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                                         Now or Never and maybe Forever

                                                    Chapter three: Naruto go home

            "Hikaru come on that's enough to drink!" The late teen Naruto hissed as he grabbed a hold of the drunken lass' arm, what a way to spend his birthday at this roadway stand. Hikaru just hadn't been the same after the few years ago when the family upon the lively mountain had been brutally murdered. The thoughts were still planted freshly in the male's mind, but really she had a fit about it and now the good companion is more of a drunkard. He wasn't going to leave her though; she's done too much for him to do that. He guessed he could understand her behavior, as she told him before it was the closest family she had.

            -The blood was smeared on the walls in symbols of the reason at hand. They were merely toying around, he had guessed the younger kids were used as bait and the middle age man was terribly ill during the time. Chikushou, Naruto didn't have time to investigate what he had walked into before coming to remember that Chiisai and Hikaru were out. They maybe in trouble, the thoughts ran through his mind as the blonde skid out the wooden house into the springtime scenery. Where are they? He was in a panic, not even knowing what had happened, only had now been returning from a training excise set by the old man. "I bet Hikaru's around somewhere with Chiisai, protecting her? Which would mean she wouldn't be able to fight her way, go tot find them."

            Searching for the chakra of the lass he rushed down the path, she was trying to leave the mountain? Or maybe fine a place more to her advantage. He couldn't tell all he knew was that she was moving and clearly there were others there. By the time he had gotten there, they were forced to stop, hitting a dead end. "Lass, you aren't involved hand over the child now." Naruto was instinctively hidden, watching for Hikaru's movement and listening to what seemed to be ninja assassins. Hikaru, stubborn as ever, stood her ground and for once he noted she didn't have the heavy cloak on it was over the child's small body to protect her from the cold.

            Hikaru's body marred with scars, Naruto examined in thoughts glancing over the scars the lapped over scars and it seemed like a big heap of mess. He had to question her later of where she got them, now that he knew they existed but first thing was first to take care of these 'goofballs'. He wondered if Hikaru had a planned as he caught her glimpse with a small smile curling at her lips, she seemed confident as she gestures down at the kid. Huh? Ah, I'm guessing she wants me to get Hotoru, he told himself as the older lass dug into her back hostler pulling what a flash of a kunai knife. Hopefully they didn't see it as well as he did.

            The soft smile turned more into a manically grin gazing upon the enemies, it seemed like a totally different person entirely. The kunai knife was thrown, in an odd matter, not to hit them but yet set their attentions elsewhere. Weird how assassins could easily fall for it; it would take an idiot. Well apparently they fell for it or at least made her believe that, turning their head Naruto scatted from behind them to and picked up Chiisai.

            Thinking the child was in safety Hikaru started a jutsu, one not too familiar to the blond head lad. A fire element that surrounded the assassins like a wall, but what she didn't count on was they knew the doppelganger and be in the grips of the child. The blue eyes of the lad widen as he turned to shield the girl next to the rock wall, a kunai knife broke the clothing and skin on his back. No pain, no gain yep that's it ha ha they think that can keep me down, he told himself as he kept him eyes on the frighten child with an assuring smile.  The child's honey eyes were watching the enemies he could from her that they were drawing another one to strike with but then a glee of hope crossed Hotoru features along with the crumble of rocks.

            Naruto glanced to the fallen assassin then back to Hikaru and her madman look, it was the same one he saw the first time he met, he gave him a shiver or fear. Then again anyone could say the same when kyubi took over and he had the bloodthirsty eyes of an animal. He figured she had social issues of the sort and caused such effects based on the situation.  Then the other teammate suffered the same pain of being kicked into a head of rocks and without a gleam of a real smile on Hikaru's face.

            "That was great as always Hikaru," Naruto said all to confident to think that there were only two of them but once they were both clam. The gentle smile placed back on the one blinded eye female as she reached for the young girl to find her gone. Her eyes widen before her nose winkled up, they had to miss one, and the other two were still in the pile of rumble. She quickly looked about the snowy atmosphere to catch a figure darting back up the mountain. "Damn it!" She growled a more then a fearful expression of anger took into her features before she darted up from rock cliff to rock cliff, tearing parts of the normal looking clothing. This wasn't too bad of a thing for Naruto as he followed the fabrics found on the dead twigs.

            I can't believe there was another, but why go through all the trouble to bring the child all the day up to the mountain. He could hear the child's screams and cries but kept his distances from Hikaru, angry she was pretty scary so can you blame him? Konoha village sounded pretty good right now even if he had learned a lot he didn't have to face with a whole mass murder of a family and then the grieving friend he'll be placed with after this all done.

