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                                    Now or never and maybe forever

                                                Chapter 1: Goodbye

It was a clear day under the almost Tuscan sun, what a hot day it and to be training? Argh Naruto could find himself ready to take the heavy orange jacket off, but no he had to keep himself focus for once. Wow he was really going to be focus what such any odd for anyone to think of especially the black hair boy that was looking over the training. That dobe, he's a baka too now that I think of it. He really thinks he can get better? A small chuckle passed through the cold-hearted boy as he continued to watch from the safety of his perch.

Punch, kick, duck, kick, and argh…he finally fell over staring up at the unusual hot sun curing randomly at it. He didn't even think of the other's chakra that was above him that was until Sasuke landed, gracefully, beside the blonde hair boy. His smirk on his face as the dark orbs looked down into the usual chirpy sky blue eyes. "Dobe is the heat getting to you?" He stated coolly as he watched the blank expression fill the usual anger that swelled up with Sasuke's comment.

"Shut up," Naruto said in his loud mouth tone as he gallantly got to his feet before his usual klutz actions sent him back to the ground with a thud. "Itai," he muttered in a low tone as Sasuke calmly shook his head with the cross of his arms. One of them could had left then, but of course they pervert teacher had wanted the team to met up here. He was late as well as Sakura very unlikely of her. Usually she's on Sasuke trying to get his affection that each time he was shrugging off, of course the pink hair lass was always a hopeless romancer.

Speaking of which she finally showed up the green eyes going starry eye at the sight of her beloved. "Hello Sasuke…. Naruto," the last part was in a low muffle as she kept the green eyes on Sasuke as her hands were clasped together in front of her chest. "What odd wheatear we are having today ne?" She asked to only be given silence. Silence, what a hateful thing to the energetic blonde as he fidgeted his hands and movement, growing bored of waiting for the teacher. "Chikushou I wish he'd hurry and get here!" No sooner then the boy had spoke the words the sensei arrived in a 'poof' of smoke.

"Can't wait for anything can you Naruto," he shook his head grievingly as he folded his hands behind his back, the one grey eye staring down at them. Sasuke avoided the watchful eye and Naruto waited in expense of what the sensei had up his sleeve. "We're going to go out of the village and spend a few training days out in the woods." The news brought an annoying twitch to Sakura's eyebrow and her inner self was cursing up a storm. What?! Chikushou hentai-sensei I can't do that it isn't healthy for my female standards. However, she never complained or let a word slid as they prepared for the trip.

They were to be gone for a few days; maybe something exciting was going to happen. It thirsted Naruto's joy of the trip as they made there way down the trail to leave the city and belongings behind. And Ramen, the fox couldn't imagine himself without the instant noodles at his taste buds delight. Sasuke could only think of what the pervert was thinking as he read 'Come Come Paradise' and Sakura well she quietly complained.

A few days had gone by and the training had been hard and now under the dark azure sky team seven was to get their sleep. The blonde hair lady, however, found himself watching the stars in a restless stir. With a sigh he finally got to his feet, placing the orange coat one, and following down a worn down trail. No one was around he could take the gleeful mask off his face and be the boy he was alone, sad and empty. Sure he knew what empathy was and he always forgave all the people of the village it still ached. It ached to be without parents and with the villagers out to kill him at any chance. He could drop his guard and just reflect on everything freely. I know I was dead last in the class but does he have to remind every chance he gets? He thought with a small sigh and before he knew the mask of glee had to appear again, someone's chakra was near by. He knew this person it was on the tip of his tongue.

"Hey dunce what are doing?" It was the black hair boy was following him no wonder Naruto knew who it was. Better yet he said dunce, well at least now it was dobe, hey it was still insult. A smirk was played on the serious features watching Naruto's slender fingers curl into two fists, great he had attention. Sasuke didn't care what kind of attention he got from the smaller male as long as he got it and the most promised was through anger.

