"Chapter 13 - Willard's End"

He was trapped. With no way of getting out. Willard looked up the staircase being sure not to move. Socrates ran off Willard's shoulder up the large staircase. He ran after the little white rat knowing Socrates would help him. He made it up the stairs and watched as the little white rat ran into his father's study. Willard followed. Looking back, Ben was following him. Entering the room, Socrates ran up the spiral staircase. Staring down at Willard the little rat had a look in it's small red beady eyes. Willard followed.

The gray atmosphere slowly turned black and it became night. Rain continued to fall from the sad sky. "I heard footsteps," Dr. Long continued,"We need to get inside!" The policeman exchanged a few words and decided to break the bars off one of the windows. Dr. Long stood back and stared at the many windows of the house. Returning with sharp saw's the police began to cut into the thick black bars which covered one of the many barred windows.

Willard stopped once at the spiral staircases top. Ben followed quickly behind. It stopped and stared at Socrates. They stared at each other as Willard watched. "Ben!" he yelled. The large gray rat's eyes seemed to peirce through Socrates with extreme anger. Socrates glared back protectively standing in front of Willard. He backed away closer to the tinted yellow window. Willard searched around for anything...anything to prevent Ben from hurting Socrates...and himself as well.

Dr. Long looked up and noticed his shadow in the window. "Look! He's up there!" she pointed at the tinted yellow window. "We're almost in lady!" a policeman yelled back at her. She knew...if Willard attempted anything...it would cost her, her job.

The sound of an army marched up the large staircase. Millions of gray, black, and brown rats of all sizes ran in what appeared to be a reverse waterfall up the stairs towards the spiral staircase. Listening to this the police stopped sawing. "Listen to that..." one of the cops looked through the window,"We don't want to go in there. That man's a goner." Dr. Long continued to stare at the window in which Willard was standing. "I'll go in there," she said determinedly. "You would risk getting eaten alive for that guy?" the policewoman asked her. Dr. Long stared from the woman to the window with an angry look,"No, not for him. For me," she said coldly.

The many rats began to fill the room just as the first time Willard had been put in this situation. Ben and Socrates still stared at each other with great anger. Everyone outside stood back and watched in anticipation at the shadow in the window atop the large house. The rain stopped

Ben gave one last look at Socrates and jumped. Willard quickly grabbed Socrates and attempted to kick Ben out of the way. Looking down at all the rats, he panicked. Looking from the rats to the window he had only one way to go. Still holding Socrates he jumped through the yellow tinted window. Hitting the ground with impact he still held Socrates in a tight embrace. He slowly lost strength and his body went limp, releasing Socrates from his grip.

Dr. Long grabbed Socrates and held him in her hands. He bit her hand, jumped out of her grasp, and ran towards the house full of numerable rats. "Is he still alive?" Dr. Long was asked. She held her hand for a moment then knelt down beside Willard's body and tried to find a pulse. Standing up with a smile she said,"Yes, he's still alive." An ambulance quickly arrived and they placed his unconcious body onto a gurny. "Will he ever come out of it?" Dr. Long was asked. She watched as they carried him into the ambulance. "No" she said blankly and entered the ambulance with Willard. Before closing the ambulance door the little white rat quickly ran inside and hid under a box of syringes.

This was the end for Willard. Socrates remained by his side.



Oh! You think thats the end do you? Well your wrong! Wrong indeed! Read further. I dare you. -Now to end this aweful fan fic of mine. I probably won't be writing another one again. I've decided my writing skills suck too much. Well enjoy the rest!-


Ten months passed without any sign of Willard's recovery. Dr. Long remained caring for him. She was happy he had not died...otherwise she would be out of a job. She took great pleasure in watching over him. Not letting anyone else near him. She seemed to grow attached. Socrates stayed close to Willard's side. Smart enough as to stay away from Dr. Long as much as he could.

The night was as dark as the night Willard had jumped to his coma. Dr. Long entered the room to check his IV as usual. Clicking the light on brightened the dim room. What sat upon Willard's body surprised her. Socrates glared at the doctor with anger. She moved closer towards the rat. She reached over Willard's body to grab Socrates. Before she could grasp the little rat in her hands. Willard opened his eyes.