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For the Smile of Tomorrow

Chapter 9: Beginnings

 "Aaaa-cho!" Gojyo wiped his nose before returning to building the campfire.

"Bless you." Hakkai muttered absentmindedly, not looking up from digging through his bag.

Gojyo looked over at his friend, "Thanks. Don't know what brought that on."

"I'm sure someone was just talking bad about you again." Hakkai suggested with a smile, which Gojyo countered with a glare. Hakkai ignored it as he shielded his eyes and gazed at the waning sunlight. "It's getting late. I wonder what's taking the two of them."

"We could always go and check" Gojyo offered, as he stood from the now built campfire. He sauntered over to his lover, took him in his arms and whispered, "Who knows what we might catch them doing this time."

"No thank you." Hakkai said, pushing Gojyo away. "I've learned my lesson. I'm never going to be worried about them again." He reached back into his bag and began to pull out his cooking utensils. "What do you think I should make for dinner?"

Gojyo sighed and glanced in the direction Sanzo and Goku had gone hours earlier. "I'm not sure that I could eat without knowing that they're safe... I mean, what if they were attacked by youkai?"

Hakkai cast a knowing look at Gojyo, who merely replied with his best innocent face. "Don't think I don't know what you're doing."

"Whatever do you mean?" Gojyo asked, trying his best to be cute.

Hakkai set down the pot he was holding and got out some noodles while he spoke, "You enjoy pissing Sanzo off, and you want something to be able to tease Goku about." Gojyo changed his expression from innocent to shocked and opened his mouth to defend himself. But Hakkai beat him to it. "Don't even try it. I know exactly what you're thinking."

Gojyo huffed and decided that it was time to change tactics. "Oh, looks like you need water to cook those." Without another word, he grabbed the pot and ran off.

"Gojyo!" Hakkai quickly ran after him. Sometimes he just didn't know when to quit. Hakkai, for one, did not want to have to deal with a pissed off Sanzo. He pursued Gojyo as quickly as he could, but the hanyou managed to remain several feet in front of him despite his best efforts.

Suddenly, Gojyo stopped and Hakkai had to jump a little to the side to avoid running into him. He was about to berate him, when he saw what had attracted Gojyo's attention in the first place. A pile of clothes. To be more precise, two sets of clothes thrown haphazardly to the ground.

In unison, Gojyo's and Hakkai's eyes followed the trail of clothing to the persons they once covered. Sanzo was lying on his back, with the monkey draped on top of him. Hakkai sighed gratefully when he realized that nothing embarrassing was showing. Goku was lying on his stomach and Sanzo had an arm draped over the boy's backside, effectively hiding anything from sight. That arm is a little too perfectly placed… Hakkai thought to himself, scrutinizing Sanzo for signs of consciousness.

Gojyo's quiet laughter broke through his thoughts. "Well I'll be damned, the saru's on top."

Hakkai shot Gojyo a warning look before pulling the other away. "Let's go a little further downstream and get some water. Those two are bound to be hungry when they get back."

"It looks as though they've already eaten, if you ask me."

"Gojyo!" Said ero kappa laughed at his boyfriend's blush and ran off while Hakkai did his best to whack him with the pot.


Sanzo opened his eyes after the sound of footsteps had faded. Having Hakkai and Gojyo see them was much easier than having to tell them. He looked down at Goku curled up on top of him and smiled, glad that he had awoken in time to maneuver Goku and himself into a less revealing position.

He gently shook Goku to wake him up so they would have time to get back to the campsite before dark. When that didn't work he rolled his eyes and hit him over the head. Goku shot up quickly, "Itaii! I'm up! I'm up! I'll be down in a second!" Goku stopped talking as he caught sight of Sanzo lying beneath him with an amused expression on his face. Goku quickly blushed as he recalled the events that had taken place earlier. Is this really ok? What if he changed his mind?

Reading his lover's mood perfectly, Sanzo reached up a hand and began to rub it lightly over Goku's chest. "You should get a tattoo."


"Right here, only I want it to say "Sanzo's" that way there will be no mistake." Goku grinned embarrassedly at the implications, but couldn't help but be relieved. He leaned down and kissed Sanzo, which resulted in many pleasant sensations, save one. Sanzo made a face. "We should probably take a bath."

Goku nodded his head in agreement. He got to his feet and reached out a hand to help Sanzo to his feet. Sanzo slapped his hand away, determined to get up himself. As he stood he grimaced and bit back a grunt of pain.