"Why are you following me?" Naruto decided to change the subject and he shoved his fidgeting hands into his pockets. This wasn't the time to have a rivalry spar or training, he just wanted to be alone. Alone…funny how he wanted it now when he seems to always had it before. His mask came off for a brief moment in thought; the blue eyes sadden before downcast. Sasuke couldn't believe it, he had caught glimpse of the true Naruto before the grin appeared back on his face. "Are you going to answer me? Geez now who looks like a dunce?"

"Oh shut up and as teammate someone has to keep track of your worthless self." He quickly covered up the pause with another insult before the other boy rolled his eyes as a 'yeah sure whatever' and turned to walk on along the path. He didn't care if the other followed now or not wasn't like he could tell Sasuke what to do.

The path lead to a small cliff, a clearing with tall grass and over the edge was a river. It was a tranquil land that gave the blonde a genuine smile. He knew Sasuke had, and was; still following him even as he sat so did the raven locked boy. He paid no mind as he plucked a blade of grass and twirl it between his fingers, the cornstalk eyes watching as well as the dark ones behind him. Silence seemed like the best talk but Sasuke couldn't see even a shining glimpse of the Naruto he saw a mere few minutes ago.

"Naruto, you Dobe, it's late why do you think is possibly out here?" Sasuke finally spoke up as he gave a small shake of his head, he couldn't figure it out at all. But then again Naruto didn't seem as easy to figure out as he thought, it made his head ramble. Better yet he wanted to know why cared to know these things about the blonde lad. It didn't seem like Naruto was ever going to answer, but he did cave in. The smile had faded and his thoughts traced to what wasn't his surroundings.

Yes everyone hates me and yes I do have friends don't I? My teammates are my friends, or at least I think so. Maybe not, maybe they are just being nice so I won't play pranks on them? Or maybe it's because they don't know of Kyubi? Sasuke…you're making everything so wrong. Rivals, friends, it all seems the same to me. You have treated me better then most of the villagers…

His thoughts were imposed on with the flick to his ear as he turned to see Sasuke now sitting beside him. He had absently curled his knees up to his chest, and the blonde locks covering the band of his village. Sasuke rested his arm on the one knee curled up as he watched the horizon beyond the cliff. "Naruto…I know nothing about you and yet you insist on being a rival. Being a dobe trying to be my rival it's almost unheard of and yet you try and continue to try. I say it's from the lack of discipline, you were an orphan from birth, except of Iruka and that's more of a brother." He didn't really know what kind of point he was making, just gathering what he knew of the lad in one out loud thought.

"Yeah, no parents at all, you had them for while at least." Naruto sighed as he wrapped his arms around the curled knees and resting his chin between them. "And you are a pretty self discipline person...it's better to have a rival in life then to have nothing at all." He answered resting for only a few moments, than got to his feet. Irritatingly he rubbed at the cornstalk eyes taking his last glance at the area before starting back to the camp. Like a lost little puppy, Sasuke did the same glad that the boy finally got his sense to go where everyone else was.

Morning came all too early and for some reason, not even Naruto could exactly point out why, Sakura was on his cause driving her fist in him like punching bag. "Ok geez I get the point stop hitting me," he whined as he held up his arms in attempt to get her to stop. Of course she finally did, resting her arms on her hips with a roll of the emerald eyes.

"I swear Naruto you really need parental vision," she muttered as Sasuke caught a glimpse to catch an insult in but he thought he rather not. His rational thinking told him no but it seemed like he wasn't awake enough to come to logic. The eye-length hair was combed back as he finally opened his mouth.

"Yeah it's a shame they left him a ditch," he was totally uncalled for as he, himself, caught it in an awful fear of hurting the boy. He saw the mask leave the boy's eyes and features as his fist clenched and the boy swallowed back his tears. He muttered something sounding like 'you don't know anything jerk' and turned running down the forest path.