            He got there, and apparently as well did Hikaru, to find the bleeding Chiisai, her small head resting in Hikaru's lap the thin fingers stroking through the fine hair that trailed down to her waist. He bad injury to the neck, done by a kunai knife he guessed. Beside the two was the leader, or what was the leader, his neck twisted in an unnatural position and the crimson trickling from his mouth. "Gomen, Chiisai Ai shite imasu." Hikaru whispered hugging the limp body with the cold tears running from her eyes, it such a horrible sight for Naruto to see blowing air through his mouth he exited the room back out into the yard. -

            "Yeah, yeah, Naruto," the lazy lass muttered but took another drink of the alcoholic drink only deepening the rose color marks on her cheeks. He had enough though as he finally pulled bringing her off the stole and tumbling to land on him.  She was sitting most awkwardly on the boy looking down at him with a drunkard's laugh. "My, my, kitsune aren't we eager." She shook and index finger in front of his face with a small 'tsk' before getting to her feet. 

            Getting up she dusted off the casual clothing, she didn't even carry a bag for her weapons. The only thing to signify that she was a ninja was the headband still around her wrist of the hand she reached down to Naruto. Seems he had grown to the idea of a cloak finding one of his own with black clamps in the front and enough to hide his face anytime he needed. Only it was an old dirty sand brown compared to the dark brown she had worn.

            Her hair, now framing her face in the length that stopped at her chin was swayed behind her ear as she pulled him up. She had a new scar she did it herself that day in the mountain. He was there, there to learn that a lot of these scars were self inflicted when she failed at something to remind her of the wrong day and what she had done wrong. Her smile spread from cheek to cheek but it was a fake smile, Naruto could tell it was the same smile he'd always use around people.

            "Onna, you are seriously brinking on the weird side," once again it sounded more like a hiss as he dusted of the old cloak, of course it was a second hand cloak after all money was especially rare for them and when they did get she'd rush off to one these stands. "Anyway where we going?" The now nineteen year old asked as the loose ponytail came out from behind the cloak, well maybe it was like a rat tail in a way but only cuter and tied with a ribbon to show it really was a ponytail and not one those ugly things.

            "Ah, we are going home Naruto," she laughed behind her hand before heading down the path into a forest. Home, as in Konoha village with Tsunade the hokage and Sasuke…it made Naruto shiver. He didn't think he could actually go back and now six years since he left she decided to finally bring him there. He followed though like an obedient dog when she gestured her hand to follow. Maybe it was best for him to go, what harm could be done?

            It was a few days after the roadside stand that they finally came to the village, well almost. Both rested in the tree branches, Naruto almost seeming asleep before Hikaru came down to a branch beside him. "You are going right? I don't expect having a chicken with me all this time," she got in before jumping off to land on the ground playing with one the few red strains of hair. "I better find you in there when it comes to end of the day."

            He shrugged her off, opening a cornstalk eye to watch her leave into the village with a small smudged look over her face. It's when it finally hit him that she planned to bring here no matter where they had went, gah! The knowing of this made him loose his balance and land on the ground below with a thud. You dobe, you're such a klutz; he could hear Sasuke hear that as he got to his feet to look at the village. Taking a deep he started for the village, placing the cloak over his features. He figure best to have no one recognize him at least not till he was ready to seek them out.

            Growing closer and closer to the village he pulled a vile out from a container taking sips of it without much hesitation. Apparently the boy had a nervous habit developed after all the habit of drink under this type of anxiety. He told himself the first stop would be to Iruka-sensei and beg for a bowel of ramen for old times. Ah, how he missed the simple noodles with the lack of money they hunted for most of their food if only either of them knew how to cook.

            Shaking his head under the cloth he looked from the nearly unchanged village, it wasn't a surprise to him. They were peaceful people at heart and knew what they needed to live and not to add to it. Some faces seemed familiar and other's looked as good as strangers, maybe they were. He quickly made his way down the semi-crowd roads, always making sure not to show who he was. They didn't need to know that their beloved youkai had returned into the city and he didn't want everyone to know either.

            Finally he had reached his former sensei's apartment looking to see if any sign of life showed it was his place. It had been awhile since he last came to this place and could have easily mixed up the apartment for some place else, but he was pretty sure. Knock, knock, knock, three heavy taps on the door waiting for the footsteps to come to the door and for Iruka to open. Naruto filled with a certain hypertension as the door open to show an older, but still apparent, Iruka the scar marred into his features was proof of that.

            In a joy Naruto wrapped the arms around his brother like figure with a grateful smile. "Iruka-sensei how nice to see you. My in all these years you rarely changed." Oh how Naruto could only hope the flattery card will work, of course with his features hidden it was hard to have the ninja know who he was, since his chakra was well hidden.

