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Bittersweet. Bittersweet was the way things were. When she looked into his eyes it was bittersweet; those perfect emotion lacking, yet awe-inspiring, and well, bittersweet deep-sea, indigo eyes. Bitter; he would never look at a fifteen-year-old girl like her, she was his favourite torturee. Sweet, sweet as honey was that elated feeling that overtook her heart and tummy every time she saw him or thought of him; the feeling that caused her to- (AN: You wish! But we can't start here. Nope! This was the beginning too, but there were another beginnings back in time. So, REWIND: back hours, back days; back weeks...until those times...)

Irritation, Aggravation.

Irritation when a moon-shaped alarm clock drilled its bell. Irritation when she punched it quiet and her hand hurt like hell. Irritation when she sat up to caress her aching hand and she noticed that the tiny tip of the Moon- clock was broken. Irritation when she stands up to pick her favourite clock and her foot accidentally steps of Luna's tail, causing the cat to scratch her. Irritation when she finally sets the clock on her nightstand and realises that she was going to be late... again! Irritation when she has to hurry in the shower, when dressing, and doing her hair. Irritation when she runs downstairs and only has time to kiss her mother goodbye, and shout her father a "Good Morning", and grab a toast on her way out the door. Irritation when she dashes the normal route to school. Irritation when it has been happening every single day of her life for the past four years.

Aggravation when she turns around the corner hoping against hope for it not to happen. Aggravation when she once again collided with him, and then falls hard on her bum on the cement floor. Aggravation when this ritual has been repeated everyday for the past year. Aggravation when she knows whom she had collided with. Aggravation when she knows what's about to come...

"Hi Meatball Head! Up and running so early, eh?" he smirked, with evil dancing all over his eyes and mouth, while Serena sighed. Why her? Could she be truly the ugliest girl in the world? "Is it a food sale or summer school?"

Serena just groaned and stepped aside from him. She would never admit it, because that would be the key to a ton more of teasing. Aggravation! She started up her dash again.

"I guess it's summer school then," she heard him laugh. He had guessed it right, and she thanked her not-so-lucky-stars that she hadn't turned to reveal the flush of humiliation in her face. A flush that would assure him that he was right. Oh the aggravation!

Needless to say, summer school was a pain to Serena today too. She arrived late again. Had Darien not collided with her she would have come early enough to slip into her bench unnoticed. Sometimes she wondered if Darien actually was at that corner, at that time, just to crash into her and mess up whole day. But she came in late and was in the detention list again. The rest of the day consisted of reviewing things she supposedly had studied during the 8th grade year that had ended. And after burning way too many brain-cells during the hard school day, she still had detention to live through. Luckily, she wasn't the only one; there were some other students and among them was one of her best friends, Lita.

The tall, brown haired, green-eyed Lita was in detention for a much different cause than Serena. Lita was strong and short tempered, not as much as Raye but short tempered enough, and today, she had namely beat the crap off a boy that put her intelligence question publicly. Serena thought that it was nice to have Lita with her in detention since it took away the boringness of that "period". They spent their time passing notes and trying to not laugh out loud (to not wake the sleeping teacher) until the half hour was over.

Serena stepped from hell right into heaven when she stepped out of the school building along, right behind Lita. They were on their way to the Crown Centre, where she would meet the girls, order her chocolate milkshake from Andrew, and see dreamy, cool, perfect Darien- no hang on there, she thought she'd studied too much today, no doing homework: her brain was too delirious, it needed to relax a bit!

Darien! Oh, that jerk! Why did he always have to pick on her? Why did he never pick on Lita? She had worse grades than Serena, and ate almost as much as Serena. But she didn't klutz out, and Lita was strong, she remembered, she could beat Darien up anytime she felt like it. She imagined Lita beating poor, helpless, Darien up, and then she giggled at the scene in her head! No wonder he didn't bug Lita!

Still why couldn't Lita defend her from Darien as she defended her from other school brats? Why couldn't Lita just walk up to Darien and knock him out? Serena knew the answer. Because Lita found the Serena and Darien Verbal War was hilarious. She wasn't the only one who laughed the crap outta herself when Serena once again lost a battle. Mina, Raye, and even Amy laughed without control at Serena's incapacity of ever winning a verbal fight. The whole arcade laughed, in fact, Serena and Darien had a special public; people that were at the Crown Centre at the same time everyday to watch the "Meatball Head-Jerk Comedy Show" live.

Serena frowned at her thought, and made a mental note to remember to kneel and say "thank you" to her public when Darien nonchalantly walked away from the arcade.

The walk from Crossroads Junior High School to the Crown Centre wasn't long, and she was approaching the wonderful slide doors rather quickly. She stepped into the arcade and her heart went boom! ... As everyday, it was soaring only to be sunken by Darien, but that wasn't on the agenda until after she'd finished her chocolate milkshake.

"Hi girls," Serena chipped in union with Lita to the three girls sitting by the counter. "Hi Andrew!" she went on giving a smile brighter than the brightest star.

"Hi Serena" the girls and Andrew greeted back at their own tempo until finally Raye pronounced "Hi Meatball Head!" Raye was the only one, except the inventor of the name himself that called her that. Just like Darien Raye fought with her almost every day, and just like with Darien she still loved the girl- hang on there; she meant UNLIKE Darien she still loved Raye and thought of her as one of her best friends. And totally unlike Darien, she knew that deep down Raye loved Serena (AN: as friends you know!) and would give up her life for her. Why was she comparing Raye with Darien of all people? In fact why was Darien on her mind at all... almost all the time? Ok, she admitted not very proudly, she thought he was hot...drop dead gorgeous. But that didn't mean anything, right? He was just a jerky, hot, smart, gorgeous, flawless, college student that she wished would- oh there she went again! She rolled her eye and shrugged.

