Shila: What are you whee-ing about?

Kay: WE GOT A GUEST!!!!!!!!!

Shila: please don't let it be some good guy... Sigma, sure, but NOT some good guy!

Kay: Don't worry! They're a good girl! Not a guy!

Shila: how did I end up getting stuck here?

Kay: Yeah! But she won't be comming till later.

Shila: Hmmm... not Tialsia... she's not a guest, she's a pest... lives here, too...

Kay: you know her!

Shila: As long as it's not Bransaln, I'm fine.

Kay: ...oops.

Shila: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


She sat staring at her computer for what must have been hours. Although it was only minutes. Her red hair had been recently pulled back and held in position by large amounts of hair spray, and she had also recently changed out of her night gown into a dark blue vest, aqua-colored top, short pink skirt, dark blue knee-highs, and red shoes. She was sitting infront of the computer in her room, not even noticing the time. For one VERY good reason.

She worried greatly about her friend, and waited, one eye on the computer screen, the other on her PET.

"Mayl? You there? Aren't you comming to school today?"

She turned her head slightly, so that she could see the figure standing in the door way. His messy brown hair was held back by nothing more than a light blue bandana, with his Navi symbol on it. He wore an orange vest over his white, long-sleaved top, and his dark grey shorts. His shoes were orange, with black and white designs here and there. He had a worries expression on his face, since he was usually the one being woken up by either his mom, his Navi, Megaman, or Mayl. Not the other way around. Although she was awake.. just not moving.

She sighed. "Yeah... but... I'm worried about Roll. She asked me to let her go on the net last night, and I did. She said that she'd be back by the time I woke up... but she wasn't." An idea suddenly came to her. "Lan! How about you jack in Megaman, and he can search for her while we're at school!"

The young man, Lan, thought about it for a moment. "Well... couldn't hurt. And we DO want her back by next week! It's the school's net-battle tournament! The registering round is tomorrow, so... sure!" He walked over to the computer, as Mayl got out of his way. "Jack-in, Megaman! Transmission!"

A blue-clad boy appeared on the screen. "Huh? Lan? Aren't you supposed to be going to school? What am I doing here?"

Lan blinked. "Weren't you listening to what Mayl just said?"

"No. I was going through all the battle chips we won last night!"

Lan sighed. "Roll's missing. Think you can find her before we get back from school?"

Megaman thought this over for a moment. "Sure... I'll see what I can do. See you later Lan!"

With that, Megaman was off and away from Mayl's home page, and onto the cyber net.

Mayl sighed, saddened that she couldn't find Roll. "Do you think that Megaman will be able to find her?"

Lan nodded. "Yeah. If he doesn't, then she wouldn't be in the net any more. She would have to be in the undernet, or somewhere else. Don't worry... I'm sure he'll be able to find her."

Mayl nodded. "Yeah... thanks Lan. Now, why don't we get going to school before we're late?"

Lan looked over at the clock. "Kinda late for that, Mayl- we only have 3 minutes to get to class before the bell rings, and it takes 10 minutes to walk or skate there."

Mayl smiled. "Then... let's not rush."

Lan nodded. "Sounds good... I rush enough every morning..."

The two walked out of the room side by side, not really caring if they were late for school, leaving their PETs behind. As it turns out, that would be a BIG mistake.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*[The net... dumdumdum duh!!!!!]*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Megaman walked around the net, slowly making his way to ACDC square in ACDC 3. He checked every single alleyway, around all the corners, he even busted through some Fishy and Canodumb virsues a few times to see if he could find Roll.

"Not here, not there... where could she be? Scilab square is the only other place still in the net, and I know that Roll doesn't have a CScilab Pass..." He muttered to himself as he stepped into the warp to ACDC square.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*[*gasp!* The Undernet!! AAAHHH!!!]*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Roll was NOT happy. She had been reading the message board and noticed a post from a Navi that wanted to trade. Roll wanted to go to Scilab square, and had recently gotten a CACDC Pass, but it was useless since she couldn't get to Scilab to use it.

