Under The Night Sky

By, Kiari

Summary- Inu-tachi found each other when they were only children. But something horrible happens to tear these friends apart. Now 10 years later they come face to face with each other. In hopes to find the missing pieces of the Shikon no Tama. But another problem they face can they remember each other after so long?


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Chapter 1 (Bad Memories)

Blue lined the skies in Sengoku Jidai . It was a beautiful crystal clear day. Every thing seem to be perfect. Children playing in blades of grass and moss. Women finally being able to wash clothes at a near by stream after the long day's and nights of heavy rain. Men working in the fields getting ready to harvest the food. Today was the day that every ones dreams could come true. Nothing seem impossible to do. But not every one had dreams that would come true.

He ran as fast as his legs would move. Soaring through the high braches of the tree's that shadowed the ground. The dark clouds that hovered of his head, threaten to release the heavy rain that plagued the earth just a few days ago.

He took in a deep breath and land on a tree for the much needed rest he craved so badly. The cool fresh spring air filled his nose full of cherry blossom's that had fallen from the tree's and made there way into the wind. He took in another deep breath, before the numb crushing pain soared through his body. He glanced down at the wound that seem to freeze this body in such pain.

The blow was through his stomach the pain was unbearable. But the worst pain was the memory that burned deep with in his soul.

~! F.L.A.S.H B.A.C.K !~

"Mother why are we walking so far from the village?, asked the small boy that held his mother's hand. "Because dear, I need to gather some more herds for the villager's", she responded keeping up her pace.

"But why so far?, he asked again he hated the through of leaving so far from his home. After his father died, this mother was in grave danger of any demon they would come pass. Inuyasha was only a mere 6 and was unable to protect his mother from such a threat. He held on tighter to his mother, as they continued there walk far and far into the forest.

"Dear, being as I am a Miko I must make sure the village is safe and unharmed, so I really need those herbs Inuyasha, The villager's have fallen very ill", she answered his question then lost all thought, as her world faded black.

Inuyasha watched in shock as his once living mother was cut down my a Tiger demon. The demon cocked his head back to see Inuyasha, the fear holding him to his place were he had not moved. The demon grinned at him then moving at lighting speed he drove a whole into Inuyasha's stomach. He fall back and landed on the ground. The demon only smiled again. As Inuyasha's mother tried so hard to move to protect her son. We cut short has his attention was brought back to her. Inuyasha moved him self to a standing position. He had only taken to steps forward to see to his mother. When she spoke "Run Inuyasha!", were her last cries before the Demon devoured her. Inuyasha sped as fast as he could, listening to the demon take his full from his mother's body.

--------------------------- End of Flash Back End of Flash Back ----------------- ----------

Tears washed over Inuyasha's face from the memory. "mother", he whispered into the wind. The clouds began to roar with thunder, the world seem to be coming to a end, in Inuyasha's eyes. The lighting caused him to jump, losing his balance he slipped out of the branch. The last thing he saw was the rain pouring down his body, as everything went black.

-------*( )*-------*( )*-------

Inuyasha slowly opened his eyes, to find that he was surround by cloth's coving him head to toe. A sweet aroma filled his noise. There was a young woman standing over the stove in the middle of the room. She had long black raven hair, down in a low ponytail. She wore what of miko clothes like his mother. The pain memories, sent tears rolling down his cheeks once again.

Then the woman turned, he face full of care and happiness. "oh I see that you have awoke there my dear", she spoke her words lacing with care. She brightly smiled at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha did not speak but wiped the tears from his soaked face. Then the woman spoke again "you poor thing it's storming out there and you out cold in the middle of it, where is your mother may I ask". Her words clutched pain to Inuyasha's heart of hearing the word `mother'.

"s-she is dead", he spoke the tears that were wiped away were now replaced my new fresh tears. Clearly the woman was not expecting this answer has her shocked expression.

"I'm sorry my dear I did not know", she spoke again with care lacing her words. Inuyasha nodded his head in 'thanks'.

"What is your name my child, I'm Lady Keade", she fix him a bowl of strew and handed it to him waiting for a respond.

"My name is Inuyasha", he said and stuffed his face with the soup that he had been smelling. Keade let out a small laugh at the boy actions.

Inuyasha finished his soup, when Keade spoke again. "Inuyasha do ye have a place to stay?, she asked unknowing what he might say.

Inuyasha hung his head low "no" was the only words Keade could hear.

"Inuyasha may I ask ye something?"

Inuyasha eyes met her's "what?"

"Do ye want to stay here with me in this village", she asked, looking into his eyes she saw hope.

Inuyasha for once that day was happy "you mean I could really stay here?", his voice sung. Keade laughed again "yes Inuyasha you may". Inuyasha went to hug her but only fell to the ground. "Inuyasha yea may not move your wound is still not healed", Keade scolded

Inuyasha nodded and climbed back into his bed laying his head down on the pillow. 'mother I wish you, be Lady Keade will take care of me..........I hope', were his last thoughts before sleep took over his body.

----------------------- (A/N sorry that was a little you know out of Inuyasha's character but he is a kid sooo.... Okay thanks for reading keep going more to come)

-------*( )*-------*( )*-------

"Is he alive", the one whispered "I don't like so", the another answered

Inuyasha's eye's shot open, he had heard something that had awoken him. He rubbed his sleepy eye's scanned the area. He found that four children about his age we're huddled into a huge ball in corner of the room. He titled his head to get a better look at the children.

