Feeling Liquid Velvet

Arha felt the brush of desert thistles upon her ankles. Her black cascades of midnight silk flowed with her matching robes in the eternal night. The Place of the Tombs was full of foreboding images. The moon's ray lit up the desert night, giving light to her pale skin and cold eyes. Yet, she kept a secret deep within her breast that made her very heart beat with anticipation: A condemned man was wondering in the dark under her feet. She couldn't bring herself to release him.at least not yet. The man, who went by the name of Sparrowhawk, laid himself deep within the Rooms of the Great Treasure, where he should be. 'I can't keep him there forever. He would starve. No, he shone light where light is forbidden! The Nameless Ones should eat him!' She argued within her mind.
"I can't let feelings get in the way." Arha whispered to the night and to herself. However, there was another secret she had been keeping from everyone. Deep inside her, an emotion had taken root and is now growing throughout her being. She loved him. Sparrowhawk's tales had enticed her and yet he does not tremble before her, as he should. Even as she keeps his fate in her pale and gentle hands, his stern face stays gentle and serene.
"Why do you torment me so, Sparrowhawk?" She asked the night once more. Again, she received no reply. The wind began to pick up now, bringing the sweet perfume of dying embers. 'Everyone is preparing the lay in the sweet enfolds of sleep. I will not join them.' Slowly, she crept to the red rock to enter the Undertomb, and ultimately, the Labyrinth within.
After finding herself in the Painted Room, she gazed at all the pictures and continued on her journey. After passing the pit full of shadow and darkness, she found herself at the Room of the Great Treasure. She unlocked it with the rarely used key with half a dragon and entered. Sparrowhawk sat in the middle of the room, looking weary, but not full of forlorn.
"Sparrowhawk." She whispered in the darkness. Slowly, she shut the door and approached the mage. She had kept many candles in this room, and taking her time, she lit them all. Still he didn't move. After several vast moments of silence, he spoke.
"Arha, you came here for a different purpose this time." The love in his voice made her flinch slightly.
"How do you know this? You are but a mere man of the evil magic. You are not reborn."
"I know such things." Finally, she looked at his scarred face. Arha's body trembled with a bizarre heated emotion. She sat next to him and brushed out the wrinkles in her onyx robes.
"Call me by my true name. Call me, Ged."
"Ged, I want you to know," Before she could finish, his fingers were touching her lips.
"You don't have to say anything. It has already been said when you let me live. Arha, let me touch your lips and prove to you my emotions are sincere." At this, he kissed her rose petal lips lightly with his. 'Strange this emotion. I feel it beat in his chest at a steady pace.' She thought as he laid her trembling body down upon the dead earth, proving the worth in his words. Ged and Arha felt their lover's liquid velvet.