Training Day

Chapter 1 - Kat Fight

Hawkgirl and Diana watched as Batman and John sparred inside a boxing ring setup in the gymnasium of the Watchtower. Since both men were practicing their last ditch martial arts skills John did not use his power ring and Batman did not use any of his gadgets. Though Batman retained his familiar mask cowl they both wore only boxing gloves and shorts, and wore no shoes. It was a well balanced kickboxing session of two minute rounds with a little rest in between.

Both women watched avidly the athletic prowess of the two competitors. It was somewhat thrilling to see how both men sparred intensely in the absence of their usual powerful weapons of combat. After twenty agreed rounds of flips, kicks, punches and throws the two shook hands and agreed that they had had a mutually beneficial experience.

As John jumped over the ropes and out of the ring Hawkgirl greeted him with a towel and a water bottle.

"You didn't look to bad in there, Lantern," she said while wiping his chest and back. "Learn anything new?"

"Yeah," said John after taking a quick squirt from the bottle. "Batman's one tough old dude."

They both laughed and looked to see Batman shadow boxing in the ring while Diana watched him.

"Well, I'm going to hit the showers," said John.

"Let me help you out of those," Shayera offered and proceeded to unlace John's gloves.

When John had departed Hawkgirl took a look at the heavy training bag suspended from the ceiling and gave it an impromptu roundhouse kick that resounded with a solid "Whump!"

"Hey, Hawkgirl," Batman called from within the ring. "Why don't you put on the gloves and spar with me for a few rounds. Let's see how you fight without the mace. I also want to see how you fight when you can't fly. You might break a wing someday or get in an unarmed fight in some enclosed space."

"You've already gone several rounds with John," Hawkgirl said. "It wouldn't be fair."

"She's probably just scared," said a voice from behind Hawkgirl. "These Thanagarians are supposed to be tough, but judging by her wings she's just a little 'chicken'. Ha-ha!"

Hawkgirl whirled around in a fury to see Katma Tui standing at the entrance to the gym, still laughing. Shayera was more than livid when she walked up to the apparently untimidated Green Lantern and stood mere inches from her face.

"You wanna try me?" Hawkgirl snarled barely able to contain her rage.

"As a matter of fact I do, Chickie." Katma walked smoothly around Hawkgirl and floated over the ropes into the ring. "Batman will you be my second?"

Batman appraised the situation and smiled. "Sure. No power ring?"

"No," said Katma confidently as she took off her power ring and handed it to Batman. She then turned and regarded Hawkgirl who was now flying into the ring. "I won't need it."

J'onn, who had come into the gym behind Katma Tui, agreed to be Hawgirl's second and began helping her put on John's sparring gloves.

"Hawkgirl," J'onn said as he taped up her hands before lacing up the gloves. "There is something I think you should know."

"Not now, J'onn. I'm gonna knock her block off." Shayera looked over her shoulder to see Katma dancing back to forth to warm up as Batman laced up her gloves.

"She asked about the relationship between you and John," J'onn began again.

Hawkgirl looked at J'onn and smiled. "And?" she asked. "Lace them good and tight. I want her to feel each punch."

"And she seemed to be aware of the Thanagarian custom of competing for partners," J'onn continued. "About how a woman on Thanagar has the right to hand-to-hand combat with any other woman who might wish to challenge her relationship with a chosen male."

"And she understands that?" Hawkgirl asked with surprise. "This is perfect."

"I sense that she thinks that you are, if you will forgive the expression, intruding in on her 'territory."

"Her terriritory?" Hawkgirl scoffed. "Why that stuck up prima donna. Who does she think she is? If anyone is intruding…"

"She seems to be quite competitive in this regard," J'onn interrupted. "I don't think she is comfortable with your relationship with John while she still has… I sense jealousy."

"Well she shouldn't have left then," Hawkgirl smiled slyly. "Now she is the challenger to what I have, and I have the right to defend."

"Be careful, Hawkgirl," J'onn advised. "She is quite determined to eliminate you by your own practices. She appears to be quite knowledgeable about you.

"Then she should know that female hawks are the most competitive of the avian species," Shayera used her right leg to send three quick side kicks into the air to warm up. "Don't you see ,J'onn? I could not have asked for a better scenario. I knew she was going to try to cause problems from the moment I laid eyes on her. Now I can pound that arrogant ring bearer into the ground and have her completely out of the picture finally."

Diana, acting as referee, met Hawkgirl and Katma in the center of the ring.

"Okay, you know the rules." Diana began. "No biting, hair-pulling, eye gouging and no flying. Protect yourself at all times."

When the first bell sounded the two fighters met in the middle and Hawkgirl threw a straight right that missed Katma very cleanly. Katma countered with a right cross that hit Shayera in the side of head and sent her flying into the restraining ropes.

"This is going to be easier than I thought," Katma laughed as Hawkgirl straightened up and threw two alternating side kicks that missed their target as Katma dodged away. "Your street fighting is no match for a real professional, you silly goose."

"Is that so?" Hawkgirl asked while advancing forward to line up Katma for a solid strike. "Then why would you say it is that I already have defeated a bar full your Green Lantern 'professionals?' Huh?"

Hawkgirl threw a right roundhouse kick that Katma rapidly ducked under. As Shayera's foot came down Katma pushed out a quick sweep that knocked Hawkgirl off balance and to the ground.

"I would say," Katma said standing over Hawkgirl with hands on her hips. "That that was because I wasn't there, bird brain."

Hawkgirl shot up quickly and charged Katma Tui, grabbed her, and pushed her into the ropes. Katma slid to the left, and as she quickly sidestepped, threw a quick jab that connected with the right side of Hawkgirl's chin as Shayera turned to face her rapid opponent.

"That's for you, little birdy," Katma goaded.

Hawkgirl lashed out with a right cross that if it had connected would have knocked her competitor out cold, but Katma had the length of the ring to her back and just retreated with well honed agility.

"You are too awkward and clumsy," Katma laughed. "Instead of hawk they should call you Ostrichgirl."

Hawgirl lunged forward, but waited to judge the distance correctly. She really wanted to land her strongest punch or kick on Katma's head. She threw a jab that Katma blocked with her right hand and then threw a strong right that Katma slipped her head to the inside of. The narrow miss to Katma's head encouraged Shayera to try it again right away so after the set up jab Hawkgirl threw it the right punch again. Katma this time slipped outside Shayera's punch with surreal speed and countered with a quick left jab, again to Hawkgirl's chin.

The jabs were not hurting Hawkgirl but she was becoming more furious with each strike by Katma was able to make that she was unable to give back.

Like a twisting tornado Hawkgirl threw a quick left, right left combination of hooks at Katma Tui's head all of which Katma ducked under individually. She then tried a high and then a low kick to Katma's body that Katma just backed away from rapidly.

"Come on! Stand still and fight!" Hawkgirl shouted out, thoroughly enraged.

Katma then calmly stood still and made a "come here gesture" with a gloved hand.

"No you come for me," Katma laughed. "But you couldn't catch a worm with those slow claws, you sickly little Sparrowgirl."

Hawkgirl marshalled all her speed into a snap kick that caught Katma on one the thigh. Katma yelped. Instead of going with a rapid follow up Shayera spun on her heel and swung a high kick, but Katma ducked under and push blocked with her right arm, shoving an off balance Shayera to the floor.

"Face it, Tweety bird. I am faster, better coordinated and much smarter than you ever will be," Katma sneered derisively. "Every great man deserves to have a first class, high class woman by his side. You are simply second rate."