The Navi, known only as Quersoæn, had posted that she needed a CACDC Pass, since she always liked going to Scilab Square to check the boards, but would have to wait until her Net op came home to jack her out to out from Scilab. So, Roll had gladly said that she would trade Quersoæn the Pass, for any slightly rare battle chip. So, Quersoæn had given Roll a one-use CScilab Pass, and told Roll to meet her at Scilab Square, which Roll did- and waited there for most of the night.

Roll was about to head home, when a warp had opened up out of no where, and sucked her into it- spitting her out in a place that she had never seen before. When Roll looked back, she noticed that the warp was not only pure white, but also vertical. This greatly confussed Roll, but when it closed, she snapped out of her day dream just in time to realize that not only was she in a new, and not very nice looking part of the net, but the only way she knew to get back had just closed on her.

In other words, Roll was stranded.

Cursing, Roll had walked around the net, wondering where she was going. She saw some Navis and Viruses that didn't look very friendly, and they whispered behind hands, and her back. But they didn't bother her, so Roll didn't bother them. She wanted to try to find a way out of this place, but refused to talk to those Navis which showed some interest in talking to her- they seemed... not very nice. Just like all the dark streets that she had walked through.

She had now been walking around the streets for a good two hours, and her feet were hurting. Badly. She desperately wanted to sit down somewhere, anywhere, and when she noticed that the statue she was now walking past was the same one that she had already been past at least 15 times before, she lost it, screamign randomly into the night (or she assumed it was the night):


After her little out-burst, quite a few Navis were now looking at her with a strange look on their faces. One, who was dressed in white and black, and had think, black hair, walked over to her. "Hey... what are you doign here? You don't seem like the type of Navi to be in the Undernet."

Roll paled, but not noticably. She had heard that the Undernet was a horrible place, where no one was nice, and everyone only wanted to delete the next person. But, so far, people had only whispered.

Roll looked up at the Navi, which had to be at least half a foot taller than her. "Erm... well... I was waiting for some one named Quersoæn at Scilab, and then this warp opened up, and I was thrown here. Do you know how to get back?"

The black-haired Navi shook her head. "Nah... if I did, I would have been long gone. I got stuck here same as you, only my Net op sent me here. I went through the portal, and bam- got stuck here without a way out. She jacked out, but not me, and now I'm stuck here. Don't worry. As long as your Net op -if you have one, I've heard rumours from Navis that can go back and forth that there's some solo Navis wandering around- doesn't jack out, you'll be fine. So... you got a name?"

Roll nodded. "Um... yeah... Roll. What's your name?"

The other Navi laughed. "No need to be so nice. Meh name is Shonæsa. Used to be something else- but here, you go by your name that your net op, or whoever, gave you, you'll get jumped by anyone. Not always a nice place, but if ya know the right people, every thing's fine. So... do you really want to be known as... 'Roll'?"

Roll couldn't help but shake her head. "If it's really as bad as you say... no... do you have a name for me Shonæsa?"

Shonæsa laughed. "Naw... you have to come up with yourself. And call me Sho, so much easier to remember. And say, now that I think of it. So... you got a name for yourself?"

Roll thought for a moment. "Um..." for some reason, the name 'Eria' appealed to her. "Eria, I guess..."

Sho grinned. "Well then Eria... why don't I show you around? The best place from what I've heard to get back to the Cyber Net is where ever you got in her. So... remember where it is?"

Eria shook her head. "No... eh, do you think that until I get out, there might be a way to change these colors? As much as I WOULD like to keep all this pink..."

Sho nodded. "Alright, Eria. So you wana change your colors? It would let you move around her less noticeable... I have the guy just for you! He's not too smart, but awesome at changing things thought to be impossible to change. Me, for instance. I WAS a bright yellow and red, but now I'm a black and white- night and day, good and evil... awesome colors."

Eria pondered this, before nodding. "Alright... as much as I would like to rest, I think that it would be good if I got this color change done first. Would I still be able to keep my Navi symbol?"

Sho looked Eria over, noticing only two symbols that could be it. "Which one is it? The one on your ear covers, or the one on those two round things you got on top of your head?"