She sipped the last of her chocolate milkshake, and looked up to see the slide doors retract and making way to- well, what do you know? It cannot be coincidence, as well timed as everything goes. I mean everyday the same old story; Serena finishes her milkshake and barely has time to say a word to Andrew or her friends when he comes in through those (now) dreadful doors. She wondered if Darien sat outside to see exactly when he should make his entrance to annoy her. But she ended up deciding that he wouldn't waste so much time on a girl enemy like her. It's God that doesn't like her, so he puts her through this (AN: Hai! *grin* and God is me!)!

"Hello Meatball Head!" this famous line broke Serena from her philosophic world. His voice was so... so... well, gorgeous, sleek, and perfect, but she should, she could, she would resist that sensation in the stomach and give him a good combat- not!

"Don't call me that!" she uttered angrily, another famous line. Serena could practically set a copyright of those four words! "My name is Serena!" she said raising her voice- yet another famous line but certainly not the last. "Repeat after me: Se-re-na."

"Meat-ball-Head!" Darien "repeated" triumphantly.

"Argh, 'are you stupid or just incredibly lazy'?" she asked; the same question Darien had snapped the first day they met when she had accidentally thrown a math test, rated 30%, at his head.

Darien smiled in the recognition of this line, and opened his mouth to make way to his answer. "Unlike *you*, Meatball Head, who are, for that matter, both of them, I'm incredibly *smart*!"

"Then what part of Serena don't you understand?" she questioned his irately.

"The why part," Darien shot casually, while people in the arcade laughed.

"Because. It. Is. My. Official. NAME!" she explained fuming; at that moment she just wanted to jump on Darien and choke him to death.

"I don't believe, you'll have to prove it! Until you show the proof you're still Meatball Head!" he shrugged drinking up a cup of coffee that Andrew had put out for him. "By the way, do you even know what 'official' means?" he went on after a short pause...and people laughed...

"I HATE You, Jerk!" Serena bellowed. She had just lost the battle again. This famous line signalled Serena waving the white flag.

At this point Serena's mood would be too spoiled to remember her mental note, but Darien would go all quiet for a while. Probably enjoying his triumph until the last minute. Then he'd exchange a few words with Andrew, while the girls sat by the counter and still giggled: the after-effects of a great laugh, and Serena would release her aggravation and money at a Sailor V game. Then Darien would aloofly stand up, walk to the *relieving* slide doors, and just before they closed behind him he would manage a "Bye Meatball Head, see you on the pavement" for a good bye. Then Serena would look up from the game and shout a "See you in Hell!" Then she'd look down at her game screen and find out that she died- only one point from finishing the game. Aggravating!

But now the worst was over and she would calmly and cheerfully join her friends who were now serious and then they would walk to the Cherry Hill Temple, Raye's place. On the way they would talk and giggle about neighbourhood gossip, superstar gossip, boy gossip- yeah, any kind of gossip.

When they reached the temple, they sat down for their normal five minutes meeting to discuss what they were going to do for the rest of the afternoon. This meeting was accompanied with Japanese tea and snacks that Raye's grandpa had prepared for them. Of course, the snacks were not as great as Lita's (the groups legitimate cook), but the girls barely had time to taste it before Serena dumped it all into her own mouth.

"I wonder why you're not fat, Meatball Head!" groaned Serena's fiery friend, "As much as you eat, you should become a Sumo player!"

"It's called quick metabolism, Pyro!" Serena shouted with her mouth full.

"Do you even know what that means?" Raye shot. Serena was fuming and you could see smoke coming from her ears- literally! Why did everyone think that she was so stupid she didn't know any big words? So that was when Amy, sweat dropping, decided to go on with the meeting.

"We need to have a study session today because I'm only 7 chapters ahead."

"But Amy, we're on vacation," Mina tried to object.

"Speak for yourself, Mina," Lita said, "I'm actually planning to get into ninth grade in autumn, so I guess studying wouldn't do me harm, besides we have an exam in a few weeks. So I ought to use some help."

"Yeah, well I also need to study," Raye added. Serena guessed that it was more to annoy her than for the reason she was going to give them. "There's a karate competition coming up in two months, and I need to study some theory."

"So a vote," Serena called gleefully, already knowing the winners, "every one who wants to study say 'no'!"

The girls giggled. Amy, Lita, and Raye all said "no", and only Mina and she said "yes". This trick had worked before, but she guessed she had used it too many times; she had to come up with a new trick.

"Sere, you can study with me," Mina suggested genuinely, "About the factors of lotion creams, and products of beauty, and of course, the quotients of fashion, you know..."

Serena lit up; this was going to be a fun study session, after all. "Not to mention the exponent ional gossip and the sum of quizzes!" she agreed lying on her belly next to Mina who opened a math book, and on top of it she placed a Seventeen Magazine. And there, the two girls secretly had fun while Amy caught up with her eight chapters she was missing, Lita laboured to understand her homework, and Raye was snoring in a sleep of boredom.

Serena didn't feel sorry for Raye. Who told Raye to go against her, anyway? The vote depended solely on Raye and today she chose to be bored. Serena smiled with satisfaction.

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ I have to add that I couldn't resist putting in that "see you on the pavement thing" in this fic cuz it was so funny. It's not my invention (I admit it honestly); I got the idea from a fan fic which I read a long time ago.