When Kenshin Turns Evil

:: words :: is Kenshin thinking (talking to Battousai). (Words ) is Battousai thinking (talking to Kenshin). A/N: When Kenshin and Battousai fight, Battousai is in Kenshin's mind... it's kind of complicated, but USE YOUR IMAGINATIONS!

Kenshin walked down the street in Tokyo. It was a nice warm day, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

"Kenshin!" Kaoru's voice reached Kenshin's ears. He turned and accidentally bumped into a large man.

"Watch where you're goin', shrimp!" the man yelled angrily. "Or I'll cut you up with my katana and have you on my plate for dinner!" Kenshin glared at the man's back.

:: I stopped the Bakumatsu from continuing longer than necessary! :: Kenshin thought angrily. :: I was Battousai the Manslayer! ::

(But you always have to keep me locked inside your mind!) The Battousai inside Kenshin said to him inwardly. Kenshin shook him away.

:: I am no longer Battousai the Manslayer! :: Kenshin thought. He headed for Kaoru.

"Kenshin? Why do you have that weird look on your face? Is something wrong?" Kaoru asked. Kenshin sighed and smiled.

"No, Kaoru-dono. I'll be fine, that I will!" Kenshin said.

"Are you sure? Well, okay! Let's get back to the dojo," Kaoru said. "Where you can resume doing the laundry."

(You see?) Battousai shrieked inside Kenshin's head. (You're forced to do laundry! I'm much stronger than you, even with your Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki! I, too, know the attack! I could beat you easily! ) :: Please, be quiet now. :: Kenshin sighed. It was almost no use. He knew that what Battousai was saying was halfway right. He kneeled down to do the laundry when Battousai attacked him with a stream of words.

(You're such a loser! You're not even a Kenshin anymore! You're Shinta! SHINTA! You don't deserve the name Battousai the Manslayer. I can't stand you! Let me take over! LET ME TAKE OVER! )

:: Never! :: Kenshin attempted a protest, but Battousai was already drawing his mental sword.

(Give up, Shinta!) Battousai yelled. Kenshin shook his head and dropped the white clothes into the basin. Battousai attacked his thoughts, driving him over the edge.

"ARRRGH!" Kenshin yelled. Kaoru and Yahiko came running.

"Kenshin?" they both cried. Kenshin drew his sword. Kaoru and Yahiko stared.

:: You will not come out of me, that you won't! :: Kenshin thought. Battousai smirked and they fought each other.

"Kenshin?" Kaoru asked. "What are you doing?" She watched as Kenshin ran forward with his sword in hand and stopped, fighting against the air. Then, he jumped back, clutching his arm and gasping.

"Charades!" Yahiko cheered. He grinned. "Okay... uh... you when you were fighting Saito!" Kenshin didn't reply, just tossed his head as though it were punched and fell to the floor.

"Kenshin!" Kaoru yelled at him.

"Okay, then... if it's not that then it must be Sano when you kicked his butt!" Yahiko laughed. Kenshin just continued to get beat up by nothing. It was a very odd sight.

(You will never defeat me!) Battousai said. He slashed Kenshin's chest. (Give me control over your body and I will let you live!) Kenshin was panting by now.

:: If I do, you must promise not to hurt Kaoru-dono! :: Kenshin said. :: If you do that, you will lose control of my body, is that clear? ::

(Crystal!) Battousai smiled devilishly and sheathed his sword. Then, he created a mental cage and locked Kenshin in it, putting the key in his mental pocket. Then, he went into the outside world.

Kaoru and Yahiko ran over to the fallen Kenshin.

"Kenshin!" Kaoru yelled. She kneeled down next to his body and shook him.

"Huh?" Kenshin's eyes fluttered open. "Kaoru?" Kaoru drew in a breath sharply. She was used to him using "dono" at the end of her name.

"Kenshin? What happened?" Kaoru asked, a worried look on her face. Kenshin laughed.

"Something great!" Kenshin cackled. He sheathed his sword. "Hey, what am I wearing?! Pink! Gosh, I've got terrible taste! I think I'll get a blue one. Dark blue. And do you think that you guys could call me 'Himura-san' from now on?" Kenshin turned to Kaoru. His eyes flashed an angry shade of amber. She gasped and backed away.