The children shivered in fear, as they watched the boy look them over. Then they tighten there ball as they saw he started to laugh.

"why are you hiding", he asked moving over to them. The ball loosen as the children looked up at the boy before them.

A girl with long raven hair much like Lady Keade's titled her head up to met his glaze. "we we're afraid that you would be mad at us, for waking you from your nap", she answered so softly Inuyasha barely caught her words.

'they were afraid of me', he thought than only laughed harder.

"what's so fun may I ask?", asked one of the boys, he had a small ponytail and was dressed in monk's clothes.

Inuyasha stopped laughing to answer the boy "Because there is no need for you to fear me", he stated.

"well ya kinda scared use with you opening your eyes like that, it looked as if you we're getting ready to kill", the other girl scowled "Sango be nice to him, he is guest of Lady Keade", the girl with raven hair scolded.

The girl called Sango just snorted "well than he shouldn't of scared us".

The raven girl rolled her eyes are her friend than looked to Inuyasha. "Please forgive my dear friend Sango she is always moody-, she was cut off my the yell from Sango "I am not".

The girl cleared her throat "Hmph, as I was saying, I'm Kagome, that's Miroku", she pointed to the boy with the small ponytail. She spoke again "that's Sango the moody one", she teased. "and Shippo", she pointed over to the young boy sitting bye the fire. That only waved to Inuyasha.

"Hello I'm Inuyasha ", Inuyasha called out to everyone. Everyone said there hello to the new comer.

"I see that you are lady Keade's guest are you not?", asked Miroku looking over Inuyasha. "Yes I am, my mother was killed and so Lady Keade has offered to take me in", he answered.

All there mouths dropped to the floor all accept the girl Kagome. She moved over to him where she stood in front of him now. She pulled him close and before Inuyasha knew it he was embraced by her. "I'm so sorry Inuyasha", she whispered to him, then let go.

Inuyasha was completely shocked, he had not thought that she was going to hug him like that. Inuyasha had to words at the moment so he just nodded his thanks.

Everyone else in the room muttered there 'there sorry's' to Inuyasha. He come out of his state of shock to hear Shippo ask him a question.

"Inuyasha we are all going to go swim at the steam, do you want to come?", he asked while Sango, Miroku and Kagome grabbed there clothes they had dropped on the ground when Inuyasha scared them.

"but I don't have a clothes to change into" his voice was dripping with sadness.

Kagome smiled "you may borrow one of my elder brother's clothes, he would not mind", she beamed.

Inuyasha's head titled up to met her smile "thank you", were his only words as everyone started to exist the hut.

Lady Keade spotted him "Inuyasha your wound it's healed ", she exclaimed. Inuyasha had not took notice of the wound in his stomach, but looked down to find that the whole was completely healed. Than Lady Keade spoke again "It seem's that your demon blood came in handle" she declared, than raised a eyebrow.

"Inuyasha we're may I ask are you going?", she asked.

Inuyasha shook his eye's off his stomach to met her's. "I was going to go swimming with-, he himself off. 'what were they to him?, he had just met these people', he pondered.

Lady Keade just nodded in understanding, Inuyasha smiled at her. "Inuyasha are ya coming", called Sango as she continued to walk down to the steam, all side her friends.

"Coming!", he yelled back, he smiled back at Lady Keade than took after in the direction in which the children where going.

-------*( )*-------*( )*-------

As Inuyasha lay in the soft moss by the steam, his thought's took hold of the memories of Inuyasha and his mother. They would always come down to the steam and swim in the spring or she would take him with her when she did her wash. Inuyasha loved spending time with his mother. But those days we're now only memories that he chose to never let go of.

He missed his mother so bad, but he would remind strong for her sake. As his soft golden eye's glanced up at the sky. He knew his mother was looking down upon him, and he knew she would not like it if he we're to cry about her death.

This thought's were brought back to reality, when he felt the cool water run down his face sliding down into his lap.

"Inuyasha, come on in it's prefect", yelled Shippo as he slashed more water upon Inuyasha's face.

Inuyasha wiped his face with his sleeve, and grinned at the small boy in the water. In a blink Inuyasha was in the water. Dunking Shippo's poor head under the water over and over. Everyone laughed at his, but there laughter soon turned into mischievous grins. Inuyasha looked back to only see the three coming charging at him. They crashed into him and everyone fell back into the water. Laughing as hard as they could.

But there good time was coming to a end. When the sun started to set behind the mountain's. There face's grew sadder as they climbed there way out of the stream and headed back to the village. Inuyasha staggered back a bit, his mind was in deep again. He had not noticed the light jab as his back. Until he heard her words, "Inuyasha do you want to come play with me tomorrow?", she asked

Inuyasha was mouth went dry and he could nod. She smiled back at him before she spoke again. "I'm very sorry about your mother, Inuyasha I know all to well how you feel, you see my father was killed just a short time ago, but be strong Inuyasha your mother is in a better place", she kneeled the words into his soul.

He felt the care and love pour into his body when she smiled again. Suddenly his dry mouth became wet and he was able to speak. "Thank you Kagome that means a lot to me", he said coolly.

She nodded her head and continued her pace to the village. Inuyasha was shocked his girl that he had just met today was completely taking over his mind. First with the Hug now asking him to play with her, and the sweet words she gave. He smiled to him self 'I think I'm going to like it hear'.

His thought's we gone the rest of the way back to the village his new 'home'. Inuyasha's pain seem to ease, but you know for how all.


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