Characters owned by Nintendo: SSBM crew, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Lilina, Priscilla, Pokey

Characters owned by me: Landlord, Reed, Susanna, Mr. Binko, Albert, Jack, Blackman, Ms. Lump, King Starman


In the year 20XX, King Starman has gained power and caused destruction in Eagleland. Everyone is at war with the evil forces of King Starman. This war had lasted for days and seems to won't stop. King Starman is growing more stronger than before, he is became more deadly. What will the world do?

Chapter 1: Discovery of the Weapons

Falco: I'm stressing out! The world is in danger of getting conquered, our house is nowhere near completion, and we don't know what to do about this hole on the wall!

Mario: They don't-a have a wooden frame theez big.

Reed: I actually like this hole.

Falco: And what will you do when we move out someday?

Reed: I'll make sure your house is never complete.


Ness: Tell him I'm home.

Young Link (YL): He's in the room.

Pokey: You think you can fool me? Ness had surely escaped before I come. He must be out there somewhere! (Runs off)

Ness: I knew it would work.

Some guy: We are assassins send by King Starman to eliminate you!

Ness: Want to fight?

Some guy: Die!

Priscilla: We're under attack! I need to change first!

Marth: We'll gladly take down all of you!

The good guys fought off the bad guys. Then Priscilla comes dressing as a soldier.

Priscilla: Who wants to die first?

Marth: We got rid of them already.

Some days later...

Zelda: When will the house be finished?

Worker: We're 55% done.

Zelda: Close enough. Keep up the work.

Boss: I'm in a really good mood today! I got all out of the lice on my head. Boy, do I feel good! Let's get working!

Zelda: Time to go.

Zelda ran into a bad guy.

Bad guy: You, Smasher! Die!

Zelda: Din's Fire!

Bad guy: Ouch! Hot!

Zelda: That should do.

Back at the apartment....

Ness: Beat you again!

YL: No!!!! I hate racing in Rainbow Road!!!!

Ness: I'm too good with the combination of Mario and Bowser!

Roy: You all must help me!

Game & Watch (G&W): Yeah?

Roy: Those wicked men! They caught Lilina!!!!!

Peach: That's horrible!

Bowser: We must rescue our friend!

Roy: They caught her at the ice-cream bar.

They went to the ice-cream bar.

Seller: Those bad guys went to that warehouse.

Roy: Quick!

In the warehouse...

Roy: Ms. Lump!

Ms. Lump: I'm here to fight off these bad guys and get Lilina back!

Mr. Binko: I will assist you, my love!

Bad guy: You're here!

Mewtwo: Heartless fiend! Return the prisoner!

Bad guy: Only if you can beat me! I am good with the sword!

Link: Try and beat me!

Roy: I'll fight him myself!

Roy and the bad guy had a swordfight. The bad guy is really good and Roy doesn't have a chance.

Bad guy: Give up now!

Roy: I must rescue Lilina!

Bad guy: Die!

Link: Not so fast!!!! (strikes)

Link stabs the bad guy through the forehead.

Bad guy: Ugh! (dies)

Link: That taught you!

Roy: Lilina! Where are you?

???: Here she is.

Samus: King Starman...

King Starman (KS): I'll return the girl. I thought this magical girl would be useful, but I was wrong. She's nothing more than a crybaby.

Roy: Lilina!

Lilina: Don't worry, I'm all right.

KS: You shall all perish in a world filled with war!

Bowser: We'll never let this happen!

KS: Try and stop me! (teleports off)

Ganondorf: Get back here!


Bowser: Is there anyway to stop King Starman?

Samus: He's really powerful.

Ganondorf: Of course, I can. But only when I transform into Ganon.

Landlord: Smashers, there's a hand outside wanting to see you.

Master Hand: Greeting, Smashers!

Mario: Where have ya been?

Master: I have been traveling around the world. I have saw how the world is suffering from King Starman. It seems that his evil powers have spread all over Tooneria. Evil men and monsters and appearing all over the world!

Luigi: But we can't stop him. He's way too powerful.

Master: The only thing that can stop him now are the 26 legendary weapons.

Link: Legendary weapons?

Lilina: 1000 years ago, 26 brave heroes fought to save the world from evil powers. Those weapons are hidden all over the world. I know that there are 5 of them in Eagleland.

Pikachu: We can go get the weapons and destroy King Starman!

Captain Falcon (CF): Why wait? Let's get moving!

Lilina: I have this big book about legends. It shows all the locations of the legendary weapons. The first two are located in Peaceful Valley.

Ness: It's not that far. Let's go!

Master: But the weapons are out of special powers, therefore, it is very weak. But maybe I can power it up again.

Mewtwo: Who cares? Let's get going!

So the Smashers went to Peaceful Valley.

This is bound to be a long story. To be continued...