++ Pink ++

By Icka! M. Chif

Loki held Laevatein in his hand and simply stared.

It was Pink.

Not Neon Pink, or Fuchsia, or Magenta or any of those bright annoyingly toxic pink colours.

No, this was PASTEL Pink.

Completely, utterly, totally GIRLY pink.

He glanced up at Heimdall, who was rocking back on his heels with a completely too innocent to be believed expression on his face.


"Yes, Loki?"

"I'm going to only ask this once." Loki said slowly.

Heimdall nodded. "Okay."


The Watcher smiled back in return, counting off points on his gloved fingers. "Well, your Shikijin is pink, your mortal girl's hair is pink, I figured why break the trend? So I turned it pink as well."

"...With spray paint."


He wasn't quite sure how Heimdall had gotten his hands on his summoned weapon to begin with, much less found spray paint in such a feminine colour. But he was quite sure of one thing.


"Yes?" The innocent expression was still plastered on Heimdall's face.

"You do realise I'm going to kill you now."

With his Pink Staff of Girliness, even.

Heimdall grinned wolf-like in response, showing fangs. "Bring it on."


Shikijin = Ecchan.

Laevatein = Loki's summoned sythe/staff Thanks to Sapphirus and Tormalyne for finding the name.

This was spawned by a discussion with Dogmatix on what colour Loki's staff is, because I was too lazy to get up and walk into the next room to pick up the manga to check.

For some odd reason, I thought the staff was pink.

Mati thought it was a good idea. ^___^