"The one on my ear covers. Why?"

Sho grinned, grabbed Eria by the hand, and led her away. "You get new colors, possible new style. He should be able to incorporate that symbol into your new look. You up for it?"

"And I'll be able to go back to my pink when I get back to the Cyber Net?"

"Sure! I can get a program for him to put in with your colors that would give you you're pink in the Cyber Net, and you're darker colors here. That okay?"

"How would you get the program?"

"As I said, if you've got friends here, you could get almost anything. And usually perfectly legally, too."


"Sometimes... you find things layin round the ground here, and you pick em up. Some call it stealing, but you can't take the chance that they might be programs, and good ones too. One of meh friends found a one-of-a-kind program layin round, like other ones- other Navi's didn't go near it, cause it was a weird green color. So, he picked it up anyways, and boom! He found himself with this program that lets him snoop out what and where different kinds o programs and chips are. I'll have to get you to meet him when you get you're new colors."

"Thank you, Sho."

"Thanks? For what? We don't usually do the whole 'thank you' thing here."

"Thanks... for everything."

"Eh, no problem. That's what friends are for. Now lets go get some colors!"

Sho picked up her pace, and they were soon speeding through alleys, streets, and everything else.

"I hope that this guy is as good as you say he is! Cause I think that if we don't get there soon, I'm gonna faint!"

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*[NO! NOT SCHOOL!!!!!]*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

All day Mayl couldn't concentrate. She was worried about Roll way to much. Ms. Mari gave them a pop-quiz on different kinds of viruses that have an HP under 100, which was quite easy, and everyone should have got perfect on it, but Mayl could only get three- Mettaur, Canodumb, and Fishy. All the other names evaded her.

Ms. Mari was quite surprised when she marked the quizs- Mayl, usually a alomst- perfect student, getting just that on more than half of her tests, had only gotten three out of the many, many, many different viruses. And they only needed to name ten.

So, when everyone came back from lunch (during which Lan had tried to comfort Mayl, as she hadn't wanted to tell any one else about her problem, and everyone thought that she was sick and Lan was crazy), Ms. Mari inevitably asked what was wrong.

However, when Mayl didn't respond, Lan opened his mouth to explain, but Ms. Mari cut him off, saying that she had asked Mayl, and if Mayl didn't want to say anything, then that was fine, and nothing needed to be said.

"Mayl..." Lan whispered to her, as the class was told to get together with their partners and work on the project about Navis and different types that they had been working on for the last week. Mayl and Lan were partners, of course.

"Yeah Lan?"

"Are you feeling okay? Do you want me to work on this by myself?"

Mayl shook her head. "No... I'm being selfish. Just because Roll's missing, I have no idea where she is, Megaman is looking for her, and possibly getting really hurt, and I might never see her again, and-" Mayl couldn't help but break down, and start crying. The whole class was astounded by her sudden out burst.

"LAN!" Dex stomped over to where Lan and Mayl were, not liking the fact that whatever Lan had said made Mayl cry. "What did you do?"

Lan was in shock, until Mayl hugged him- tightly. Dex was a bit taken aback.

Lan, forgeting all about Dex, turned to Mayl, and hugged her back, telling her things like, "it's okay...", "Mega will find her..." and "there's nothing to worry about... we're all here, so there's nothing to worry about!" and, the last one, mainly trying to get her to stop soaking his vest, "Please stop crying... everything will be okay when we get back home today, so please, Mayl... you don't look very pretty when you're crying..."

Lan stopped himself, as everyone in the class, including Mayl, looked at him increduously. He had NOT meant for that last comment to be heard.

However, Mayl grinned, and nodded, releasing Lan from her death grip. "You- you're right... no use worrying... Megaman will find Roll, and by the time we get back, they'll both be in their PETs... right?"

Lan nodded, a smile crossing his face now that Mayl was smiling again. "Right... now, lets get back to work..."

Mayl nodded, and got out the information that they had found so far. Soon, the rest of the class was working again. Except for one, large person.

