By: Max Pilote

Disclaimer: First of all, I don't own the rights to Lord of the Rings. I just do this for fun and I'm sure many other people do it. Second, I toy with a few ideas that Tolkien seems to have left vague. It is known that Aragorn was raised in the house of Elrond under the name of Estel. Like many other fanfiction writers out there, I take it that meant Elrond was sort of a father to the young boy, since he was quite young (I think three). There is also an issue regarding Legolas's mother that is never touched. Me? I'm vague on the situation as well and it may confusion you. I think that Legolas's mother passed to the Undying Lands but he considers her dead. Last, we come to the part where Legolas and Aragorn are friends. Legolas seemed to know so much about him (going by the movie for a moment) that I just took them to be old friends. Last, and most likely least, I apologize for any spelling errors and grammatical errors. I also apologize for any inaccuracies in information. I'm pretty sure that covers it all.

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: For a lot of the stories before this one.


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Summary: Years after Aragorn dies, it is time for Legolas to sail to the Undying Lands. He visits the places he and Estel spent their most treasured moments in, getting into trouble one last time before he leaves.



A/N: This is mostly made of flashbacks, so I'm really sorry to anyone who gets confused. If it's in italics, it's a flashback. It is unlikely that you will find any of these scenes in other stories. I didn't put them there.



Chapter One: Remembering

"Are you sure you are going to be all right?" asked the dwarf one last time as Legolas turned to walk away. "It hasn't been that long since Aragorn died. I know you two were close."

The prince nodded, "I will be fine, Gimli. Now return to your home, I am sure there are people waiting for you."

"Where will you go?" asked Gimli, curious.

"I do not know," he answered with a shrug. "I'll probably revisit old memories."


Legolas Greenleaf frowned as he looked out over the elf haven. Everything was so peaceful...and empty. Imladris had long since been abandoned by its inhabitants, but he could still hear them. He could hear Elrohir crying out for his brother when he had fallen into the river, Elladan's shouting for Legolas to get him. Almost like ghosts, he could see Estel running down the steps and greeting him with an excited embrace, talking about how much the prince had been missed or how boring it was without him.

All these things, all these memories served only to make his heart ache. Estel's death was still too close to him. It had been several years, of course, but the grief was still too near. Jumping down from his perch in the tree, he started to the steps of Rivendell.


"How far would you go to protect me?" asked Estel, playing a game he and Legolas had developed over the past month or so.

"To the ends of Middle Earth," replied the prince with a smile.

"Over the mountains?"

"Over the tallest mountains."

"And through the forest?"

"Through the deepest and darkest forest."

"And across the sea?"

"Across a thousand seas."

"But you don't have a boat..."

"I'll build one. Remember, Estel, no matter what stands in my way, I will always be with you. I will always know when you need me and I will always do my best to get to you. It is my promise to you."


Dust had settled on the floors, walls, and any other surface it could cling to. Imladris was truly a city frozen in time. Everything was just as he remembered it, save for a few missing vases and pictures. As he passed the study, Legolas could hear the twins, Elrond, and himself arguing again over something that had long since passed his memory.

"He was beating up Legolas. We couldn't let that happen," stated Elladan, as if the answer were so obvious.

"It didn't call for you and Elrohir to do the same to him," responded the elf-lord firmly.

"Technically, we didn't beat up just him. We beat up his friends, too. Maybe next time they'll think twice before they mess with us."

Legolas chuckled as he stood in the doorway, letting the memory pass. He continued down the hallway and stopped at a particularly battered door. Pieces of the wood were chipped off, ruining the once elaborate decoration on the door. As he opened, its slightly damaged hinges creaked loudly.

It was a typical bedroom. A small jacket hung off the back of a chair pulled away from a desk. The sheets on the bed were halfway thrown off as if someone had gotten out of it just that morning.

"You were never an extremely tidy person, Estel," whispered Legolas as he stood in the middle of the room.

This one bedroom held so many memories, so much spirit and energy. So many things had happened in this room. He could clearly remember some, others were little more than blurs.


The whimpering was growing louder as he slowly walked down the hallway. The prince frowned, hoping Estel was all right. As to not wake anyone, he used the skills taught to him as a warrior to remain silent. As Legolas opened the door, he saw Estel sitting up in bed and crying.

"Estel, mellon nin," whispered the elf, "what troubles you?"

"All the children laugh at me, Legolas. They don't play with me because I'm different," said the child. He threw his arms around Legolas as the elf took a seat on the bed beside the child.

He smiled, "Another bad dream?"

"How did you know?"

"Because every time you have a bad dream, you say that the other children are picking on you," explained the elf. "Remember that dreams are just that and they cannot hurt you."

"You died...and Ada died...and 'Dan and 'Ro died. I was alone...again," said Estel, trembling.

Legolas smiled warmly and pulled the three-year-old child into his arms. He knew what it was like to be alone. He and the human were not as different as he believed.

"You aren't alone, Estel. You will never be alone."


He felt more alone than he had in countless years. Legolas reluctantly moved to the next room he could remember...his own. Every time he came to Rivendell, that was the room he would stay in. It was far neater than Aragorn's room. There was no sign that Legolas had even stayed here. The three sons of Elrond spent so many nights here worrying over their friend. Estel the most loyal.

Legolas turned to leave the room, when he heard footsteps.