Chapter 1: Introductions

By: Almicene Melwen

Updated: July 13, 2004

Sirius looked over at his best friend, or rather the tufts of black hair that peaked out under the covers. "Hmm . . . how to wake the dolt up . . ."

"You do realize Padfoot, you could just shake him," Remus commented, as he stepped out of the shower. His amber eyes sparkled with amusement.

"Technically I could Moony . . . but that's just no fun. It's the first day of school, and I have to make it memorable for our new Head Boy! Especially since it's his last night in this room," the seventeen-year-old protested. The raven haired boy sat on his bed, frustrated that no ideas came to him.

Peter, on an adjacent bed, mumbled incoherently and tossed to another side. The excited shout of Sirius startled him, and caused him to hit his head on the bedpost.

"I got it!"

"Damn it Padfoot!" Peter cursed, shooting a dirty look at Sirius.

Sirius smirked, throwing an apologetic look to his roommate, but continued with his new plan. He leapt off his bed and grabbed his smooth mahogany wand. Muttering an incantation, he swished his wand perfectly. A sparkle of light shot out from his wand to James's ear.

The screaming of several teenage girls followed.

"James! Je t'aime!" one voice screamed with a distinctly French accent. (I love you!)

"Jamies!!! Marry me!" shouted another over-zealous high pitched voice.

The lean Gryffindor chaser shot out of bed with a yelp. He frantically looked around, thinking he was back at his house, or rather mansion. The son of a wealthy entrepreneur, James Potter was considered one of the best catches in the wizarding world, much to his chagrin. Worth millions and very elusive, he was highly sought after by photographers and journalists, who all wanted an interview, or at least more than a glimpse beyond the sunglasses and baseball cap he wore to cover his identity. Not one magazine or newspaper had ever published a picture of James. Then again James didn't spend time with anyone in France besides his family.

The reporters never guessed that Harold Potter sent his son to Hogwarts. After all, the Potter family was situated in France, having moved from England several years before becoming multi-millionaires. Beaubeauxtons had been scoured from top to bottom for any sign of Harold Potter's son. They had thought he had taken an alias, but after finding nothing, they concluded James must have been home schooled.

"That was not funny Padfoot," James said icily. Tossing the fallen covers back on his bed, he glared at Sirius and Remus.

"I never knew that girls were your worst nightmare," laughed Sirius.

"Yeah well, you never had to deal with screaming, hysterical women," the wizard muttered grumpily. Wearing only fine silk black boxers, the early morning sun revealed his well-toned body.

James headed for the shower. He turned around, narrowing his eyes. "Do that again, and I'll make sure you find your missing chastity." Smirking at Sirius's shocked expression he slammed the door. Wealth had left its mark on James – he was just a tad bit spoiled despite his parents' efforts.

"You don't think-" Sirius choked, finding his voice.

"I do," said Remus, keeping an amazingly straight face. "That's what you get Sirius for waking up James in the morning. You think you would have learned after 7 years that James is one of the most grumpy people during the early hours."

"Prongs!" Sirius leapt towards the locked door. "You weren't serious buddy, were you?" he asked worriedly. "Prongs?!" He banged on the door as James began singing, purposefully ignoring Sirius.

Lily sighed, combing her silky auburn tresses. She was glad to be back at Hogwarts. Her sister, Petunia had made the summer absolutely dreadful, as usual, parading her new horrid boyfriend around. Lily had tried to be supportive and understanding but Vernon really tested her patience. Making her way to the mirror, the Head Girl glanced at her new room. It was already decorated in plush red and gold colors, having been adjusted for her already.

"You look fantastic dear!" her mirror complemented her. "You could always try leaving it down though . . . might make you look more attractive."

The red-head smiled. "No thanks Mattie." She knew she looked more appealing with her hair down, but she didn't feel like impressing anyone. If she ever dated another guy they would have to like her with her hair up.

Her mirror, which she was named Matilda nodded and smiled wearily – even Head Girls needed to feel beautiful. "Alright dearie. Perhaps some other time then."

Grabbing her book bag after smoothing out her plain black robe she headed out the door. A figure stood waiting outside her room, surprising her.

"Persephone!" Lily cried, clutching her chest. "By Merlin you gave me a good fright!"

Persephone smirked. "It's not my fault you have a terrible memory." The dirty blonde girl started pulling her best friend towards the dining hall. "Come on Lily – I want to get some breakfast before class after all."

"Wait, how did you know where the Head rooms are?" Lily asked suddenly as they walked towards the Great Hall.

