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The sunlight flitted through the shadows of the cave, reflecting off various gold crowns and chests. Firethroat opened her emerald eyes, and look contentedly around her cave. This was the hard work of over 50 years. A shame Luster had been cut off from the human realm. She could use some more treasure.

Firethroat stretched her wings so they scraped the top of her cave, and then settled down again. As her eyes began to close, she saw a shadow flit across the wall opposite her. She tested the air with her tongue, and did not detect anything foreign.

She closed her eyes again. A wind swept past her. Alerted, she stood up and surveyed the cave. Everything was as it should be.

Unsettled, Firethroat rose and walked out into the sunlight. She looked into the deep blue of the Bay of Luster. The sun reflected off her scarlet scales, casting beams of light down the mountain. Before her stood the vast forest of Mindalae, its tall trees casting dark shadows through the woods. (A/N: I know the forest isn't called Mindalae, but I had to think of something.)

At the entrance to the woods there were two pale white stones, almost the height of Firethroat herself. These stones marked off the path that would not get you lost. As Firethroat sat, gazing at these stones, she noticed something she had never seen before. There appeared to be etchings on the stone.

Rising up, Firethroat approached the stones. There were markings etched on the stones. Yet even with the gift of tongues, Firethroat could not decipher the message. These must be incredibly old. Examining the stone, Firethroat realized that no where in Luster was there a place where you could find stones like this. To be sure, she decided to visit Flickerfoot at the palace. Flickerfoot had been a wanderer, maybe she would know.

Firethroat opened her great wings and rose into the air. Huge and menacing in appearances, Firethroat was the largest and oldest of all the dragons in Luster. Her lair sat on the edge of a cliff, which could be accessed on foot only through the Forest of Mindalae, so she rarely had visitors.

Unlike the other six dragons of Luster, Firethroat was well informed on the affairs of the unicorns. Long ago the unicorns had assisted the dragons in a battle of the Arkan. Despite these, a rivalry had developed between them. After meeting Cara, Firethroat was able to overcome the differences. The other dragons, on the other hand, were still defiant and rebellious against the dragons.

Firethroat changed direction, and headed towards the Palace. It shimmered like a crystal across the waters of the Bay of Luster. In the corner of her eyes, she watched as the green dragon Melicamp and the orange dragon Eregath fished in the bay. The smallest of the dragons, Melicamp and Eregath were the shyest, and were rarely seen by anyone other than another dragon. (A/N-yea, I made these up too.)

Soon the palace was at her feet. She landed, and approached the unicorn guards. The unicorns stared ahead, past her, and did not object when she entered the palace. Something is not right here though Firethroat. Even as a friend, she was usually asked her business at the palace. The unicorns seem distracted somehow. A little wary and very suspicious, Firethroat continued down the Long Hall into the Queen's Room. Her footsteps echoed heavily, the palace seemed deserted.

Firethroat entered into the Queen's Room where Flickerfoot sat on a bed of wisteria. Flickerfoot did not even acknowledge Firethroat, when Firethroat saluted her. Suddenly Firethroat was aware of someone watching her. She spun around, and was face to face with Beloved.

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