How can I feel this? She's just a little girl.
But she means more to me than anything
Else in the world. My powers, my hatred
Inuyasha, even my very life, I'd forsake
Just to keep her happy and alive.

Her laughter and smiles awaken feelings
That I thought were long dead in my
Heart. She has even decided to serve me
Willingly and tries her best to not upset
Me or break my heart.

But that's Impossible because she is
The one who has reminded me that
I have a heart. As I feel the wind
Caressing my face, I actually close
My eyes and accept. See you've
Given me a peace nothing can

You've brought me happiness and
A sense of eternal peace. Rin, I'll
Wait until your old enough and I'll
Ask you if you'll have me but if do
Not I'll be broken hearted but we'll
Be together forever no matter what.
Even if you go with someone else
and we are miles apart.