Surely he would remember the Sparrows. They weren't exactly
unknown. Kat's eyes darted around, looking for something to say. Suddenly, her eyes fell upon a plant that rested near the stairs. An idea
clicked in her head.

"Ivy. It's Ivy S...Arrow." She caught herself nearly giving up her true surname. In the back of her mind, she couldn't help thinking what a stupid
name that was. Wylie gave her a funny look, but then gave a shrug.

"Pleasure meeting you Miss Ivy Arrow." Captain Theodore answered, shaking
her hand. Just then, there was a loud giggle at the top of the stairs.
All of them looked up to see four girls standing there.

"Oh, you were right dear brother! This one is a mess." Said the tall
brunette one. A shorter dirty blonde nodded.

"I agree. She will be much fun to work with!" She giggled. Without
warning, the four charged down the stairs and seized the surprised piratetess. She looked back over at Wylie as they dragged her up to their

"I've set a messenger along to the Swann's! They will be expecting you when they are through." He called to her as he vanished from her sight. Kat had felt fear before, but these girls were something else. They pulled her into one of their bedrooms and sat her down in a chair in front of a vanity. She thought she looked a little dirty, but nothing that bad. She
was use to looking a little disheveled.

"Clara you go pick out one of our old dresses, Florence is in charge of her hair. Belinda and I will take care of all of the rest." The eldest of the
four ordered the others. The girls complied and began to do their respective jobs. The one called Belinda practically tore the jacket from
Kat's shoulders, but she grabbed it.

"This is a family heirloom. Please be gentle with it." She said, looking the girl in the eyes. Belinda nodded and carefully took the jacket to her
bed. Then, the oldest sister saw the sword hooked onto Kat's waist.

"What on earth are you doing with that?" She asked, not taking her eyes
from it. Kat clasped a hand around it.

"Oh, this? It use to be my fathers as well, along with these boots." She answered, poking a foot out from under her dress. "In fact, everything I
have with me in from my family. It's all I have." The sister sighed

"Of course, I understand. I'll have Clara find a box for you too place these in." She said, taking the sword from Kat. She held it away from her
body as if it were going to jump up and kill them all. At that moment,
Clara returned holding a light yellow dress.

"I found Florence's old one Helena. What would like me to do next?" She asked. Kat glanced at the two in time to see Clara's eyes grow wide at the
sight of the sword.

"Take this and find a box. Also, take her boots. They will be placed
there as well." The girl now known as Helena ordered. Kat opened her mouth to protest, but Clara was too quick. Before she knew it, the girl
had taken Kat's boots off and was walking out of the room with them. Helena then tossed the dress to her. All the while, Kat was thinking that
these girls were lunatics.

"Are you sure about this?" She asked, looking at the dress with distaste.

"Of course! You're going to look wonderful when we are through with you!"
Helena answered, grabbing Kat's arm and almost throwing her behind a standing screen. Belinda was already there and helped her get into this
new wardrobe.

"These witches are as bad as Sarah and Olivia were." She thought as the sister tied the ribbon around the waist. She then lead Kat out from behind
the screen in front of the other three. They all let out a squeal of
delight. Kat just stood there scowling, but this was all for the best.

"Sit her down! It's my turn." Florence called. Kat saw the scissors and the brush in her hands. She sat down in the chair, not exactly sure what
was going to happen. The only thing anyone heard from it was the high
pitched scream.

This was turning out to one of the longest days that Kat had ever had to
endure. The rest of the makeover had been mostly a blur of powder and pieces of hair flying everywhere. Those four sisters were lucky that the pirate girl hadn't gone off the handle and did some real damage to them.
Now, she was on her way to the mansion of the Swann's. Of course, she
couldn't have gone alone. Captain Norrington thought that a poor, defenseless woman needed a male to take her there. Wylie road just ahead
of her on his own horse as Kat followed with Commodore.

"I have to say that my sisters did an excellent job on you today. They normally go a little crazy with that kind of duty." He yelled back. Kat
just glared at him with a death stare. She then reached up and ran her fingers through her hair. Gone were the long locks that she took so much
pride in. In their place was hair that only reached the top of her
shoulders and was held back with what she thought was a very tacky hat.

"Sure, crazy." She grumbled. Wylie didn't seem to have heard her, so he didn't sense the sarcasm in her voice. Above them, the sun was beginning to sink below the trees. The deal with the four sisters had lasted most of the day. Kat bit her lip as she watched the sky go from a crystal blue to a slight pink. With there being no clouds in the sky, there surely would be a moon out tonight. If Wylie saw her in her cursed form, who knows what
he would do.

"It's just over this next hill Miss Arrow!" Wylie called. Kat looked past him and gasped again at the magnificent home that was in the distance. It
must have been ten times large than the home that the Norrington's occupied. They reached a large gated fence that was guarded by a young man
holding a gun.