Goku was not fooled, however, and was instantly at his side. "Are you ok? It's my fault isn't it? I didn't mean to hurt you, I—"


Said boy stopped as he heard his name and looked up into Sanzo's eyes. Sanzo caught Goku's chin and kissed him swiftly. He pulled back slightly, still close enough that they shared breaths. "You're my boyfriend," Goku's eyes widened with emotion at the meaningful statement, but his expression changed as Sanzo's became evil, "Not my mother."

Goku suddenly felt the ground disappear as Sanzo's arms pushed him forcefully backwards. He hit the water and came sputtering to the surface to the sound of Sanzo's laughter.

"Hidoi!" He screamed and swam back over to the bank. "Sanzo, that was mean!"

Sanzo leaned down and pet Goku on the head. "Well, don't baby me."

Goku pouted, "I was just worried about you." His pout turned mischievous, and before Sanzo had a chance to react he found himself being pulled into the water by the hand that had been petting Goku. He flew over Goku's head as the younger man yanked with all of his might. He hit the water face first, but did not surface.

Goku searched the water fretfully when Sanzo didn't immediately come out of the water cursing, as he had. "Sanzo?" he swam over to where Sanzo had entered the water. "Sanzo?!" His movements became frantic as he searched for the monk. Suddenly, he felt himself being lifted into the air.

Strong arms had wrapped around his waist and were throwing him out of the water. In the brief seconds of air time he experienced, he twisted his head to see Sanzo smirking at him before he once again hit the water.

This time, when he came to the surface he immediately swam over to Sanzo and, instead of attacking him, wrapped his arms around his neck and legs about his waist. "Don't scare me like that."

"What did I tell you about babying me?" Sanzo asked while returning the embrace.

"Sanzo! Look!" Goku's attention had been caught by the sight over Sanzo's shoulder. Still holding Goku, Sanzo turned and saw one of the most beautiful sunsets he had ever witnessed. The sky was a deep shade of violet that faded to light purple as it neared the golden light of the sun. The two colors complemented each other perfectly. Sanzo's eye was caught by the light of the first star of the night, shining brightly above the horizon.

"Look Sanzo! A star! Let's watch the stars come out ok?" Sanzo turned to Goku, and his eyes softened considerably as the moment overtook him.

Sanzo looked down at the clear lake and dove in. The water was cool, a nice relief to the humid morning air. He swam across the lake, allowing a smile to cross his face at the feeling. Though he hated rain, he had always been fond of bodies of water. He had been found in and named after a river, something he thought of as a privilege rather than a disgrace.

In his seemingly private pool, Sanzo allowed himself to relax as he never did when around other people. He came to the surface and floated on his back, staring at the last of the stars as they disappeared in the growing light of day. As he watched their lights fade he couldn't help but think that this moment would be perfect if he had a certain someone by his side to share it with.

"Sanzo?" Goku looked at his lover, who had a far away look in his eyes. "Sanzo?"

Sanzo shook himself from his reverie, met Goku's worried gaze, and smiled. Goku's eyes lit up at the sight and he couldn't help but return the natural expression of joy. "You seem to be doing that a lot lately, koi." He said while outlining Sanzo's lips with his hand.

Sanzo leaned forward and caught Goku's lips with his own. "Call me that again."

"Koi?" Goku asked with a playful smile. Sanzo returned to their kiss, simultaneously swimming back to shore and placing Goku on dry ground before climbing out after him.

"My turn" he whispered and looked into Goku's happy eyes.


Sanzo looked up from his papers in time to see a ball of energy jump into his lap. Golden eyes smiled up at him happily as he was crowned with daisies. He felt a smile tugging at his lips as he affectionately patted the young child on the head.

Sanzo started slightly as a memory hit him, but was distracted as Goku again wrapped his legs around his waist, pulling them together. He arched into the taller man and whispered against his skin "Don't make me wait."

"I'll take as long as I want." Sanzo murmured back and glared defiantly at those golden eyes that were impatiently eyeing him.


Now those eyes were staring at him impatiently. The boy ran back to Sanzo and started pulling on his arm, dragging him down the hall and talking about a new book that he was going to borrow from Ten-chan. Sanzo allowed himself to be pulled forward. For some reason he didn't feel like wrenching his hand free from the other's grasp.

"Mou!" Goku's voice once again pulled Sanzo back to reality. Goku pouted. "Be nice to me Sanzo!"