'No...' Dex thought. 'They... no... not... Mayl...' he was in shock from the way the Mayl reacted, and the fact that she was willing to go to Lan with such a serrious problem and not himself made Dex rethink his postion in Mayl's life. He had always had a crush on her, and had tried to protect her from everything that could hurt her. But now that he hadn't been able to protect her, and she had turned to Lan instead to solve her problems...

Dex slouched back to his desk, where Tori was waiting to continue their project. Seeing Dex's blank but sad stare, Tori knew that, once again, he would be the only one working on this project.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*[ACDC Square]*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Megaman wandered around. He knew that he only had a few hours left before Lan and Mayl got home, and neither would be happy if they found not only one, but two empty PETs. He had asked every Navi that he could find if they knew where Roll was, as she frequented ACDC square, and many Navis knew her. But everyone he asked said that they hadn't seen her since last night, when she checked the boards.

"Great... now where could Roll have gone? I mean, there's no huge flashing signs around that point to possible Navis who knew where Roll could be, right?"

Suddenly, a Navi dressed in thick, purple and green armour, almost like a knight's, walked away from the message boards. The bright, absurd colors they were dressed in worked almost like a huge sign, and the bright, turquoise feathers sticking out of her helmet didn't help to tone down the image.

Megaman sweat-dropped. "Well... that's close enough to a huge, flashing sign for me!" He walked over quickly, because the knight Navi was heading over to the warp point in the middle of ACDC square. "Um, excuse me..." it was only when she turned around that Megaman noticed that she was actually a bit smaller than himself, that she was VERY angry, and that she was a... she.

"I'm very sorry to bug you, but..."

"But nothing. I asked for a CACDC Pass, and what do I get? An un-reliable Navi, who makes me wait all night at the warp point in Scilab to Scilab square... what do you want?"

Mega gulped. "Well... I'm looking for a friend..."

"Good, I'm looking for someone too, we can look together. What does your friend look like? I know most Navis, including the ones in the Undernet, go ahead and tell me any description... just not names, I can't remember those."

Mega sighed. At least now he had a comrade, and they could look together.

But he couldn't help one thought that slid into his mind.

'What have I gotten myself into?'


Kay: *dodges frying pan* well *huff* I *pant* tried to write *gasp* SHILA, STOP IT!

Shila: *charges again* WHY IS SHE COMMING HERE?!


Shila: Really? I guess I can't hit you then.. *sighs* I HATE it when you have a good reason for screwing up big time. *looks over at story* and I CAN'T believe that you're not only starting another story, that will definately become a story more than 5 chapters, that you actually wrote things like Lan thinking. I thought that THAT was impossible!

Kay: well, so is Tialsia showing up in a story based on my beliefs, but she will anyways!

*knocking on door* Hello? Is anyone there?

Shila: *screams and runs into the large closet, and mouths through gap:* I'm not here!

Kay: *shakes head* come on in, Bransaln!

Bransaln: *walks in with large assortment of weapons, food, and clothing* aww... I thought that Shila would be here. These are all presents that I got her...

Kay: *eyes large machine gun* um... you wouldn't happen to know if those things are real, would you?

Bransaln: *laughs* OF COURSE THEY ARE!!! Really, how could I get my friend toys that didn't work properly?

Kay: *muttering* interesting definition of 'toys'...

Shila: *jumps out of closet* Bransaln! SSSOOOO happy to see you!!!!

Bransaln: Happy Birthday!

Kay: But it's not-

Shila: shh! Bransaln, do you want to try those out?

Bransaln: sure, but whe-

Shila: Kay here will be happy to be the target, won't you?

Kay: well, I- mmffff!!!!! *tried to pull duct tape off mouth, but it's kinda hard when the duct tape is also wrapped around her hands and feet*

Shila: see? she agrees! let's try them out!

Bransaln: Okay! *starts setting up Machine guns, lasers, bazookas, and every other weapon you could think of*

Kay: mmmumm mmmnnff mmmnff nnnffff!!!!!!!! *thining* LET ME OUTTA HERE!

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