Title: Message Saved

Grissom/Sara, Catherine, Warrick, humour, romance, AU, pg

Summary: Grissom apologises to Sara. With the help of a couple of friends.


"You have one new message."

"Well, at least someone loves me today,' Sara sighed, as she dumped the armful of files she was holding onto the couch, along with her coat.

'Sara,' the voice paused, but she recognised it instantly. 'I just called to say that I'm sorry.'

It paused again. 'You were right.'

As she heard him hang up, her scowl dissolved into a magnificent smile.


'Apologise to her.' Catherine ordered.

Grissom lifted his head from the work on his desk to look at her, questioningly.

'Don't look at me as though you have no idea what I'm talking about. Who am I talking about? Sara. Who am I always talking about? Sara. Right, I'm sure you'd figured that out. Now, what for? You know very well what for. So you know what to do. What you should always do but never do. Apologise to her.'

As Catherine stalked out of his office, Grissom watched her walk away, bemused.


'Warrick, talk to him? Please?' Catherine whined.

'Cath, you're normally brilliant at doing this by yourself. Why do you need my help?'

'Because I need backup this time.'


'Because he doesn't listen to me anymore,' she finished, before leaving.

Warrick had to bite his tongue to refrain from asking, 'Did he ever?'


'Grissom, man, apologise to Sara.'

'Not you too,' Grissom grumbled. 'Catherine told you.'

'In not so many words. Her exact words were 'talk to him'. When Cath asks me to talk to you, that means you need to apologise to Sara. So apologise to Sara and then we'll all be happy. Sara will smile at you and start following your every move with her eyes again, and Catherine will leave us both alone and stop stalking off everywhere. She's been a parent for too long, she's way too bossy.'

'She's always been bossy,' Grissom mused.

Warrick smiled. 'Yeah, well, she's trying to help. And so am I, because I have to. She'll hurt me otherwise, I'm sure of it.'

'Thanks, Warrick,' Grissom smiled, a twinkle in his blue eyes.


'What's going on?' Warrick asked Catherine, who had her ear to the door, as he bopped around behind her, unable to get to the door.

'Shhh!' She silenced him, waving her hand.

Warrick rolled his eyes, and shifted slightly less obviously from one foot to the other.

Suddenly, Catherine gasped, and started flapping her arms around. 'He apologised!' she said, turning round to grin broadly at him.

'No way!' Warrick exclaimed.

'Yes way,' Grissom uncharacteristically responded, popping his head round the door. 'If you're going to eavesdrop, make sure you're quiet, it's a real giveaway hearing people squeal outside your office.'

With that he smiled, 'Thanks, you two,' before he disappeared back into his office.

'Wow, what happened to Griss?'

'It's the new me!' they heard from the other side of the door.

Warrick looked at Catherine, eyes wide. 'But he never apologises to Sara!'

'I do now!' Grissom said, eyes twinkling yet again as he left his office.

'What changed?' Warrick asked Catherine.

She shrugged her shoulders. 'It was my wonderful persuasion.'

Warrick laughed. 'Nah uh, it was all me, baby.'

They carried on bickering as they walked down the hall.


Sara smiled to herself, reaching out to the answer machine.

'Message saved.'

'Well, it might never happen again,' she mused to herself.