The witch suddenly looked uncomfortable and avoided Lily's narrowed eyes. "Uh . . . lucky guess?" she offered sheepishly. "Heh . . . if only you knew Lily what I've been up to! I have my ways . . . granted it's Sirius, but still."

"Seph . . ." Lily warned, wondering if Persephone had blackmailed someone for the information. Although, there was only one other person that should have known about the Head Rooms and that was the Head Boy. She was more than positive that Persephone didn't know James Potter well enough.

"Oh look! There's Remus!" she shouted suddenly, waving at Lily's crush as they were ushered in for breakfast and successfully distracting Lily from questioning her further.

The quiet Remus smiled politely back, offering a nod of his own towards both of the girls. James, Sirius and Peter were all finally awake and chatting amongst themselves as Remus merely enjoyed the peace of the moment. He inhaled sharply and immediately knew what was being served for breakfast, as the werewolf in him gave him sharpened senses.

Lily blushed, her inquisition of Seph temporarily forgotten. "Seph! I can't believe you did that!" she said incredulously. The redhead had developed a small crush on the quiet Remus, who she knew to be more outspoken around people he was comfortable with. Remus was a safe guy, she told herself. He wouldn't hurt anyone, let alone people he cared about. Lily's last relationship had ended badly and caused her to be weary of beginning a new one, especially since she would have a lot more work to do this year.

She spied Sirius Black heading towards Remus and plotted the best way to get Persephone back for embarrassing her. She smirked as the perfect plan came into mind. After all, what was a best friend for?

"Wait a sec," Lily told Persephone. "I need to tie my shoes."

She knew her friend would be too preoccupied with 'not' liking Sirius, as Seph claimed, to notice that her black school shoes were actually tied.

"Sure Lily," Persphone said distractedly, seeing a freshly showered Sirius talk casually to his friends. She quickly turned away, chiding herself for paying too much attention to the boy. She would not be one of the many girls that fawned over him. Sirius's ego was large enough already. The blonde witch turned to Lily and quirked an eyebrow. Her shoes were already tied. She opened her mouth to question the devious witch, but was too slow to ask anything.

After seeing Remus pass first, Lily quickly stood up, shoving Persephone in front of her.

"Watch it!" Persephone said warningly.

"Oh, my apologies Seph," Lily smirked.

"Uh oh . . . what's that smile for?"

Reaching in front of Persephone, Lily pinched Sirius's bum, flashing a quick smile at Seph before disappearing around the corner.

Persephone gasped and Lily left the scene of the crime. And when the raven haired wizard turned around to see exactly who had done it, Lily was no where to be found.

"Persephone?!" asked Sirius shocked. "Wow," he said regaining his cool composure, "I never knew." He smiled and put his arm around the girl. "So how about-"

"I didn't pinch your bum! That's just disgusting!" She protested, blushing furiously. She shoved Sirius's arm off her shoulders. She looked around for Lily.

"Who said anything about pinching my bum?" Sirius raised an eyebrow. He smirked again as there was no one except Persephone around. "Come on darling, it was only a matter of time before you gave in too."

"Yuck," she spat. "I'm going to kill Lily for this."

Sirius stroked her cheek. "Right . . . how about tonight at the-"

"NO!" she shouted, racing off with a very apparent blush staining her cheeks. It was time to escape before she turned redder than a tomato.

"Now that was odd," Sirius remarked to himself, not seeing the Head Girl snickering in the shadows outside the door.

Lily began to head to the Gryffindor table when a gentle arm stopped her. Looking from the hand on her shoulders, she traced it to a very handsome wizard. The light black framed glasses around his eyes only enhanced their hazel color. She tried to fight the blush creeping on her cheeks, knowing that he must have seen what had happened.

"I'm impressed," he said finally, keeping his eyes on her. James smiled at her and she dropped her gaze. Lily ground her foot into the floor in nervousness. Was he going to take house points off for a simple prank? "To think you're the Head Girl too."

Yep, she was definitely in trouble. But it was just a stupid prank! "Just take the stupid points off already!" She looked up, impatient and angry at being toyed with. "I don't have all day for you to take off points . . ." "Crap . . . I can't believe I forgot his name already." She looked at his shiny Head Boy badge and her eyes widened in surprise. This was the Head Boy?

"James Potter," he said with a tiny smile gracing his lips. "That's unusual . . . to have people not know who I am. Finally." He removed his hand from her petite shoulders and offered it to her.

She shook it. "Lily Evans. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get some food while breakfast is still being served."

"Not very patient are you," James reprimanded, amusement dancing in his eyes.

