The Pack


*Two weeks after the final battle*

"That's it Harry! You've got it down perfectly now!" Mark said happily as Harry walked over to him on slightly shaky legs.

After the Pack's downfall, Harry had made the transformation from hybrid to human (with wolf-like ears and tail) and had been adopted by Mark and his family.

In order to prevent the island from having another Pack forming, the islands owner had put up signs that prevented the abandonment of any animal by anyone, so the stray dog population was gone.

The Dursley's had left immediately after the last of the Pack had been killed and vowed never to return. Well, good riddance was all the inhabitants of the island could say. The family would not be missed.

"Papa?" Mark lifted the now ten and a half year old onto his lap and ruffled his hair. Harry had started talking better a week after he completed the transformation, and was now talking like any ten year old.

"Yes Harry?"

"Can we go swimming?" The family's dog, Rod, lifted his head off the ground and barked. He knew the word 'swim'!

"Sure we can! Let's go get the boys then we'll head down." Harry jumped off his lap and streaked, well, stumbled slightly to the door. Rod followed closely behind him as he shouted into the house. Mark chuckled.

"They'll meet us down there." Harry said, nearly crashing into Mark as he jogged down. Rod barked excitedly and jumped around.

"All right then, lets go." Mark took Harry's hand in his and they walked down to the docks, Rod trailing close behind them.


Yes, there will be a sequel. Can't have Harry miss out on Hogwarts now can we? The sequel will come out soon, I think, but I have been neglecting my other fics. I'll work on them for a bit.maybe.. or I'll just take a break.