Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

As I fan myself I look beside me and there he was.
Right here beside me. In the night I hear the
Crickets chirping and all the harmless and not so
Harmless things of the night.

I am a demon, he is human.
I have the power of the wind
On my side and well he is a
Young human boy from a
Different era. He told me
That he had followed Kagome
Into the past because he heard of
Some guy named Inuyasha. But while
He wandered around Naraku was
Destroyed. But not before he cursed
Kagome and anyone who came with
Her to be unable to return to their
True time. Therefore both Kagome and
Her high school crush were stuck here

When he found out about Kagome and
Inuyasha getting married, he ranted
And raved about how she lead him on.
But after meeting me (I came to the wedding
And saw him sulking in a corner) I'm the
Only one who turns him on. I admit it used
To be about self-satisfaction and sex but
Now we actually have feelings for each
Other. It's been nearly a year and he told me
How he felt yesterday. We are even planning on
getting married (No Kagome and Inuyasha, along
with about almost everyone else.). Kanna would have
been glad for me. I'm so glad that I'm alive.
I'm just going to wake him now, I just can't
go to sleep after Doing it, just two times in a row.

The End.