Title: Reality

Sam/Jack, drabble, post-ep for Chimera, pg

Author's notes: This is my very first piece of anything Stargate related (I'm fairly new to the show itself). I just had to write something after seeing Chimera, and this is based on Suz (Whitmarsh)'s and my theory about the episode, and how it could all have been a dream (or rather, nightmare) on Jack's part. Hope this makes sense.


"Sir? Sir?" She sighed. "Colonel!"

"Wha?" Jack mumbled, half-asleep. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he focused on the blonde woman before him.

"Oh hey, Carter, sorry, must have dosed off."

Sam bit back the 'You think?' comment that was begging to be uttered. "Yes, Sir. You were dreaming, as far as I could tell."

Jack paused, and looked around him, slightly confused. "I was?"

"Yes, Sir."

He grimaced. "I didn't talk in my sleep did I?"

"No, Sir," Sam replied, grinning lightly.

He didn't want to ask, but he did. "So how's Pete?"

Sam frowned. "Pete? Who's Pete?"

"There's no Pete?" he asked, hopefully.



Sam looked at him, puzzled, a small smile appearing. "No, Sir, " she said, looking around the room, "it's just you and me here, Sir."

Jack smiled.

"Lunch?" Sam asked, moving towards the door.

Jack looked up at the clock, and then back at her. "Yasureyoubetcha."

As they wandered out of the room, Sam asked, "So what was the dream about, Sir?"

Jack smiled. "Oh, nothing important. It was more of a nightmare actually, thinking about it."

Sam looked at him, concerned.

"But it's over now." He smiled.