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"Well, well, well, what have we here?" Beloved snarled. Panicked, Firethroat rose into the air, as to give her an advantage over Beloved.

"Sorry dear dragon," Beloved said sarcastically, "That isn't going to work!" She lifted her hand and flicked it carelessly at Firethroat. Firethroat's wing grew heavy. Panting and beating hard, Firethroat slowly sank to the ground, her wings lying limply against her sides, useless.

"Now, we can talk business." Beloved took a step forward and patted Firethroat on the nose. Disgusted, Firethroat emitted some smoke from her nostrils. Beloved just smiled smugly.

"Wonder where your little unicorn friends are?" Beloved paced in front of Firethroats nose. A pair of men came up from behind Beloved, still and looming.

Beloved produced a large amethyst, like that on Firethroat's brow.

"Look into the amethyst." Beloved thrust the ruby into Firethroat view.

Suddenly Firethroat was surrounded by a land of purple. The trees, grass, flowers and sky were all shades of purple. Firethroat flexed her wings, and rose into the air, surprised that she could. As she flew higher, she saw a giant corral of wood, or what she thought was wood, surrounding a large wooded area. In between the trees, she caught glimpses of the creamy white coats of unicorns.

Thrust out of the purple world, Firethroat was once again facing Beloved. Again she looked into the stone.

This time she saw Flickerfoot, alone in a dark cave. Lining the cave were small torches, a flickering lavender glow. The tip of Flickerfoot's horn was broken off, a jagged silhouette against the light wall. She was crying, gentle amethyst tears cascading down her white cheeks. In Firethroat's mind, she heard a plea for help. Please, Firethroat, find what the stones say, and you will be able to free us.

A loud crack brought Firethroat out of the world again. Beloved's face, once smug had turned angry.

"What did she say to you? I know she told you something." Beloved demanded.

Firethroat's mind was racing. What could she say to Beloved?

In perfect human tongue Firethroat replied, "She asked me 'Why are we here, do you know?' That is all she said." (A/N: sorry this is so lame.)

Beloved looked at Firethroat suspiciously.

"Well, you are going to be the one who rounds up all the unicorns for us." Beloved's hands moved in an elaborate pattern. Smoke began to rise, clouding Firethroat's vision and her mind.

Now you will listen to me! And you can't hide your thoughts from me. I know everything about you!

Frantically, Firethroat walled off what Flickerfoot had really said to her.

Damn you dragon! Beloved roared. Never mind. I will be able to break through that wall. For now, I'll focus on forcing you to do my will.

Firethroat's crimson flanks shuddered; her great scarlet claws scraped the floor. Beloved (her physical form), and the hunter's stepped back. Rising on her hind legs Firethroat roared. Fire spewed out of her mouth, and smoke swirled, thickening around Beloved and the Hunters. She came crashing down onto all four legs, shaking her head in anger.

Ha, you'll never be able to undo this spell, unless I undo it myself . . . Beloved screamed and was thrown onto the ground. The Hunter's rushed to her aid. Quickly, Firethroat spread her wings, and flew through the palace.

"After her!" Beloved's voice bounced down the long corridor as Firethroat freed herself from the castle, and sped quickly towards the home of Landwing. Landwing was a recluse unicorn; Beloved could not have possibly known she existed.

The hunter's raced down the hall after, but they were no match for Firethroat's speed. Firethroat could easily outdistance them, as she soared to Landwing, her last hope

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