"Kenshin? Er, I mean Himura-san!" Yahiko drew his shinai and jumped in front of Kaoru.

"Kenshin?!" Yahiko yelled, getting ready to attack. Kenshin drew his sword and flipped the blade.

"I'll kill you now if you want, brat!" Kenshin said. Yahiko gasped and dropped his shinai. Kenshin smirked.

"Himura-san," Kaoru gulped. "Are you also known as the..." she gulped again. "Hitokiri Battousai?" Kenshin nodded and grinned.

"Yup. That's my name. Don't wear it out. Now go make me dinner!" Himura laughed, polishing his sword with the tattered pink gi. "I think I'll go change and then go out to kill people!"

"Yes, Himura-san!" Kaoru gulped for the last time and scurried off toward the kitchen. Yahiko scrambled forward to get his shinai and dashed off toward the kitchen after Kaoru. When he arrived, he saw Kaoru chopping onions.

"Kaoru?" Yahiko stepped into the kitchen. He walked over to her.

"I don't think Himura-san will like my cooking," Kaoru sniffed. Her eyes were watering.

"Let's sneak out and find someone who can tell us what's going on!" Yahiko whispered.

"But Megumi's in the middle of an operation! She warned us about it yesterday!" Kaoru said. Yahiko frowned. Then, an idea lightbulb flashed above his head.

"We can go around asking people randomly! I'm sure that someone will be willing to make a good meal for us!" Yahiko grinned. Kaoru sighed and laid down the knife. She nodded.

"Okay. Let's go," Kaoru slipped into her sandals and they hurried out the back door so that Himura wouldn't see them.

On the street, they met Sano.

"Where're you guys goin'? Sano asked, pulling them aside.

"Can you cook well?" Kaoru asked. Sano shook his head.

"Why do you think I go to the Akabeko all he time? Why do you think I endure your terrible-" he stopped and smacked a hand over his mouth. "Oops." Kaoru gave him a glare.

"I get it. Well, something is seriously wrong with Kenshin, and we need your help," Kaoru said. "He is acting like the Battousai!" Sano stared.

"Well, I'm no match for Battousai," Sano said. "But I do know someone who is!"

"No!" Yahiko said. "You're not thinking of Saito are you?" Sano gave the kid a look and nodded.

"He can hold Kenshin off while we find someone to make dinner!" Sano explained his plan. Kaoru sighed and nodded.

"You're right!" Kaoru said. "We have to talk to him." She turned on her heel and walked toward the police station.

"What are you bakas doing here?" Saito asked angrily, glaring at Kaoru, Yahiko, and Sano over three tall stacks of papers. Kaoru felt an anger cross appear on her head and her reflection in the window behind Saito was a bright red color, but she forced herself to calm down.

"Uh... Saito...erm...-SAN, we could really use your...well...ASSISTANCE...uh...PLEASE," Kaoru choked. It was truly a struggle for her to say this. Saito stood and walked over to her. She gulped.

"Help? You want me to help you?" Saito asked. Sano ran between her and the wolf.

"Just help us, ahou!" Sano said. "Kenshin has allowed the Battousai to take over! You've got to help us!" Saito closed his eyes and sighed. Yes, he sighed as though he was resigning to something terrible.

"I don't have any plans on fighting Battousai anymore," Saito said, returning to his seat and taking a single paper from one of the three stacks.

"SAY WHAT?!" Sano yelled. He Futae-no-kiwamied the desk and it exploded into sawdust. Saito sighed again.

"My poor desk," Saito groaned. He stood up and pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. Then, he blotted his eyes and headed for the door. Everyone except Saito sweatdropped.

"HEY!" Yahiko said, running in front of Saito. "We're not kidding! Kenshin really IS Battousai now!" Yahiko clenched his fists. "And we do need your help! He demands dinner otherwise he'll kill us, and we need you to hold him off while we find dinner!"

"Fine," Saito said. "But don't think I'm going to fight him. He was supposed to be out of my life! Enishi was the last time I was supposed to see the red headed dweeb!"

"Thank you!" Kaoru said. She smiled. "He should be at the dojo!" Saito turned to her.

"Go to my house and tell Tokio to make dinner for Kenshin," Saito said, sighing (again). "Go on!" Kaoru nodded her head until her eyes went swirly and then ran out with Sano and Yahiko behind her.

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