            "Nani?" He rubbed the drowsy dark eyes, his hair down and still long as before and he wasn't too old not that Naruto could even remember how old the teacher was when he left.  He couldn't point out who the person before him was, the voice seemed familiar but he was too tired to even think. A sigh escaped from the other before he pulled the cloak back enough to expose a few blonde strains and the blue eyes. "Oh Naruto…" he said firstly with a pause as he brow furrowed in anger. "You brat where have been all these years?!"  He was awake now and as Naruto pulled the cloth back in place he could simply shrug.

            "Here and there, you know whatever," he answered. Iruka noted the change of voice it was not much of a change but it was there. And the height the boy was short for a guy, but by looked to be five-foot-six. And where is his Hitai-Ate Leaf headband that he was so worked up on getting those years back when. Luckily it flashed a small flash from under the caller of the cloak to give Iruka a sigh of relief now he could only wonder why he decided to come back. "So why are you back?"

            "Hmm, Hikaru brought me back here, slowly but surely." He muttered he doubted Iruka would even know who she was until he looked up to see the wide-eyed stare. "Erm…Iruka?" He was certainly most confused especially when a heartily laugh escaped the teacher's lips looking down at Naruto.

            "Well I guess runaways have to stick together, or more importantly orphans have to stick together." Iruka laughed again as he started to place the usual shoes on that were always by his door. "I'm guessing you're here for a bowel of ramen?" Naruto nodded a response as the former teacher closed the door behind him and both started for the raman stand.

            It was the late night and the two still found themselves at the ramen stand, not eating though but catching up on each other's lives. At one point Iruka made a point to ask of Hikaru. Finding out about the blind eye and the family. He shook his head with a low sigh looking to the empty bowels. "I'm not too surprise that you don't remember the lass, but then again when she left you were only seven. Hey wait you should know her then." Iruka shrugged it off though as he got from the seat to look from behind the stand' current at the dark roads. "So where you suppose to met her at?"

            Naruto had completely forgot and even more so, had doubted she even said it. He knew though, she had gathered money within the days before reaching so he was at the only place the depress manic would be at…the bar stand! With a small sigh he got up as well walking through the curtain on to the roads. "Well it was nice seeing you again, but unless you liked to search for her with me I'll see you later." He stated almost assure the man wouldn't do this, he seemed a bit tired, but beyond his logic the teacher followed with a soft smile.

            "If she's been out this long I'd say you'll need help getting her to the place you'll be staying and where exactly is that?" The question was a very good question; he would have to guess a tree or the bushes near the town. He decided not to answer though only baring a Naruto smile giving Iruka an idea that he had no clue at all. "Well in that case you stay at my apartment. Hikaru can have the couch and you can have floor." He noticed Naruto was about to protest to the sleeping agreements before adding: "it would be the gentleman's idea."

            Demo…he thought with an inward sigh as he stopped at the alcohol-serving stand looking from stool to stool to find his company. And there she was alone except for the piles of shot glasses and bottles. A sigh escaped Naruto's lips as he pulled the same method of getting the girl to go somewhere…by pulling her. This time however he made sure not to have her land on himself but more of the gentleman Iruka.

            The lass smiled a drunken smile looking down at Iruka with a light laugh. "Well old man I see we finally meet again and what's this? Even more of a weirdo then Naruto." She laughed to herself getting to her feet with pulling at Naruto cloak with a small glare. "Did I ask for you to pull me on top of some guy? I swear…" She shook her head toning out the words of how Iruka wasn't an old man from his own mouth. She didn't care, however, cleaning her ear out with a pinky. "Old man you complain too much."

            Well they finally all made it to the apartment in one piece both men making sure that young lady didn't trip or fall, but she seemed pretty much in control of herself considering how much she consumed. The apartment was spacious and pillows were place neatly on the couch, as attire for the couch. Didn't matter to Hikaru though as he laid down on it, in a plop, piling the small pillows together and pulling an Afghan around her body and off to sleep she went.

            "Naruto get some sleep and we'll talk more tomorrow and even see some people." Iruka stated taking off his shoes and heading to what appeared to be his bedroom. Naruto scowl and mutter plopping on to the cold ground, where was his pillows and blankets. Before he could ask they were slinked into his face and his nose winkled up with disapproval.

            "That was mean Iruka," he whined before placing the pillow down and finally taking the heavy cloak off tossing it to the side and covering the body in the covers. What did he wear besides the cloak? Not that it really mattered but it was a blue tank top shirt and orange shorts made from an old pair of jump suit pants. With the heavy sigh crossing his lips he finally drifted off to sleep dreaming of what things could have been like and how Sasuke was doing in life now.

To be continued

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