"Not with people like you. Good day," she responded with a quick smile. He was momentarily taken back and Lily took the opportunity to escape by ducking beneath his outstretched arm. She turned her back to James as she walked besides the tables towards Persephone. If only she could bring people like James down a notch every day. So that was the James Potter girls talked about in class occasionally. He wasn't as perfect as they made him seem. For one thing he couldn't even come up with a proper reply! To think he was smitten with just a smile. There was definitely no hope for him and unfortunately no

"Wow . . ." James thought as he watched the red-head find her friend. Lily Evans was definitely a name worth remembering.

James spotted Sirius, who wore a look of confusion and happiness on his face. Walking over, James wrapped an arm around his mate and led him towards the Gryffindor table, since apparently Sirius was having trouble even walking. "What's gotten you so preoccupied?"

Sirius gave James a grin. "Do you even have to ask?"

"Oh right, girls again eh? So who's the next victim dare I ask?" James said, remembering all the troubles Sirius got into with girls. Unlike Sirius, James had learned from his best friend's mistakes and avoided the major mishaps of things like dating two girls at once because you forgot you were dating one, forgetting what she looked like, and James's personal favorite – breaking up with a girl by avoiding her until she got the hint. Sirius never intentionally hurt them, but somehow he always managed to anyways.

"Hey!" Sirius shot James a playful dirty look. "You make it sound like I'm a murderer."

"Well you are. You butcher their poor hearts," James said, dramatically throwing one hand over his heart. "It's amazing they don't die on the spot."

Sirius punched James in the arm lightly. "Well you can ask the girls; they all feel honored to have me as their boyfriend." The two sat down at the table, grabbing scones and biscuits from the large basket in the center. Remus and Peter were seated across from them, watching the entertainment in front of them.

James snickered. "Is that before or after they've had you as a boyfriend?"

Sirius growled very doglike, a side effect of being an Animagus. "Oh bugger off James. When you accidentally get two girlfriends at once then you can tell me off. Until then, you won't realize how hard it is. I don't see why it hasn't happened to you. I mean after all you've got your choice of girls here and in France."

James replied in between bites of his breakfast, "Sirius, you don't get two girlfriends accidentally. I make sure I know exactly who I'm dating and who I'm not. Perhaps you should do the same."

Their argument was stopped by a fluttering of wings as many owls swooped in to find their recipient of their package or letter. A particularly majestic owl stopped in front of James to drop a small letter from his parents and sent what could only be described as an owl glare at Sirius before swooping off. It looked quite odd flying off as it was missing its tail feathers.

A small owl dropped a letter gently into Remus's lap and also one to Peter. It was the Pettigrew family owl that Remus's mother often used to send a small note to Remus every once in a while. Sirius just watched everything with a neutral expression, as he knew he would receive nothing from the family that had disowned him. One day, he promised himself, he would show them exactly how wrong they were for their prejudices.

James tossed his package to Sirius. "I know you like opening them," he offered as an explanation. He received a grateful look in a return. Sirius tore open the package and handed James the letter inside. The box was filled with James's and Sirius's favorite French sweets.

"Dear James and Sirius," read James, "We wanted to send you a little back to school treat, so here it is! Be on your very best behavior. Congratulations to the both of you for making it to your last year. See you at the winter holidays. Love, Mum and Dad." James scanned to the bottom of the note quickly and noticed a P.S. "P.S. Feel free to go to any of the shops in Hogsmeade to get new robes, brooms, school supplies and the like. We already have an account set up for the both of you at any of the stores."

"Aww . . ." mocked Sirius, hiding how grateful he really was to the Potters. They treated him like a second son, never making him feel like an outsider. Every holiday he was given the same treatment as James.

James gave him a pointed look. "That note was directed at you too, so I wouldn't be making too much fun of it now."

"But seriously that was nice of your parents. I'll have to write a thank you note sometime."

James laughed. "No you don't, they also wrote: 'P.P.S. No need to 'thank' us Sirius. Poor Albion is still recovering from the last 'thank you' note you sent us.'" James's parents were referring to the time that Sirius had felt the need to give them proper thanks. He included one of his special fireworks inside the note as a gift. Unfortunately the owl had not made it all the way to the Potters before the firework had gone off. Needless to say, Albion had avoided Sirius since, especially since his tail feathers had just begun to grow back.

Sirius shot a glare at James, who subsequently chuckled softly.

Meanwhile a few seats down a young redheaded witch heard the laugh and quickly glanced in the direction. She studied James for a second and let her lips curve up into a small smile. Then just as quickly, she refocused her attention on her conversation with Persephone.