As he made his leave that's when Kakashi came back from checking the routes to see which one to take to only find two of members of the team gone. "Sakura, where's the boys?" He asked the lazy eye looking over to her, figuring they have went off to spar. The pink hair annoyance looked up at the male with a small gulp, it was partically her fault that the insult spurred.

"Well Naruto ate more of the ration then he was suppose to and I was giving him a lecture and Sasuke jumped into and got Naruto upset. After Naruto left Sasuke took off in the same direction." She explained pointing to where the two boys had went her green eyes worried for both the teammates. The inner Sakura found herself agreeing with the comment, ooh that was such a jerk thing Sasuke, even she had to say it was odd for those words to pass.

"Well let them be, I'm sure they'll come back," he answered leaning back against a tree. It was always best to let them work things out on there own and out of the spite of the situation he pulled out his favorite book and started to read carelessly. Sakura sighed watching the sensei before plopping down on the ground making small figured in the sand with her fingers.

Just keep running, not even he likes you. Such a fool you were, god I hate him! The thoughts blurred through the running Naruto's mind as he played the tears away from his eyes. Maybe he would leave find another place to stay, another village. Maybe he could make friends and have a new life…possibly a better life. A better life without Iruka and Sasuke, is that possible? He asked himself as he took a sudden stop, sure it was possible, and everything is possible. The rest gave time for Sasuke to catch up as he rested a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Dobe, what do you think you doing? I didn't mean anything by it, in fact I wasn't even fully awake." Spoke the black hair boy as he waited for the blonde to turn around in another masked smile to say 'I didn't give a damn', or 'whatever you big jerk.' Then everything would be back to normal and they would go back to the camp as the usual rivals.  That didn't happen, the boy was upset even if turned around to see the other.

"Since were here I figure we could end saying the things we never say, either way things will end up in a horror. So what the hell went wrong exactly, why did it have to be me?" To Sasuke it seemed like nonsense rambling as the boy clenched on to his shirt, a tight grip the slender fingers had and yet he never noticed. "Someday I'm going to make everything alright, I'll be hokage and gain respect. It was a childish dream, I should have noticed sooner. Truth be told I tried my best and along the way I'll get caught up in the moment and I'll never understand the cost. Don't be like that then; don't come to me to only say I told you so. The britter taste of losing everything I held so dear is on the end of my lips…"

Sasuke noted the rambling seemed pretty deep, if he only understood what the boy was saying, what he was asking. "You'll turn your head embossed and say that I'm a dobe and I'll mess up as I go but when I come back I will…will be a rival. I have messed up better then you know." The words finally came to end as Sasuke stared down at the boy, was he really leaving? He couldn't believe the boy had his head buried in his shirt and telling him he was going to leave. Sasuke couldn't help but blush though, the 'dobe' was being so close and emotional it wasn't a relaxing scene for Sasuke.

Naruto finally looked up at Sasuke the blush on his face almost cute and he noted that he wasn't as cold as usual. "Until then Sasuke, good bye." He stood on his toes to come up to eye level and softly placed a kiss on the other's lips. Much better then the first one, the one that was an accident and Naruto really couldn't help.

Sasuke froze and Naruto knew as much taking his leave right then and there heading down the path once again. The dark eyes were filled of thoughts, a small smudge look over his face at first then in a few minutes he knew that Naruto was really leaving. How was he going to keep himself alive, every aspect told him to run after him but instead he shoved his hands into his pockets and headed back to camp. He didn't know what to tell Kakashi, or for that matter Iruka, he probably be back either way.

As the day turned to weeks Sasuke finally came to realize that Naruto wasn't coming back. He left behind everything, his belongings, his ramen, his friends, and…even Sasuke. There wasn't anything out there for him, what was he going to do to live? What about for food, perhaps the boy can hunt. Everyday Sasuke thought of these things, now regretting he didn't follow after Naruto…

To Be Continued…

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