"Like you were to me?" Sanzo returned while running a hand over Goku's thigh. He moved it to the outside of Goku's hip and began to run it up and down his side.

"Stop teasing me!" Goku almost hissed. He stared up at Sanzo in mock anger that quickly melted under Sanzo's gaze.


Those same eyes were filled with childish anger as they glared at him. Sanzo couldn't help but chuckle at the site. The youth seemed to take offense at first, but quickly smiled when he realized that he had somehow pleased his keeper.

"Sanzo, what's wrong?" Sanzo looked down at Goku and saw the hurt and confusion in his eyes. The young man couldn't understand why Sanzo kept stopping. Doesn't he want me?

Sanzo moved to continue, but the look in the other's eyes once again drew him away to another place and time.


Tears streamed from those normally radiant eyes and Sanzo jerked his gaze away from the sight only to be greeted with the reason for those tears. He was dying and he couldn't stop it, but he wanted to see the other smile again. One last time before he was gone for good. He asked the other to wait for him, he would return if the other would only wait. The young boy smiled weakly at the thought and that smile was the last thing Sanzo saw before everything faded to black.

Sanzo's head jerked as he recalled the final memory. He looked down at Goku, eyes filled with sadness. "It's you."

Goku looked at Sanzo in confusion. However, he soon grasped the implications of what Sanzo was saying. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words would come.

Sanzo raised a hand and traced it down Goku's face. "I'm sorry." He buried his face in the crook of Goku's neck. "I made you wait so long. I should have come for you sooner."

Goku raised his hand and began to stroke Sanzo's hair soothingly. "It's ok, koi. You're here now. That's all that matters."

Sanzo raised his eyes to meet Goku's and couldn't stop the smirk that rose to his features. "Well damn, you sound so mature when you say that. I almost believed that you had some sense."

Goku pouted and withdrew his hands. "Bastard."

"That's more like the Goku I know." Sanzo gently took Goku's hands and replaced them in his hair. "I like it when you do that, you know."

"Oh, really?" Goku asked as he began to massage Sanzo's scalp with his fingers.

"Yes, really." Sanzo replied softly. He then lowered his face and gently placed his lips over Goku's. The kiss was slow and tender. There was no rush; Sanzo intended to take his time and to show Goku exactly how much he cared.

Goku was almost completely overwhelmed by the kiss. Sanzo wasn't even trying to arouse him, but the emotion that poured into his body from the simple contact absolutely stole his breath away. He entwined his fingers deeper into Sanzo's hair and pulled the other man to him. He couldn't stand to have even a centimeter between them.

Goku was unable to do much more than lie on the ground mewling in pleasure as Sanzo spent what seemed like hours memorizing his body. No more words were exchanged, yet Goku could hear Sanzo through his touches.

With every caress, Goku heard how much Sanzo loved him. When Sanzo kissed him, he felt the wall around his love's heart crumbling slowly and allowing him in. While he stared into those violet eyes, he knew that he would never be alone again. This man above him would love him and cherish him for as long as he had breath in his body. Goku knew he would never again fear Sanzo leaving or forsaking him.

When Sanzo finally entered him, the tears that sprang to his eyes were not triggered by the physical pain he endured; instead they were inspired by the immense feeling of completeness that overcame him. As Sanzo moved inside of him, he could sense how much it pained the other man to have left him alone for so long.

Sanzo gave his apology in the best way he knew how. He gave his all to let Goku know that, if he could have, he would have endured the 500 year imprisonment. He would have done anything to keep Goku from that pain. Sanzo kissed the tears streaming down Goku's face, whispering sweet nothings to him. He seemed to understand what caused them, and was finally able to put into words what he could not say before.

Goku took Sanzo's whispered promises to heart. He wholly put his trust in his love, and knew the other was doing the same. As they both reached completion, Sanzo entwined his hands with Goku's, stifling their cries with his mouth.

They both lay motionless for several minutes breathing each other's air, each blown away by what they had just experienced. In that moment, their souls truly joined, never to be separated again.

Goku slowly opened his previously clenched eyes and stared up at Sanzo's face in wonder. The monk's eyes were still shut, his face practically radiating peace and happiness. Goku let go of Sanzo's hand and almost reverently traced the tear making its way down Sanzo's cheek. He then brought Sanzo's face closer and kissed the trail the tear had left behind.

Sanzo's entire body relaxed in that instant, and he slowly lowered himself, his body molding to Goku's. Neither of them slept this time. They simply laid there, reveling in the presence of the other.


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