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Final Chapter: Peace Returns

King Starman and all his evil followers are finally defeated, so peace has returned to the world. The Smasher got onto the Final Destination and set off for Eagleland. On the way, they drop Chris behind in Johto, his homeworld. Soon...

Kirby: It's good to be back.

Pikachu: Ten Lives Apartment is still well.

Landlord: Oh, you're all back.

Reed: Had a great time out there?

Susanna: Just look at you all, wounds everywhere. You gotta clean yourself.

Priscilla: Hi...

Mr. Binko: Hell O! Welcome back!

And so...

Falco: The hole is still here...

Reed: The landlord didn't find out yet.

Peach: Let's go check our house.

At the construction site

Zelda: Are you guys working?

Worker: We're very sorry. Because of the evil stuffs going on, our boss is in bad mood, so work is going slow. It's just 60% finished.

Peach: When will we ever return to our own home?

And so, the world is at peace. Who knows? Evil powers might return to the world again. Until then, let the Smashers have some rest. Master Hand has stored the legendary weapons away, it will only be used when the time comes...


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