"State your business!" The guard ordered. Kat opened her mouth, but Wylie
quickly interrupted.

"Good day Roger. Governor Swann is expecting to see me and Miss Arrow
here. I sent a messenger earlier about it." He explained.

"Aye Mr. Norrington, you may proceed with your guest." The guard answered, standing aside. Kat followed Wylie up to the front steps of the mansion,
which was more fantastic than she had ever imagined. She almost made
Commodore walk right into Wylie's horse Black. Once again, there was a
servant standing outside the door.

"Welcome Wylie. We got the message and were anticipating your visit." He said as he walked down to assist. After jumping down from her horse, Kat
got a better look at her surroundings. She could definitely get use to this very easily. The servant swiftly took the box of her belongings from
the back of Commodore and motioned for her to follow him.

"Thank you." She smiled as he opened the door for her. She didn't even get a chance to scope out the inside. There stood Governor Swann in his dark brown wig and his smiling face. He seemed much warmer than Wylie's
father had, but Kat still felt a little uneasy.

"Wylie! It's so nice to see you again. Your family is well I hope?" He asked, shaking Wylie's hand. For a boy not even in his teens, he was quite
at home with adults.

"Very well sir." He answered. He let go of the hand and then pointed to Kat. "This is Ivy Arrow. She is the one I sent about." Kat looked around
aimlessly until she remembered that they were talking about her. She
wasn't really use to being called anything else.

"Tis a pleasure to be in your presence." She gave a small curtsy. She had never been in a situation like this one, so proper actions weren't known.

"Yes, Wylie has told be about your problem. Being stuck in a town with no money, no family, and just a horse to your name. I will be happy to help you." He said with a kind voice. Kat wondered if he had rehearsed that little speech before hand to make sure he looked good. Then she wondered
how they knew she didn't have a family. She had told the sisters long
after the messenger was sent.

"You will? Well, what is it that I need to do?" She asked with fake eagerness. In real life, she knew what she was required to do. She had to take care of a young girl because her mother was gone. The only issue was
that Kat wasn't particularly fond of children. All of the ones she had
ever encountered had thrown stones at her.

"I would like to stay for this, but I really must be going." Wylie spoke up. He began to walk toward the door when he turned back. "I hope to meet again one day Ivy. You take care." With that he walked out, leaving Kat with the Governor and his servants. Her comfort leave dropped as soon as
the door clicked shut.

"Now then...Ivy was it?" He asked as he began to walk away, Kat in tow.

"Yes sir, Ivy Arrow." She answered, looking at the art that lined the

"Ivy, you will be looking after my ten year old daughter Elizabeth. I'm afraid that she hasn't been very well since the passing of her mother. If she were a boy, I would just have her sent off too a military school for training. Unfortunately she is not, so I needed to find someone that would teach her womanly jobs." He explained as he lead her up the stairs. Kat
was a little taken aback by what he said.

"I understand." She said softly but in her mind she was yelling, "You have got to be kidding." He took her to the end of the hallway were the door
was closed. The Governor gave three knocks.

Elizabeth? Are you in there?" He called. No one answered from within,
but there was a thump that sounded like a pillow hitting the door. Kat
looked up at the Governor and exchanged glances.

"I think that means yes." Kat chuckled dryly. The Governor then turned
the knob to find that the room was not locked. The door swung open to reveal a girl sitting on a rather large bed looking out the window into the
harbor. She didn't move when her father approached. Kat just stayed
behind in the door.

"Elizabeth, I would like you too meet someone that is going to be helping you." He said, stepping in the girls view. Elizabeth turned and looked at Kat. "This is Ivy. She will be staying with us for a short time for you." Elizabeth's eyes narrowed. She then stood up and walked toward the door.

"Hello there." Kat smiled. Elizabeth didn't return it. She just grabbed
the door and slammed it in Kat's face. It was a bit of a shock to have
this wooden slab coming right at your nose, but it stopped about a
centimeter from it. Kat just let out a sigh.

"Nice to meet you too." She growled. This wasn't exactly the beginning that she had wished for. This was just an omen that she was in for a lot
of this. Fortunately for her, this truly was the beginning of a journey to a very
long end.

Ohhhhhh! A little foreshadowing! This chapter didn't turn out like I
really wanted it too. It seems a little rushed, but the writers block wasn't helping. I don't know what's going to happen but the next ten years are going to go by very quickly. You'll learn if Kat really does stay with them and if she does reunite with her brother. Anyway, I am getting ready to go back to school in a month so I have no idea what's going to happen in that time. Either way, I'll give you one tip...keep the character Wylie in the back of your mind. He will be coming back. With that thought, later